Couples Massage

Couples Massage in London

At Diamond Tantric Massage, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy your massage for two at the same time and in the same room or in a different room, it’s really all about what you prefer.

A couple’s massage can be with a friend or a lover and we’ve even had mothers and daughters join us! It’s a wonderful gift and is a luxurious adventure that can be fun to share.

Relax for two in a wonderful atmosphere, forget about the stresses of everyday life and enjoy a refreshing and erotic massage with another person. Share a secret and enjoy your bliss with another, it can often heighten the pleasure!


This is a beautiful erotic massage offered as an option for couples who want to enjoy new eroticism within their relationship or even friendship. Couples relates to two persons, so this can be your significant other or just friend, it’s a massage experience that you get your share

A tantra massage for couples can be a way to innovate, fantasise, and get out of your daily routine to an open a field of sensual horizons. It can be a great “day of love”, a surprise, or a recreation on a spectacular weekend. You can choose between a masseuse for both of you, or help the masseuse massage your partner with a four-hand massage.

Whether you are a new couple, madly in love with a current partner, or wanting to reignite your love life with some added spice (or maybe you’re just curious), then we have the couple’s massage that fits your needs perfectly.

The couples’ massage is one of our most requested tantric massages because it’s a time when two people can experience erotica together without needing to take it in turns. Being able to orgasm together even without touching each other can be fun. This can also be a pleasing experience if you’re someone who gets an erotic buzz from watching your partner brought to climax by another woman.

It’s also perfect for friends who want to enjoy the experience and feel safe to share it with them. These massages are perfect for extra special birthday treats (yes, we get asked for that a lot. How awesome a gift is that!). Each is amazing in its own way, and we tend to get a lot of repeat bookings from couples because it can really add a saucy new dimension to any relationship. We’ve even had best friends come and support each other and have a shared secret! Yes, a couple’s massage is a double massage that suits two people of either or both sexes being massaged together.

You can share one masseuse, or you can each have your own masseuse, it’s entirely up to you. The couple’s massage is done in the same room typically, but it can be done in separate rooms if requested at the time of booking.

This double massage is very popular on dates like Valentine’s Day, on anniversaries, and weekends; although, the real surprise is doing it any day. If you want to complete the experience regardless of what type of couple you are, we recommend that you book for a couple’s massage in an afternoon and go to dinner afterwards or directly get some rest.

Keep in mind that your muscles will be relaxed, your stress will disappear, your well-being hormones will increase, and you will be disconnected from all your worries. Therefore, we want to warn you because it will be much more difficult for you to discuss or perform any task while the massage is going on. By freeing your mind from tensions, you will recover a bit of your true self. This can be done when you distance yourself from the world and be completely vulnerable and focused to the touches of your masseuse.

If you want to treat yourself to something special with a partner, we recommend trying out our couples massage London. We have combined various massage techniques to offer you as a couple a valuable break from everyday life.

After the couple massage, you can spend some time together with a beverage to slowly return to the here and now. We also suggest you hop into the shower to refresh yourselves and enjoy even more time together.


The term ‘couples’ massage’ is a bit ambiguous when you first hear it. Sometimes this is misunderstood as a mutual massage involving two people pleasuring each other but the truth is that a couple massage is a massage done to two individuals at the same time executed by two different masseuses. Or you can have one masseuse shared between you. If you have voyeuristic fun, it can be a real erotic time to watch your partner being pleasured.

‘Couples’ means partners, so it can be done even with a sister, friend, or relative—it’s entirely up to you!

A couple massage means that two people get a massage at the same time. It does not even have to be in the same room or even include the same type of massage. The advantage of a couple of massage is that first and foremost, nobody has to wait for the other person to finish.

For example, if you treat yourself as a couple to a spa day, instead of taking turns with a relaxing massage while one is waiting and passing time, you can both experience the massage with your partner at the same time without any one of you getting bored.

And of course, this is an erotic massage so seeing your friend or partner massaged can help create even more arousal.

For romantic couples, to have the simultaneous experience of each preferred massage is often a good choice as this allows you time together before and right after the massage. This makes your adult massage experience much more enjoyable and possibly even more romantic as it provides an extra touch of togetherness.

There are different types of massages that you can choose from which uses the methods of regular massages but has an additional sensual touch to it. This is perfect for those wanting to experience a couple’s massage London, which is mainly based on gentle massage techniques that uses essential oils to activate the senses and make the skin very supple. BUT…. that also included the many erogenous zones of the body resulting in a build up to a sexy climax for you both.



Earlier, we mentioned some misunderstandings which are often associated to the term ‘couple massage’. Some of these misunderstandings are often created because some think it’s a massage synonymous to other famous massage terms such as partner massage or synchronised massage. However, these massages have very little in common with the idea of a couple massage.

The Difference Between Couples Massage and Synchronous Massage

The simultaneity of the couple’s massage can easily be misinterpreted as synchronous. However, a synchronous massage is a traditional Ayurvedic application; this type of massage is not about having two massages done at the same time but about having two or four masseuses’ massage one person at the same time. To find out more check out our erotic 4 hand massage!

The idea of synchronous massage is that it’s a simultaneous massage of the left and right half of the body to provide better harmony and balance. A couple’s massage, however, can be performed as a synchronous massage but it’s not the main purpose.

The massage done in a couple massage are not performed synchronously, the synchronicity is only about the timing. This type of massage takes place for two people at the same time. (just a reminder, you can have 1 masseuse or masseur to share, or two for you to enjoy.)

The Difference Between Couples Massage and Partner Massage

A couple massage is when two people are massaged at the same time. The relationship between the two people are insignificant as even best friends can experience a couple’s massage.

A partner massage, on the other hand, is for people who are in an intimate relationship. It’s usually a massage done by one partner for the other partner. A couples’ massage is usually done by a tantric massage expert for one or both of the individuals that make up the couple.

Another difference is that in a partner massage, the partners usually massage each other unless they have individually booked a professional tantric massage as a couple massage.


More and more couples come to us together to explore their sensuality in a new, fun, and different way. For most, it’s an entirely new experience that a stranger touches their partner’s body, especially when the massage moves from relaxing to sensual.

In the protected space of the massage, both of you can completely surrender to the touch and know that the other is enjoying a similarly intense experience—a strong feeling that can connect you deeply and it can give some couples a completely new outlook on their relationship.

When you book for an Outcall massage at Diamond Tantric Massage as a couple, you have the option of being massaged in a separate or in the same room—both have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you choose to be massaged in separate rooms, it is easier to stay in touch with yourself; we recommend this especially to couples who have never received a tantric massage before.

Afterwards, you can exchange ideas with your significant other and enrich your relationship with your shared experiences. If you want the massage to be in the same room, you can see the sensual movements of your partner without touching him or her which is very stimulating for many couples.

At the end of the massage, we give you the option to have some time to let the experience end in your way. Most couples who come to us experience the joint massage as an intense journey that leaves a strong and sexy impression.

If you are someone who wants to experience a couple massage London, consider the following questions:

  • What expectations and wishes do you have?
  • Do you have special concerns regarding the intimate massage?
  • Would you like to be touched in the genital area?
  • Is there something we need to consider before we start the massage?

Answering these questions and communicating them with your masseuse or masseur can help them – as the experts – understand your needs and wants as a couple doing the massage. This way, they’ll know their boundaries and adjust accordingly.

Whether you’re in love, engaged, married, or best friends, you can together enjoy a relaxing experience with couples massage. In the harmonious ambience of your hotel room or private residence, you will be massaged by two massage experts for 60, 90 or 120 minutes – take your time, revel in the experience.


With a couple massage you will experience and learn with your partner:

  1. To create opportunity for more contact.

Conscious touch releases positive hormones that strengthens a person’s confidence which is enormously beneficial as a therapy.

Experience has also shown that couples who are open to sensual experiences are happier and spend longer together: This makes couples feel closer and more connected. With the art of conscious massage, you create a fertile breeding ground for more contact.

Conscious touching not only nourishes you physically, massage refines all your senses. With targeted sensory exercises, you will experience more balance in both your emotional and mental areas; being happier together is the result.

  1. Rediscovering and exploring sensuality

Do you want to rediscover your relationship? Sometimes things become a little stale and a new intimate experience can be just the fresh, kick start your relationship craves. Maybe your couple dynamics have become ingrained patterns and you feel that you have lost or are losing your intimate connection?

Partnership need to be constantly maintained for it to stay exciting. A couples massage is an excellent opportunity to unfold your sexual selves in a new way.  Soothing massages, invigorating exercises, extended breathing, and the conscious body perception enhance erotic and sensual feelings.

Numerous studies have shown that erotic massages and this type of conscious touch have the following beneficial effects:

  • The quality of the relationship you have is improved.
  • It creates a positive mood for both parties and this grows post the massage.
  • It creates more closeness. A shared secret and arousing memory lasts much longer than the massage itself.
  1. Learn new ways – HOW to touch one another

Everything is different in a couple massage. Here, the HOW is more important than the performance-oriented WHAT. The masseuse can use different massage techniques but the intention is central—focus on what you want to feel and let the sincere-mindful contact of the masseuse flow, you’ll then learn that massage is a joyful experience especially when it’s enjoyed with someone else.

You can also watch and see how your partner responds to the way the masseur or masseuse touches them, learning new ways to create pleasure.

  1. To strengthen your relationship.

In a couples’ massage, your relationship is consciously strengthened. There is room to see what you want to experience together and small insights can be easily expressed afterwards and lived through. It’s often safer than experimenting with intercourse, like a swinger of threesome might offer. The massage can be a safe prelude for further intimate adventures.

In Conclusion

A couples’ massage is sexy, exciting and a shared experience that is open to anyone with a sensual side that wants to experience and share an erotic we encounter. So what are you waiting for? Book your couples massage in London today, come experience the pleasure for yourself.


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