Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How To Book

How Can I Book A Tantric Massage?

We really don’t mind, you can call our friendly receptionists (mobile / cell or landline), you can chat with us online, our chat is usually manned and one of the team there to help you. You can send us a text or what’s app and you can also email us.

If you book using any other method other than calling (which may be more convenient for you) before the appointment, we will call you, this is part of our process and it ensures we have all the correct access information and we can also let you know an accurate time of arrival for your masseuse. Please bear in mind they do have to battle London traffic sometimes.

How Far In Advance Can I Book?

The online booking system allows you to book up to 7 days in advance, please note, we will again call you to confirm your booking and we’ll do our utmost to provide the first masseuse of your choice (if indicated) but as the London Tantric Massage girls manage their own schedules, advance bookings may not fit with that. So we will offer a similar masseuse for our delight! We’ll advise you when we call of any changes and the choice is always yours.

This is rarely and issue with same day bookings.

How Fast Can My Masseuse Get To Me?

It honestly depends where you are, the time of day (traffic) and various other factors. In central London we expect your masseuse to reach you in 30-45 minutes. When we call back to validate your booking we will first check with your tantric masseuse and then be able to give you an expected time of arrival.

I Need To Change My Booking

On the rare occasion when you do need to change or cancel a booking please contact us as soon as possible. We will always do our best to reschedule, cancellations are required 2 hours in advance of the booking commencement. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

I Can't Choose, Can You Help Me?

Of course we can, we can let you know who best suits your personal tastes and massage preferences from the masseuses we have available and if there is a specific massage you’d like, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

REMINDER – this is a massage service and not an escort service, an erotic massage is not an invitation to sexual intercourse. Thank you.

Fees & Travel

How Much Is An Adult / Tantric Massage?

We have a variety of different Tantric Massages for you to choose from and these can be easily found on hour tantric massages page. The pricing for the massages is on the pricing and rates page and you can also click the images about rates in any of the sidebar sections on the website.

Can My Masseuse Stay Overnight?

This is a tantric massage service and not an escort service, it is a rare occurrence that would require a masseuse to stay overnight. If you are travelling and wish the masseuse to accompany you, this may be possible but you would need to check with reception, every masseuse keeps her own schedule. They are often booked into appointments well in advance due to our services high demand.

You can book a masseuse for any time, typically 4 hours is usually the longest time frame, often required for a Date Massage service.Additional hours can be booked up to any theoretical maximum but in all cases, please remember this is a payment in advance service.

I Am Not In Zone 1, How Much Extra Is The Travel Costs?

Our tantric masseuses provide erotic and sensual massage services all over the capital, sometimes as far afield as Heathrow airport and into the further North, South, East and West London into the far reaches of the city.

Heathrow airport bookings charges incur an extra £60 before 7pm and £80 thereafter. Other areas will depend on a number of factors, time of day, exact location for travel and we will give you an accurate quote when you call to book. If you have booked online, we’ll advise of any additional travel costs when we call to confirm.

Do You Take Credit Cards

The service we offer is cash only. This is to offer absolute discretion for the tantric services being provided for you. Please do have the cash ready for your masseuse on her arrival. Please do not be offended as the masseuse will check and count the money in front of you for your security and to ensure there are no misunderstandings if any is missing, we are all human after all. Our full terms and conditions are here and you agree to them prior to making any booking with us.

Are there additional costs associated with the massage services?

No, the price you see is the price you pay, the masseuse will bring her own oil, candles and any other accessories relevant to the type of erotic massage you have requested. If you are happy with the tantric masseuses services, you can choose to give her additional tips. We advertise our cost to be all-inclusive to keep our customers satisfied. No hidden charges to worry about when you book a Tantric massage session with us.

Massage Preparation

How should I prepare for a Tantric Massage?

It is encouraged to shower directly before your Tantric Massage Therapist arrives. We advise you to place some large, fresh, warm towels over your bed linen and to set the room to a moderate temperature. Whilst we encourage you to celebrate this exciting experience with a glass of your favourite tipple, we ask you to kindly refrain from becoming inebriated. Your Masseuse has the right to leave should she feel threatened in any way.

We’d also request that you make showering facilities available for your tantric masseuse before she leaves where possible, some of our tantric treats are slippery (see guru massage as an example.)

If you’re taking part in a soapy massage, please have the bath / shower room ready, no need to fill the tub, the masseuse will take care of everything, for a Nuru massage, it’s going to need a special sheet for maximum slide.

What Should I Wear For An Erotic Massage?

Anything you wish is the short answer. Some clients like to relax after a shower ahead of the tantric massage and just await the arrival of their masseuse in their bathrobe or gown. Others prefer to be fully attired, freshly scented and looking well groomed and as if ready to leave for the evening. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

If you like the process of being undressed then dress, the masseuse will have you in a state of disrobing for the massage and it can be a highly enjoyable part of the process.

Can My Partner Be Involved?

Yes of course, Tantric Massage is an open and engaging sexual energy and we offer couples massage (1 or 2 tantric masseuses) and we also have a voyeur massage option, just call and ask, we’ll let you know masseuses available or this.

Is There Anyone You Won't Massage?

We are very open minded and massage people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicity and sexual orientation. We ask for a high level of personal hygiene so please shower before your massage.

Please behave appropriately and respectfully, your masseuse is a professional and should be treated as such any inappropriate behaviour will result in the masseuse leaving and could result in you not being able to use the agency. These instances are thankfully very rare but our masseuses safety is our highest priority.

Tops Tips For The Best Tantric Massage
  1. Try and avoid alcohol, the tantric masseuse will not massage anyone inebriated, also alcohol affects male potency, minimising intake will help you get the most out of your session.
  2. Don’t fondle the masseuse, she is concentrating on your pleasure, submit and surrender to being pleasured it will make for the best possible tantric experience.
  3. Please don’t ask or give your number to the masseuse, their privacy is as important as yours.

About The Tantric Massage

Do You Offer Happy Endings Massages?

Tantric massages from the Diamond Tantric Massage team is highly sensual and erotic, your erogenous zones (all of them!) will be massaged. An orgasm is not at all unusual as your sexual energy is aroused. Not everyone will want to climax, some will want to hold the sexual energy, there is not requirement to have an orgasm. There is absolutely no pressure.

We want you to experience a tantric level of arousal and this can lead to a whole body orgasm for many clients! It can mean even experiencing multiple orgasms.

Are You Discreet?

Yes we are, our masseuses are gorgeous but they blend in well and look elegant when visiting for an outcall service. We are a trusted tantric massage team and when offering our visiting sensual massage, you can enjoy a tantric massage from our range of massages available all in the comfort of your hotel or private residence. We are recognized internationally for our massage excellence and warmth.

Once the booking concludes no personal details are filed.

Where Can I Have My Tantric Massage

London Tantric Massage London offered by Diamond Tantric massage are erotic and sensual adult massages in the privacy of your London hotel or private residence. We are, predominately, a visiting massage service in London (often referred to as outcall massage), however, on occasion, we can accommodate in house massage requests please speak to our receptionist who will be delighted to assist if you do require an in call massage.

Please note we are neither an escort agency or a massage parlour. 

What Do I Have To Do When Having A Tantric Massage?

That’s a great question and then answer is – as little as possible. Relax, release, surrender, breathe, no thinking, concentrate on your breathing and focus on all the wonderful sensations. A little talking is OK. This is all about you, being in the moment, enjoying the now and letting yourself experience the heightened sexual energy and release that is tantra.

How Long Does A Tantric Massage Last?

It is up to you – 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hour sessions are available. It just depends how much pleasuring you want and how much you can take! We do not rush out of the door. Sometimes you sexual energy will be high and you may experience an early sexual release, that’s nothing to worry about, if you have us for an hour, we’re with you for the entire hour. There is a lot more pleasure to be had we assure you. No rush, no stress, just tantric sensuality.

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Special Note

Diamond Tantric Massages provides a luxury visiting (outcall) tantric massage service to all London hotels and private residences. Please speak to reception about requirements for an in-house (you visiting us) massage. We do not operate a walk in service.


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