Christmas is fast approaching, and with the special day around the corner, it’s time to think about treating your loved one to something unique. Some people are infamous for their final dash to the stores on Xmas Eve to get the 1st thing they find prior to closing time. Nonetheless, if you’re planning on buying socks (really?), lingerie or a perfumed candle this Xmas for your partner, you might want to reconsider. They deserve something a little special and so that needs you to think about experiences to create memories. Something that can last a lot longer.


The Diamonds tantric team will certainly help you to add some sizzle & glamour to your Christmas plans. We give you a perfect and unique idea for a gift to offer for the coming holidays! It’s time to think about a Christmas Tantric Massage gift.

An excellent gift for you but also maybe your partner: a fantastic and also sensual & sexy massage therapy done by very best Diamond Tantric Massages team in London!

We also offer our Christmas Tantric Gift Certificates for corporate clients as well – whoever the gift is for, this is a unique one and one we are sure they will love and appreciate!


Christmas time it is the season of love as well as celebration for you and your loved ones, yet also do not neglect to treat yourself. But how can you do it, right? Let us be the solution to a Christmas present that will delight you.

It’s simple, just for you or your partner or even for you both, we offer a one-of-a-kind present of sensual pleasure as well as sexual delight. We offer invite you to a Christmas that is extremely, sexy and attractive….

Does it entice you? We hope so …


If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little sexy or a bit mischievous you’ll discover some fun ideas how to enliven the with some less than conventional tantric gifts. You, your partner and also your lovemaking will certainly benefit when you provide your loved one something attractive for the Holidays.

You’ll have the ability to share remarkable intimate moments and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. A tantric massage therapy experience is an excellent way to elevate your intimacy with your companion.


As we told you, Xmas is a time to commemorate, to succumb to a whim or to satiate our desires. Although we can not all admit it, a number of us want to experience new sex-related experiences. If you’re sincere with on your own desires then we welcome you to release your interest and discover the divine…..

Throughout these Christmas period we are all about sharing the season go goodwill with all men, ladies and also couples. Diamond Tantric Massages will only be shut on December 25th, 27th as well as January first. Every other day, we will  be thrilled to invite you and also offer you a really sensual Christmas.


It might appear a little unusual, but a growing number of guys like to take pleasure in the experience of a sexual massage. If you are a forward thinking woman, this Christmas gift is something that will really amaze and delight your fella.
A tantric massage is safe, erotic and does not test your lovers loyalty. Instead it gives him the opportunity to explore erotica in a safe and luxurious way. We bring new meaning to the phrase, “being thrilled for Christmas!”.

Let him experience excitement again like when he was a kid waiting to open that brand new toy. The bran new plaything on this occasion happens to be an adult massage done with a tantric temptress whose aim is to thrill, delight and help him experience a powerful climax. Not only is the experience sensual, it also promotes better health and with the techniques employed, he can learn more about his own libido.


All the tantric massages available and offered by Diamond Tantric Massages (click here to see our tantric massage menu) are meant for all our VIP clients to obtain maximum enjoyment. Our sensual solutions consist of extremely sexual massage therapies such as Lingam massage, an excellent gift for him as well as he gets to take pleasure in sensuous focus and a fantastic climax but great for the partner as this kind of massage therapy aids with libido and lengthening control.

The outcome? Much better intimate time for you both…..


Simply have a look at our masseuses to see the variety of delights that are waiting to make his Xmas amazing. It’s also a gift for you. You can join him and watch him enjoy the massage – you can get involved and learn more about tantric techniques to enjoy on your own, or you can make it a double experience and book a tantric massage experience to enjoy together!

You can include various other massages such as a Nuru or 4-hand massage therapy for the supreme present. The body to body massage as well as prostate are both widely popular … any of the massages are guaranteed to set pulses racing!


Don’t make the traditional mistake of searching for something normal (boring) for her. No she doesn’t desire kitchenware, lingerie may be a good idea but honestly is that not more a gift for you than her? Why not show her you unselfish side – be the ultimate open minded lover and offer her a tantric experience.

At Christmas we are all keen to enjoy the festivities and make happy memories to last a lifetime. What better gift than the ultimate erotic and relaxing massage designed for ladies, take a look at the delights that await when you select a Yoni Massage.

Our Yoni massages are the very best you can find and they are available from men (masseuses) or ladies (masseurs) and this intimate massage designed for women will allow her to begin to uncover her hidden potential to achieve mind blowing orgasms.


With a current research study uncovering that most women have sexual fantasies about or featuring other women, a Yoni massage is a safe and very fun way to let he explore some of those fantasies. Gents, you might be making dreams come true for your lady! So how about giving your partner her * best * fantasy this Christmas– with a Yoni massage therapy done by a masseuse or a masseur we’ve something that will tantalise any kind of girl.


At Diamond Tantric Massages, our expert tantric team in London offer a delicious alternative to ensure that your partner, your friends, colleagues or you can appreciate a sexy massage that is exceptionally erotic and best of all … it kickstarts an attractive Christmas that you can take delight in throughout the cold winter months.

Imagine, subdued lighting to set the atmosphere, a relaxing shower, warms oils covering your skin and surrendering to a few hours of unadulterated satisfaction. If you choose an outcall massage (mobile tantric massage) all of this can be delivered to your door. You don’t even need to leave the house.

If you want to visit us, that’s fine, our masseuses offer the tantric massages London in central London. You will be treated like Kings & Queens in luxury apartments so you can enjoy an intimate massage in a discrete location.


Diamond offers a mutual massage option if you want to get more involved in the tantric experience. Most tantric massages require you to be passive, this act of surrender allows you to enjoy the massage and the happy ending in a way where you are truly pampered. Being able to let go the “expectations” of any kind of performance can be a great relief.

Some clients prefer to be more involved in the massage, and so we gave created a mutual massage where you can learn some of the tantric touches and techniques during the massage. Erotic touches and caresses can be given as well as received. The Diamond team are the experts in relaxation and sensual massage, work with the best for your Christmas delights.


A couples massage is a gift for you both, regardless of who buys it. Few things are more sexually arousing than sharing a naked massage together. Choose whether you want to be massaged together or you prefer to take it in turns. Do not underestimate the delights of watching your partner be pleasured!  Include a part tantric massage class during the couples massage and learn a brand new skill. Yes, you can get involved with giving your partner pleasure during the massage. Just let the masseuse guide you and enjoy the journey.

Whether it’s you or your partner, one of you gets to discover an attractive brand-new skill and the other can kindly volunteer as the person to practice on. What’s not to love?

As you can see, there are several tantric massage gift suggestions and many ways to enjoy unique gifts for the holidays! Spice up your Christmas this year!

Diamonds offers a deluxe tantric massage service in London for discerning clients who desire luxury. Call us on 020 80589006, send us an email to this address [email protected] or click the book now button. We can arrange gift certificates as well, just ask reception, make a payment and we’ll email you, your Christmas Tantric Massage Voucher that you or the recipient can use anytime in the next 6 months.  We are waiting for you!
This year, be specific to feel the satisfaction of Christmas at Diamond Tantric Massage Therapy.

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