We ran a fun question and answer session with two of our most popular tantric masseuses. Both have worked for several years offering incall and outcall massages where, among other things, clients received the very best erotic massage services in London. A & K told us more about the profession. what kind of men are typical consumers of their intimate services, is masturbation a betrayal, and, most interestingly, can erotic massage be called legal prostitution?

The Art Of Erotic Massage

DIAMONDS: Tell me, A&K, what is an “erotic massage” in London and how does it differ from an ordinary, classic massage? We immediately determine the subject of discussion.

A: Actually, this is a relaxing massage, in no case should it be expected that it will be therapeutic, while some of us are trained in Swedish Massage, Lomi Lomi and other traditional massage types,  the key word here is relaxation. The client comes to relax completely. As a rule, a lady in underwear sometimes performs the massage but as you know  we get fully nude as well  while the client undresses completely. In good places, the client is offered to take a shower (less often a bath) (Yes, Diamonds is an excellent place and you get to shower before and after the erotic massage in London.)

K: Of course, no one will massage a dirty body. Erotic massage in London is rarely performed on a special massage table or couch, usually it’s on a bed as that is easier to get you and the client totally comfortable the client first lays on his stomach, and then turns on his back.

A: Not many people know, but the peak of body relaxation in men comes at the time of ejaculation, and this is what you need to achieve with massage. We use various oils and they are all none scented for obvious reasons! They are rubbed, stroked and massaged into the client’s skin. A man can end the “session” either by looking at the girl on his own or she helps him by masturbating his Lingam with her hands or other body parts.

K: Absolutely, the happy ending can be achieved using any body part that offers the right level of stroking and friction, legs, feet, breast, you name it. We are all very athletic so can bend and twist to accommodate terrific body to body contact, Naturally, many clients ask for a “continuation of the banquet,” but they stipulate everything in advance, and the client is aware that there is no continuation here and cannot be. If the salon is worried about its reputation, then they will monitor it.

DIAMONDS: Oh, so not just your hands then?

A: NO! If you think about a great Swedish Massage, they use elbows, palms and come massages you get walked on! We are as creative and it’s more erotic as we are naked so the client gets a nice sensory overload. They love it.

DIAMONDS: Is it always a naked massage?

K: Not always, it depends on personal preference, some clients are focused only on the top half, so a topless massage is all they need.

A: Of course, a girl can take off her bra, for example, but what’s wrong with that? Show breasts? Those who do not allow moral reasons to undress in front of a man will not go into this area, and many girls themselves enjoy the attention of men. Like me, I love it!

DIAMONDS: How do girls get into “erotic massage” in London? Vocation? Money? Adrenalin?

A: Everyone has their own motivation, but in general, of course, money is important. You can make good money and not particularly work too hard if you like clients and meeting people. Often no one even requires a certificate of massage courses from a potential candidate; there is no question about medical education. Everything will be shown and taught. The main thing is the desire to work, the lack of fear to undress, the ability to give oneself, and of course, it is important to understand men, male physiology. People simply come to relax, to be distracted, to some extent this is psychotherapy.

DIAMONDS: I felt from your comment that for the masseuses themselves this is also a kind of psychotherapy?

K: (laughs) Well, self-esteem, of course, goes up. All women love the attention of the opposite sex, and here you are the center of the universe, all the attention is yours, lots of compliments. Although, of course, there are people who have a completely different preference. We get people sometimes who are a little drunk … What they say is better not to listen to – so that anti-psychotherapy does not happen. We try not to serve such people, because you never know how they will behave, and the girl alone needs to feel safe. Until the security comes, it’s better not to start.

DIAMONDS: I wonder if there is any kind of recruitment or training for this erotic massage career? Or can any girl try this herself?

A: Any one who wants to try can to this but needs to use a reputable agency (Like Diamonds). They will hep with training and give you support and help with the booking management Natural good looks really do help but  men pay more attention to grooming. We all have worked with other  girls from 18 to 40, of different builds and characters. It’s more about your personality as well. You have to like the clients. This can be nerve wrecking for some of them, so being fun and friendly helps.


DIAMONDS: Tell me about your clients, what drives a man to book an erotic tantric massage? Are they maybe lonely?

K.: No, not really. It’s quite the opposite. Some guys are travelling for work and they feel bored in a new city. Many have partners and children. You see, this is just work. I work in the service sector. It’s stupid to be jealous. Guys need to release and they need to relax. We work, help and then we leave. The wives and partners are never likely to know about it.

A: I agree. It’s not unlike going to enjoy a striptease, it fires up the senses it gives pleasure but for me, this isn’t cheating, it’s fulfilling a need.  The generation of our parents will probably never consider this the norm, since everything related to the topic of sex is somehow taboo.

DIAMONDS: And yet, let’s talk about the moral side: do you think customers are also open to “their other halves”?

K: Oh! This is a good question. Sometimes couples come to us for an erotic massage, they want some fun and spice but without the hassle of swinging. Also, women too, the Yoni massage is very popular. The initiator is often a girl with a couple but  her motive is different. She experiences a variety of emotions: excitement, jealousy … Just imagine, in front of your eyes some strange woman excites your man, but at the same time you clearly know that things will not go further, and this is still your man. There is something to think about … Many men who come alone, of course, are married, many have girls, and most do not tell their other halves where they went. That’s their business.


A: In general – the reaction would be jealousy I think.

K: Why jealous? Well, the girl masturbated him and turned him on – so what? He does the same thing himself, sitting in the toilet, checking out the girls in a magazine or on a porn site. What is the difference between that? In addition, a good erotic massage is beneficial for men’s health. You will not become jealous if the urologist prescribed a prostate massage? It does not make sense to me, it’s a stereotype.

DIAMONDS: Yes but stereotypes exists. Many people consider erotic massage in London as a form of legal prostitution.

A: If we are talking about massage in the format that I described, then prostitution has nothing to do with it.  Another question is that many brothels effectively disguise themselves as tantric massage “salons”. Erotic massage is completely legal, prostitution is not. Nobody offers any sex here, except for the clients themselves, by the way.


DIAMONDS: And how can a client understand exactly where they are going: for a massage or a brothel? Are there any criteria?

K: First of all, the price. You need to see how much it can cost on average, and if you are offered a price two to three times higher – this is an occasion to think. In addition, if the salon is top-secret and the address is ready to communicate only by phone, I would not advise going there either. And the third is the “Incall / outcall masseuse who work at home or do hotel visits. They are more likely to be tantric massage rather than a one stop brothel.

DIAMONDS: What about cleanliness and STI’s

A: It’s not sex, body to body contact alone has very few risks of infection and all clients are offered (incall) luxury and hygienic facilities. Showers and toiletries.

K: Yeah, like A. says risks are low, the masseuses and luxury apartments are hotel clean. If a client has a rash or broken skin, we’d work with then to understand the issue sensitively but if there are any doubts, we would refuse the massage for their and our benefits.

DIAMONDS: Tell me, what is the typical client, and what is he actually hoping for?

K:Of course, a man is around 80% of our clients but we do cater to women and couples too. The age is very different: from twenty years to fifty to sixty. As a rule, men are well-groomed and professional. Massage is what and sensual connection is what they want. These are tactile sensations, stroking, bodily contact, a feeling of affection. The hips, legs and, in fact, the penis itself – everything actively requires attention. A man needs to be loved with his Lingam, many women simply do not know how. Someone might be shy, someone might be nervous, some guys have issues finishing fast others struggle to reach the end. A good tantric massage is about them.

A: Yes, with no pressure to “perform” he can relax and enjoy the sensation and spend his time with a pretty girl. No fear, risk or judgement. We know how to handle a guy and we can tease and prolong orgasm and show them how to hold on and last ,longer or how to focus and reach a great release.

K: It’s the same topic – the taboo on eroticism on which we were raised. Men want new sensations, they are polygamous in nature, hunters. And many use such services in order to realize their instinct and not change their woman. There is nothing like that, but few understand this, and even in their bedroom, with their men, women, don’t have sex under the covers in the dark. Families are not destroyed by erotic massage, or even classical prostitution. Families are destroyed by hypocrisy and ignorance, the manipulation of a partner through sex, or worse, the usual disregard for the needs of another person, moreover, regardless of gender.

DIAMONDS: Thank you ladies, anything else you want to add?

A: Yep, book now and come see what you’ve been missing 😉

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