As the COVID-19 spreads around the world, cities were put into lockdown and businesses were forced to close, including Diamond Tantric Massages. As much as it saddened us to pause offering our relaxing services to our clients, we know it was for everyone’s good. However, a year after COVID-19, we’re more than excited to announce that we’re opening our doors once again to anyone who wants to experience a sensual and unforgettable moment with our tantric masseuses. OPENING Monday 12th April and taking pre-bookings now!

We offer a wide range of tantalising services for both men and women who love sensuality and who feel great being pleasured. Promising to make even the most anxious of our clients feel safe and relaxed. How can you book an appointment? Here’s how: First, visit us at our official website or call us at (020) 8058 9006. You can also reach us via Instagram or Facebook. Either way, you can contact us with any questions and to book your place – that’s our place or yours 🙂

During the appointment, you don’t need to bring or prepare anything as almost anything you need will be provided by the masseuse herself. However, if you’d like an extra change of clothes or prefer to bring your own towels, then you can do that. 

This is such an exciting time for our team because we can finally give our clients once again the gift of complete body and mind relaxation a year after COVID-19. We’re honored to have this opportunity and because of the huge success we’ve had in this industry, we knew there was room for growth to which we made sure to achieve this past year. With available incall and outcall massages, we will make sure to still keep our clients enticed with our services. We’re happy to be able to take care of our client’s needs once again and we thank all those who still supported us despite the times where we remained close during the pandemic.

Now that we are open again and our masseuses are ready to serve you, make sure to click HERE to book a tantric massage session within and around London.

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