An adult massage is aimed at those 18 (eighteen) years or older, its called an adult massage as it’s more intimate than a traditional back rub. There is nothing dirty about tantra and tantric adult massages in London are something that are becoming more famous.



Massage touches can be felt through the skin and directly into the soul. Everybody knows everyone likes to be gently stroked by their partner or passionately kissed. The skin tingles when touched, the body yearns for contact and the muscles love warmth: touch is the lifeblood of man. And not just in physical nature.

The soul needs nourishing and our mind wants to be touched through the skin. Tantra should enable the path to mental fulfilment through physical contact.

1. What Is an Adult Massage?

There are different views and opinions of a massage especially the erotic ones. But what is Tantric massage really? The answer is simple: a little bit of everything!

Tantra – or tantric massage – is a massage that involves the entire body, including the private parts where it’s being stimulated. It is about feeling pleasure, but without sexual intercourse taking place. Nevertheless, you may be able to orgasm while it’s taking place. The feeling of touch in the entire body is in the foreground. From the tip of the toe to the scalp, every inch of the body would be touched and pleasured.

Not all of our erogenous zones are included in a normal massage but a tantric massage will explore your whole body.

2. How does an adult tantra massage work?

Tantra is a massage practice that is clean and atmospheric in nature. Tantric massages take place in a closed room. During the massage, both you and masseuse are naked. It is based on certain rituals and techniques. The trained adult massage therapist kneads, caresses and massages the entire body, including the genitals.

During the massage, the masseuse is in full body contact with you. She also does sexual gestures that are neither debatable nor negotiable. The customer may touch the masseuse but she will remain passive. However, there are massage types that you can select where you can be more active if you want.

3. What does Tantra have to do with spirituality?

During a Tantric massage, the touch of the masseuse should also reach your soul. The goal is to feel pleasure – physically, spiritually, and mentally.

You would feel an energy that makes your body feel relaxed and a sudden peace of mind. You should surrender yourself to the hands of the masseuse and in the perception of your own body.

The focus of Tantric massage is not on the stimulation of the genitals but on eroticism on a level that has nothing to do with pure sex.

Tantra enables mental fulfilment through physical contact and that’s the best kind of adult massage you can get in London!

4. What sets an adult tantric massage apart from prostitution?

A tantric massage is a form of massage. It’s highly erotic and sensual but its not just sex. Sexual intercourse is rarely a part of this type of service.  A further differentiation of Tantric massage and prostitution is that you are primarily passive during a tantric massage.

Ultimately, you will receive touch and sexual stimulation. Close contact with the masseuse is involved and it’s entirely all about giving you sexual pleasure and stimulation. 

As a massage agency, we don’t offer sexual services along with our Tantric massage. Any conversation you have with your masseuse about the erotic nature of the massage in private is your business but it is not a service we offer. We know its arousing and sex seems the natural next step but we ask you to keep in mind before booking the real aim and limitations of a Tantric massage.

Your adult massage will be even more special then!

5. Where can I book a tantric massage and how much does it cost?

Tantric massages are being offered more and more frequently in many cities. Even at seminars or workshops, you can experience a tantric massage. There are associations that organize training and education. The massage costs vary depending on the masseuse and start from only £200 for a professional tantriv massage. You can book a tantric massage with us directly in London.

Tantra is suitable for :

  • All adults
  • Individuals and couples
  • People with sexual blocks or issues who want to work on their sensuality safely & without judgement or pressure
  • People who  want to get to know their body better
  • Couples who want to develop new desires and have fun exploring eroticism
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