The answer to what is the best place to get a happy anding massage in London is simple, it’s here at Diamond Tantric Massages! An erotic massage is a delight and it’s one we invite you to enjoy with us any time you are in or close to London.  The leading, luxury happy ending massage can be found by choosing Diamond Tantric Massages.

Any massage is designed to to relax you. There’s not a surprise and in a traditional massage, most offer there also is a therapeutic purpose to the treatment. Whether that’s to ease pain in certain parts of the body or just offer an all over, sense of wellness and release of muscle tension.

That’s great if all you want to do is relax but for many men and women, a tantric massage is ever more fun! Erotic tantric massage is a branch of massage that seeks to heighten the pleasure of all the senses.

Using amazing masseuse who have honed their skills and offer experienced techniques they can provide an amazing massage. You get all the benefits of a normal, therapeutic massage with some extra benefits that will delight you. We keep London happy!

The erotic massage is an art that requires preparation, and has many variants and for many clients this leads to an orgasm, at, or towards the end of the massage. For many, this is known by the nickname, “happy ending massage.”

Keep reading if you want to know more about erotic massage and answer your question – what is a happy ending in a massage .

Discover the massage services with happy ending in London

Tried, stressed, busy or just in need of some quality time with a beautiful woman? Why bother with the automation that comes from booking an escort. Wouldn’t you prefer to spend quality time with a woman who is specifically trained in sensuous touch and knows how to please you?

Book a happy ending massage and let our professionals guide and relax you at their luxury apartments or by visiting you at your hotel. Do not worry as they are completely discreet and specialised so your relaxation is guaranteed and you will feel completely renewed.

Do not wait any longer and get in touch so you can get a Happy Ending massage session booked in London. Say goodbye to stress and end your day with one of the most popular massage options in this city.

You can now improve your health and dare to have a unique experience and immerse yourself in sensory pleasure. It will leave you will feel like a completely new person.

Do not suffer with an accumulation of fatigue and tension, get rid of all this and abandon the routine of masturbation. Erotic massages with a happy ending in London are here to thrill and delight you.

Enjoy all the benefits you can get with a massage and enjoy this opportunity to the fullest but with a mind blowing orgasm to make your ending the happiest it can be!

Erotic massage

An erotic massage is a process that follows a ritual to create a balance of body with the mind. It brings in all parts of the body including the genitals and other erogenous zones. No part of your body is left, all of you and your entirety is massaged.

It breaks down social taboos and allows to human beings, together, naked, to enjoy physical sensations and it is an experimentation of pleasure at its best. It does not only depend on the caresses of the masseuse, but it needs to follow a series of steps to ensure that you can reach the maximum excitement and sensuality.

Allow yourself to relax, be massaged and caressed. It is a gift to simple lay back and be treated like a king or a queen. No demand on you, no performance expectation or requirements.

An erotic massage , by definition, is aimed at seeking maximum pleasure from the massage. The usual assumption is that this type of massage is closely linked to sex, but nothing is further from reality. The truth is that, in a professional setting, explicit sex is totally ruled out, so that pleasure is obtained in a different way. In a much more intense and sensory way.

When you have a tantric erotic massage adding the happy ending technique means you get to reach orgasm, this is what we know as a “Happy ending massage” and it’s why you are reading this, right?

Characteristics of erotic massage

  • It is not a sex session. There is no oral sex or penetration, nor kissing. This can sometimes confuse clients but this is not an escort service.   Sometimes you will naturally want to experience more than just a massage! Our masseuses are beautiful models so that comes as no surprise but please, be respectful. If you have a connection with the masseuse and think that there may other things you’d like included in the massage, that’s a discussion between you and her. Any tantric massage requires the preparation of space to achieve full sensory stimulation, with music, lighting, aromas, and oils. Our masseuses offer incall (they have it all ready for you, that’s why we typically ask for 45-60 minutes notice before your massage. Outcall massage is where the masseuse visits your hotel and she brings everything she needs with her to set the scene for your sensual massage experience

Please note – Diamond Tantric Massages is NOT a massage parlour – we off incall locations but it is not at one place, this is for your privacy and comfort. There is therefore now walk in service, we offer a confidential booking service. Most massages can be booked within 60 minutes and up to 48 hours in advance.

What is a happy ending massage?

An erotic, massage happy ending are massages in which there is a direct genital stimulation, which usually takes place after relaxing the rest of the receiving body. It is a complete experience of the body, it is effective in leading you to a gentle and intensifying rate of arousal and for you to be given bodily pleasure through physical stimulation.

One of its disadvantages, is that sometimes, focusing on the end result can make you miss the sensory build up. Try not to spend most of the time waiting for that moment. The masseuse will guide you on a journey, lay back and enjoy the touches, the caresses and the naked body to body contact. That way your mind and body do can come to a state of complete abandon and you can immerse yourself fully in all the pleasures of your tantric massage experience.

It is only in part, about the stimulation of the genitals. Playing, touching and connecting with all your erogenous zones will allow a sensual build up, likely of the intensity you have rarely experienced before.

It is typically only in the final part of the massage, once the relaxation of the rest of the body is concluded, where you are aroused to a level where you experience an orgasm.

During the whole massage, it is interesting to apply oils that achieve different effects, being especially relevant those with certain aromas or effects of cold and heat. These elements, well applied, increase sensations and eroticism.

Happy ending for men and women

Although the happy ending term is usually associated with male orgasm, the fact is that the massage technique with a happy ending  applies to men and women alike. ….. even to couples.

To reach this state, genital stimulation is not enough. It’s about a full (not a part) body experience.

The best technique to achieve an unrepeatable happy ending is to delay contact with the genitals as much as possible, so that the excitement will be much greater when the time comes.

Now that you know what a happy ending is in a massage , you can choose between all the erotic massages that we offer to taste a pleasure without limits. Let yourself be carried away by professional people with years of experience, surely you will not be slow to repeat the step through our facilities.

Experiencing a Happy Ending Massage Experience

This is a professional service and for those who are curious, tantric massages are 100% legal here in London. Tantric massages are designed intentionally to be erotic and you book your time with your masseuse knowing and expecting those sensual elements.

It may include, or not, a happy ending, depending on the type of massage. Your masseuses will not only be using her hands to massage you, the best erotic massage engages your body with hers and a full body to body massage is something entirely unique!

Your masseuse will start gently, eliminating tension in areas such as the neck and shoulders, to let the you naturally begin to relax. Tantric Massage allows them to use the erogenous zones of the body to achieve greater pleasure without needing to come in direct contact with the genitals. Though they will be touched, caressed and massaged, but part of the pleasure is in having to wait a little time.

By not rushing to the genitals, the full amount of time with your masseuse can be enjoyed so you enter a deeper state of bliss. Let her guide you on your erotic journey.

Happy Ending Massage What To Expect

Masseuses know what does and does not exist their clients, they are tantric experts. Men, women or couples, we can help you find relaxation and arousal at intense levels.

The masseuse will massage all of your body, you need to enjoy the relaxation ahead of the stimulation as this allows deeper breathing and better blood flow around your body.

The masseuse will work with erogenous zones, starting with the most common and going to the most intimate. For men, the main erogenous zones are the pectorals, the neck, the ears (especially the back of the earlobe), scrotum, penis and the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum).

In women, the main erogenous zones are the nape of the neck, earlobes, breasts, feet, crotch, anus and clitoris, among others.

It is recommended to prolong the massage as long as possible, so the happy endings (yes, you can have more than one) will be more fantastic and joyful.

The masseuse will read your body so don’t be afraid to give feedback tell or show, what is pleasing you. All tantrikas recommend expressing what you do and what you don’t like. mutual knowledge will heighten the experience for you.

Take Your Time With A Happy Ending Massage

There is no rush, the time you book is all yours, this is not a race to the finish. It is about enjoying the dish, not trying you eat it as quickly as possible.

Taste, touch, observe, smell and listen, enjoy all these things. To know new sensations and concentrate better you can try the game of being blindfolded (try out tie and tease massage!). With the restriction of sight so you will concentrate more on each aspect of the sexy massage and this will stimulate your senses even more!

The masseuse may use expert techniques to keep you close to climax, but avoid reaching orgasm, she might change the rhythm or make tiny pauses. Delaying that final gratification will make the orgasm much stronger for you.

Erotic massage without happy ending?

An erotic massage with no happy ending can be as or more exciting than one with genital massage. In an erotic massage, the mind plays an important role, and the control over the senses disappears due to the intense caresses of the masseuse.

For example, there is a massage type, known as body-to-body massage, in which the masseuse uses her naked body to massage your body. You will feel every dip and curve of her body as she uses all of her body to touch and massage of all yours.

The sensations are unique and unequaled, achieving a much deeper and lasting type of pleasure.

The expert hands of a masseuse are perfect to guide you into a state of relaxation and excitement in equal parts, amplified by other elements such as oils, a warm environment, etc.

The happy ending is a valid way to conclude an erotic massage, but it is not the only option to enjoy a unique, sensual and stimulating massage.

The most important thing is that you go to a professional who can offer you a service of the highest quality and then the result will help you forget the stress of everyday life.

If you want to discover unknown sensations for your senses, contact us now and try any of our Tantric Massage. We assure you that you will not regret it.

Booking Your Happy Ending Massage

Choose a massage and choose a masseuse. There are many types of tantric massages available, take a look at our massage menu and choose what you prefer. We have everything from traditional tantric through to specialist massages types like the very popular Nuru massage.

Masseuses come from all over the world, we are not a typical asian massage agency, we offer ladies who are from all over Europe typically. They are selected for their skills, beauty and personality.

TIPForget about the orgasm.

A tip that can help you is to enjoy every part of your tantric massage experience is be in the moment. That means really concentrate on every moment and forget about orgasm.

It is very good when you stop paying attention to the final result and concentrate on the sensations. That is, do not neglect fun and pleasure. Savour every moment of the erotic massage and the happy ending will come by itself.

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