Tantric Massage in London will transform the way you see sexuality in your relationship. It has multiple benefits and can provide effective solutions to everyday problems while helping improve your relationship with your partner or lover. 

The energy produced in this sexual act can be channeled to release emotional blockages that are the main causes of stress and anxiety. The lack of time and the current fast pace of our lives makes sexual pleasures seem like a privilege to us and usually, when it happens, ejaculation takes up the center stage and becomes the main goal which is not the case in Tantric Massage, although it is a part of it. When experiencing Tantric Massage with your partner, you have to put aside prejudices, fears and conventions to enjoy the full experience.

Until relatively recently, women’s pleasure has not been taken into account; sexual acts is conceived as a mere procedure to give a man orgasm. Today, this has changed to a great extent, sexuality is conceived as a sacred act based on reciprocal giving and receiving. Tantric Massage is love, presence, and authenticity at every moment where the ultimate goal is to fully connect with your partner in the sense that love becomes a place where your partner immerses in you and you in them.

To truly experience Tantric Massage in London with your partner, you both have to open your mind and put aside the idea that it’s just about penetration. In Tantric Massage, sexual energy is of great relevance. Through this practice, you increase your sexual energy and focus it towards building awareness of your partner’s body. Thus, the physical and spiritual areas of your lives come together to heal your body and mind.


First of all, exploring Tantric Massage in London is a way to renew yourself in the search for pleasure with your partner; it is a way to promote intimacy and create a greater connection between the two of you. It also helps to increase your sensitivity since it works really well with stimulating the whole body and being able to explore every area of your partner’s skin enhances all your senses. It is therefore an emotional and sensory experience that could rekindle the fire of your sexual experience.

Those who are in a relationship that have experienced Tantric Massage in London become more conscious with their body and their sexuality becomes intensified. Obviously, in a Tantric Massage, you should not be in a hurry, everything should go smoothly, since it is about prolonging the pleasure to the maximum, and for this, relaxation is essential. On the other hand, it is a form of communication between the two of you, it is a recognition of each other’s needs and the giving of mutual attention.


  • Ability to release pent up emotions. On many occasions, society forces us to create a shell that hides our true feelings. Tantric Massage helps to get them out and thereby free yourself. You will then notice how communication with your partner flows much better.
  • Solution to anorgasmia problems. You will be able to experience sexuality like never before and you will learn how to achieve infinite orgasms.
  • You will enjoy sex like never before and you will be able to fully know and experience your body and that of your partner’s as well.
  • You will improve your intimacy with your partner and together, you will explore new paths to pleasure.
  • Tantric Massage will teach you how to properly channel your sexual energy and learn how to control it. Your intimate moments will therefore be longer and of higher quality.
  • You will forget about any sexual inhibitions and frustrations and once again feel full of sexual desire.
  • You will solve any premature ejaculation problems. Erectile dysfunction affects more than 30 or 40% of men at some point in their lives, making sexual intercourse difficult. Tantric Massages teaches you to delay ejaculation and to increase the duration of your sexual encounters.
  • You will solve erection problems completely in a natural way.



Whether it’s sitting down facing each other, hugging each other, or your partner wrapping their legs around your waistthe important thing is that you are comfortable, close together and are face to face. Then, with your eyes closed, begin to breathe deeply in a slow and synchronized manner. When one of you inhales, the other exhales and both of you should concentrate only at that moment. It is about connecting with each other through breathing.

Eye Contact

Look at each other in the eyes, leave shame aside, and try to decipher your lover’s gaze while you caress each other, or even more so during orgasm. At first, it may make you laugh or feel strange, but little by little, you will get used to it and the moment will become more intense.


Caressing your partner’s body is another way to stimulate the senses in Tantric Massage. Exploring each other’s body by way of touching each other in turns. Also, you can use some soft objects such as a feather to create various sensations.

Sensual Massages

Discover the body of each other in different ways, not only with your hands but also using other parts of your body such as the feet, the torso, etc. But first of all, you have to create a pleasant and sensual atmosphere with candles, soft music and use some type of massage oil. The back and neck accumulate a lot of tension so these are two areas where special attention must be paid. You can start by making gentle circular movements around the neck, forehead, temples, and nape. And from there, go forward throughout the body. Of course, it will be done in turns, first one gives and the other receives and vice versa.

Static Penetration

The penis remains immobile in the vagina while you caress each other. After a while, you will begin to perceive how the penis and vagina move with excitement, rhythmically, and the penis is as if absorbed by the vagina. When the excitement increases, withdraw the penis, keep stroking and start again. You can play this several times to approach the climax so that when you finally let yourself go, it is much more intense.


Beyond all the sexual assumptions of Tantric Massage in London, it is more than just eroticism. It improves your relationship with yourself and with others, it uses body communication to ease tensions between lovers. Furthermore, it is an effective way for you to discover your sexual side and use it to deepen your relationship.

For women, Tantric Massage helps improve self-esteem and thus learn to express their wishes and formulate requests without causing any problems for the couple. Verbal communication can be easily detrimental to a two-way relationship, as words can be serious under the influence of anger. For this, Tantric Massage is an effective solution to greatly improve how you communicate in a relationship and how you treat each other.

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