the sexy massage and the great happy ending, to feel some connection

For its acronym in English, the GFE or girlfriend experience refers to an appointment with a masseuse to enjoy some time together socially before the massage begins. With this service, the tantric masseuse extends her time beyond that of JUST the erotic massage with you. 

Sometimes getting to know your masseuse and not just her body adds a sexy new dimension to your tantric experience. It’s open to anyone who wants to go beyond just the massage and it’s a service that is slowly becoming popular in the United Kingdom.



We’ve explained the difference between an escort and a regular massage several times. For sex workers, the girlfriend experience is something that they do not propose or offer. In the sexual exchange of these type of workers and their clients, there is no space or time to lose. The faster everything runs, the better. The sexual practice is reduced only to that, without further nuances.

The GFE massage is something that goes further. We’ve had a chat with one of the people that regularly choose the Diamond GFE message, he explained why he loved the experience and why he comes to us frequently. He said, “For me it is important, in addition to the sexy massage and the great happy ending, to feel some connection with the masseuse. I like that there is a different level of intimacy. It makes the massage more intense and the connection we have gives added benefits. When I book for the girlfriend experience massage, we stay at my house, and I usually prepare some food, listen to music or watch a series. Then, of course, it ends with a fantastic Lingam massage but it just feels so much better than the other type of massages”.




The GFE massage is not only about seeing movies on the sofa but it can also be the perfect service when you are invited to a social event and you have no companion. The masseuse can act as your partner in all aspects, not only privately in the hotel room.

“I have clients that I have accompanied to weddings, for example. They had no partner and were fed up with questions from family and friends about whether they were going to be with a girlfriend or not. In those occasions, I get totally in the role of a girlfriend. I caress, kiss, dance around his neck, and make him look great in front of everyone. ” Explained one of the talented Diamond masseuses.

The advantage of being accompanied by a masseuse to a social gathering and not just by a girl that you do not really know is that the masseuse knows how to behave and acts according to the circumstances. She is also a tantric professional, from which the client can later enjoy in a sensual and sensational massage!




Kisses, caresses, conversation, romanticism and a lot more things are part of the GFE.  For many clients, orgasm is something that brings no greater joy than the general enjoyment of the massage but for others, that falls short and they want to experience something more personal.

If there is an instance that you don’t have a partner and is missing the intimacy of a woman, the girlfriend experience is the best answer.  The body to body massage that we practice is about sharing intimacy and it can also appease anxieties and encourage a better way of life.


We have a need to connect with other human beings in order to feel that we are alive and if we think about it, it’s true because the reason we indulge in sex is not just because of procreation nor self-satisfaction because masturbation could perfectly fill that need.

For these reasons and many more, we conclude that an erotic massage is a wonderful form of personal connection, an exchange of pleasure and emotions for which the girlfriend experience is considered as the best option for those who want to connect beyond the bed or massage table.

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