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A Happy ending massage is a tantric massage nickname, it means a massage with sexual elements that usually results in your reaching an orgasm. For many of us, if that happens at the end of a massage, we do indeed feel very happy!

When a happy ending is a tantric massage its sensual, intimate and very skilful. This is not just a “rub and tug”. This is a skilled massage that honours you and acknowledges your body as a whole and takes into this wholeness you physical and mental well being.

If you are looking for a luxury tantric experience then you are in the right place. Our massage therapists are beautiful to behold but also skilled in the art of sensual touch. A Happy ending massage is done in many ways and this practice can’t be understood in just a few days because it takes intense training to master the various forms of it to perfection.

We all use different ways to relax and find peace in life. For some of the people in London, a happy ending massage is the best way to do it. If you’d like a naked massage (you and your masseuse) and you desire to massaged until you reach your climax or what some refer to as a ‘happy ending’, then read on to find out why a tantric happy ending is different.



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A Happy ending massage can be described as a full naked body massage that starts with light caresses that typically leads to matching of pressure and intensity to your body rhythms. With the help of soft music and warm, unscented aromatic oils, your mind will be kept calm state during the massage for you to enjoy and focus on the moment and let go of your anxieties.

The end result of the massage is what gives this type of massage a name…..a happy ending means an orgasm at the natural end of the massage for most clients…

There are different techniques used in a happy ending massage depending on the person being massaged (not all are the same). However, we can say that a happy ending massage is the mix of ancient tantra techniques and traditional body massage partnered with sensory stimulation. The result is a unique feeling of eroticism that leads to an intimate and unforgettable experience!

It’s difficult to explain the intense feelings being transmitted in the massage even after having experienced one. Since it’s a mix of tantric and traditional massage, the interpretation solely depends on the person having the massage which makes it an experience that’s always unique and exciting. Also with the masseuse’s expertise, you will feel mental and physical pleasures that you’ve never encountered before.

When you experience a happy ending massage in London, you’ll be able to truly understand and appreciate it. In fact, if you ask the people who have tried it before, you will  get different answers with one common denominator: pleasure.

…….This is because a happy ending massage is a wonderful escape from your daily routines it’s a gift of pleasure to yourself and why should you deny yourself that?


Would you like to have your body pleasured in all areas, nothing is being left out? Your physical self is going to reach a truly blissful state and not only the body but also your mind will be refreshed. This is as a direct result of the hormones being released by the body from the sensitive touches. The ultimate way to naturally “feel good”.

There’s no massage technique more famous than happy ending massage in London when it comes to complete relaxation. It gives your body the release it deserves from all the worries and stress that you’re carrying around daily. Think of it as an intimate time for yourself to freshen up and be more energized.

A happy ending massage is a fun experience for both men and women….even couples can enjoy it to share a new and exciting intimate experience. It’s a way to reconnect, experiment, relax, and emerge in to more joyous you.

It’s also a way to experience peace of mind. The happy ending massage has found its place and acceptance more in London because of the stress everyone is going through in this crazy busy city.  Mad daily work loads and schedules……let that go and get back in touch with your sexy self.

Executed by a skilled masseuse in your home, hotel suite or in one of our private apartments…. a happy ending massage will give you warmth, joy, sensual imagination, and improved stamina. We invite you to awaken your soul once again by connecting and rejuvenating with a masseuse in a happy ending massage.


A bold claim? Perhaps but our sensuality is improved when we use it. All of your sexual partners will have taught your something on an intimate level.

Furthermore, many people who are aware of the existence of this massage often uses it to add a little bit of spice to their relationship. It’s a wonderful way to experience new sensations in order for you to open up to new exciting experiences in the bedroom.

You can then communicate with your current and future lovers new discoveries about what you do and what you don’t like. You’ll also uncover new ways of touching and being touched. We can say that happy ending massage has saved many relationships that were going through a period of downfall due to sexual issues.

You can get satisfaction outside of the relationship without being unfaithful (remember it’s not sex, this is s massage.) And you can learn more about how to be pleasured and how to please. It’s a win – win situation.

If you’re travelling a lot through business or pleasure, there is sometimes a real yearning to be connected intimately with another human being. A tantric massage lets you experience that safely & respectfully.



As you might know, there are many ways to take care of your heart. These includes having a healthy diet, avoiding  smoking and alcohol, and exercising daily. But did you know that there’s something more fun and enjoyable that you can put to practice to improve your heart health? It’s having orgasms!!!  This is the best and most relaxed way to take care of your heart.

Furthermore, it helps reduce the risk of you having a heart attack. If you go through it monthly, as some studies carried out by the Society of Cardiology confirm, the probability of you suffering from a heart attack can actually reduce! The heat is a muscle, orgasms exercise it!

There are various benefits of having an orgasm while you’re being massaged. This can help improve your self-esteem and mood, reduce levels of stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and help your body generate antibodies that protects you from diseases and infections.

When the climax is reached and different hormones are released in the body such as adrenaline, endorphins, and oxytocin (the increase in oxytocin levels during sexual climax is higher in women than in men), they act as vasodilators which allow better circulation of blood and preventing the formation of clots. Partnered with a feeling of well-being and happiness caused by the release of these hormones, your cardiovascular health is greatly improved.

Yeah, we are not kidding the above is the science bit 🙂

Sleep Better, Feel Better

Encourage yourself to constantly oxygenate your body’s cells and increase your happiness – yes, that’s the real happy part of the happy ending massage.

The relief…relaxation and overall experience can act as a natural sedative which can improve your sleep. It also acts as a natural analgesic that relieves headaches and menstrual pain for the ladies.

Also, since it’s an intimate massage, it improves the health of your skin by giving it shine and enhanced colour. It makes you look younger and strengthens your muscles so you’ll see that your body becomes more toned.

Every time you enjoy a happy ending massage in London, you will be pampered and not only will your heart health be improved but also your entire immune and psychological system. Not bad, right?

We have a wide selection of happy ending massages to satisfy your wants and need. Whether you just want to receive a passive happy ending massage or an interactive one where you’re able to touch the body of the masseuse, we have it all for you. Just get in touch with us and our wonderful reception team will be able to help.  


Happy ending massage don’t just happen in movies…. They are real and you can enjoy your own right here in London. We can typically get to you in under an hour.   Here are some tips to ensure you enjoy your real ‘happy ending’.

Setting up the mood

Doing a massage with a good happy ending is not easy. Before doing it, the masseuse sets up the mood first; she will turn off the lights, or set up some mood lighting to aid your relaxation, maybe add some relaxing music, and warm up the oil for the massage. As it’s a tantric experience she is going to end up as nude as you for better body to body massage connectivity.

If that’s too much, let her know, she can do topless until you get comfortable. Our masseuses are very naturally beautiful so don’t worry about asking them to slow things down on the nudity side until you are comfortable…..it is YOUR massage.

The massage

The masseuse runs her hands across your body gently. She will start at the neck, shoulders, arms, and back for about 5 minutes. She uses circular movements both long and short as you like it. If she has long hair, she might even use it to touch you gently. She will put her hands all over your body so don’t be surprised when she touches certain areas usually left out on traditional massages.

To make things spicier, she slowly use a little more firmness to her strokes. She will then move to the front side of your body where she will concentrate the massage to your sensitive areas especially the thighs which is very close to your genitals; she will softly use her fingers or palm to build sexual tension around that area.

Of course, the masseuse will not forget about your nipples. The simulation of the nipples is the same as the stimulation of your genital area. She will pay very close attention to the areola. She will use her thumb and forefinger to massage your nipple with circular movements to the rhythm of your breathing.

The masseuse will use her entire body, not just her hands. This takes talent to be able to arouse and control her body to deliver pleasure to yours!

For him

For many, the question that is really important is how will they touch my penis. Our genitals are intimate and having a stranger yanking away is not always a fun thought….

So, let us send your mind at rest, here’s a general overview of the Lingam part of the massage (the penis bit.)

The masseuse heats the oil with both her hands and she will place it on your erogenous area. She will wrap your private part around her hands and stroke it gently moving up and down. The other hand then touches your perineum and testicles to improve the intensity of the pleasure.

She will concentrate on massaging your lingam (penis) from top to bottom giving attention to the head and sliding her hands to the base with a soft rhythm. She will do this with you, matching a speed and rhythm, that your body responds too. There is no rush, the masseuses will help you control yourself to go to a higher level of pleasure.

For her

A lubricant or oil is used for the Yoni massage. Chat with your masseuse or masseur about what you are comfortable with. Some women prefer external only stimulation while others like the Yoni to be penetrated.

Typically the lubricant is applied in the vagina after the masseuse / masseur heats it up with their hands. They will also apply it on the labia and anus. The massage therapist will massage these areas with circular movements typically for a few minutes to help ease and relax you.  This can be done both internally and externally as you prefer and the pressure will be adjusted to how you respond.

Finally, she will use her thumb and index finger to stimulate the clitoris with a little pressure and with circular movements. Thanks to the 8 thousand nerve endings on this area, you will experience an incredibly pleasurable orgasm.


A Happy ending massage is a type of amazing massage. Although it’s a sensual massage, it does not include sexual intercourse between the people doing the massage. Those who are involved in a happy ending massage help each other take full control of their body. In most cases, the massage creates closeness between you and the masseuse to reach a higher level of pleasure.

Some say that they feel discomfort during the massage due to its intense nature but if you completely relax and trust your masseuse, you will not feel uncomfortable and you will realise that happy ending massage is the best form of massage available in our society today. It will make you completely relaxed and forget about the worries of the world.

If you are someone who likes to try new and exciting things in life, then a happy ending massage is something that needs to be added at first to your bucket list. Then, when you’ve experienced it and found out just how amazing it is, you’ll want to revisit again an again!

People who try this type of massage for the first time may find it difficult to handle but the more you do it, the more you’ll be able to embrace it and all the other good things it brings to your life.

Overall, a happy ending massage will make you feel excited without the feeling of having physical boundaries. You will be free from any concern in life and you will feel more alive. This massage is definitely a must-try!


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