Intimate massage is based on the principles of yoga which is built on harmonious erotic touches. Instead of an exercise, intimate massage is more of a sensual experience; it’s an activity that’s brought to fullness by the combination of two souls through physical and spiritual connection.

To get the spiritual and physical connection and to add the erotic elements, you’ll be naked and so will the masseuse. This is designed to heighten awareness, connection and physical responses.

Who Benefits From An Intimate Massage?

Men seem to be much more switched onto enjoying intimate massage. It’s not sex and it’s not prostitution but it is incredibly sexy and it will lead to a climax for most. It’s also good for various health elements and dysfunctions.

Did you know, that a good intimate massage can actually be a preventive measure from dangerous diseases such as prostate cancer? Special knowledge of different intimate massage techniques allows a trained masseuse to help preserve not only your ‘staying power’ but it has positive effects on your overall health.

Women are not left out, there is a vaginal massage, called the Yoni massage. The intimate massage for women can be done by a woman (masseuse) or a man (masseur). The end result is about reaching orgasm where possible but the journey is the tantric massage that takes you there!

Why Choose An Intimate Massage

The feeling of touch is very important to everyone because it helps you achieve human connection and opens up your mind and body to new and exciting sensual experiences. Intimate massage is a way of using different kinds of touches to take you to a whole new level of pleasure. It’s used by masseuses around the world to increase a person’s romantic and erotic capability. In addition to that, intimate massage provides various health benefits that would greatly improve your lifestyle.

Intimate massage is one way to discover the sexual capacities of your body. Not only is it a part of the massage but it’s a ritual that’s done so your soul and body will be connected to your mind. This can lead to some amazing whole body orgsam experiences!

In the massage, a relationship is created and your energy is converted to take you to various spiritual states. This type of tantric massage is aimed at taking you to the heights and feeling the maximum pleasure possible. The massage is versatile so that all the components of the human body is included.


Intimate massage is the use of hands and body to promote a feeling of intimacy with a partner and to create a deeper connection. For many of us who enjoy it, it’s much more satisfying than any other sensual encounter.

Step aside robotic escorts, Tantra is here to allow better orgasms in a safe and more luxurious setting.

In different countries, intimate massages are practised to help someone improve their physical and mental health. It’s also sexy and fun. It might be good for you but let’s not forget this is also about your pleasure!

Intimate massage is not only done with the hands. It’s also done with the breast, fingers, feet, hands, and heels. If you want to embark on a sensual journey, then an increased consciousness through intimate massage is the right thing for you. This type of massage is aimed at adult women, men, and couples who want to improve their sexual lives.

In an this adult massage, your skin is pleasured in specific ways by the masseuse. The resulting sexual power becomes a path to expand your consciousness. Think of it being like an erotic meditation that helps you establish contact with your body. By doing so, you experience sexual pleasure in a whole new way.

It is a wonderful, full-body massage that is characterized by respectful, careful, and intentional touches. The masseuse or masseur not only touches your skin but also your heart and soul.

Now is the perfect time to release all your worries and immerse yourself in what’s happening during the massage, it’s an invitation for you to feel whole again. In the end, you will become more relaxed and energetic. You’ll be the one to decide how intimate the massage should be for you to be able to go through different levels of ecstasy.


Intimate massage is when two adults take part in an activity where their breathing pattern is synchronised and then sensual touch is given. The session will start with a brief informal chat where you can talk about your desires, needs, limits, possible sexual history, and any special considerations you want the massage expert to work with. This conversation will allow the masseuse to adjust the massage according to your personal needs.

With the masseuse’s touches, your body’s energy centre’s are activated and any kind of blockage can be removed. This will make it easier for you to find your balance and go through the massage smoothly.

Intimate massage in London can be a way of healing. By seeing a human being as a whole entity, the whole body is involved – not just back, neck and shoulders.

Along with its tantric techniques, your intimate massage in London promotes sexuality with the use of a steady flow of sensations that help open the veil to your deepest secrets.

The massage itself is a combination of different techniques that produce deep healing in the sexual areas of your life with the goal of connecting your body, mind, and soul (sexuality, heart, and spirituality).

Getting Ready For An Intimate Massage

Your body becomes more permeable to the energy of life through the massage allowing you to find a new approach to your sensual self. Along the way, you will learn to know your body’s needs and listen to it even more.

The massage is not just a one-technique process which can be limiting, tantra is intimate, bespoke and designed and modified to what you need and your bodies responses.

You and your masseuse can both work and move together to understand each other so that the massage experience would become better and you will have a unity of thoughts and emotions. The true sensual energy of a person is achieved through harmony.

Along with its tantric techniques, your intimate massage promotes sexuality with the use of a steady flow of sensations that help open the veil to your deepest secrets. The amount of romantic touches done during the massage is varied and it’s based on what you need to reach your sexual beginning ……and end.

You’ve got to accept all the attention and love being poured out to you by the masseuse for you to enjoy the massage to the fullest.

The Importance Of Touch

Intimate massage involves a high degree of touch between you and the masseuse that reaches your consciousness. The light and gentle touches are just the beginning of it, what completes the intimate massage experience is when your feelings are united with your masseuse and you’re guided to an erotic journey the like of which you’ve never been before. This is a gentle, affectionate, and mutual experience.

Different techniques can be used in intimate massage. Some of the most well-known techniques include kneading and circle strokes. After the massage is started with soft strokes and you’re already comfortable, the masseuses will move to other advanced massage techniques.

Eventually, she will lead you to reach your happy ending if it’s something that’s included in the massage. We do offer luxury massages without tantric elements if that is what you prefer,


The contact that is made during an intimate massage begins soft and relaxing. This removes your stress and negative moods. Don’t think though that the main purpose of this massage is for you to reach your happy ending because that’s not always the only aim.

In an intimate massage, you open a doorway to a new state of happiness that you’ve never felt before. The erotic movements produce pleasant stimulation that brings about calmness and tantalising ecstasy.


Intimate massage is capable of relaxing and rejuvenating your body, it’s also a way for you to recover from any dis-eases that you’re experiencing. The techniques used is close to that used in yoga where participants are led to the same breathing pattern. Therefore, you should not be distracted by anything during the massage.

Here are some of the techniques included in an intimate massage:

  • Your feet are slowly massaged by the masseuse. She will then go up until she reaches your head.
  • The masseuse will go from one area to another where the pressure is varied.
  • The intensity of the touch will be adjusted accordingly. (Hard on shoulders, soft on feet?)
  • Your waist area will be massaged and it’s where most of the massage time maybe focused (depending on your massage selection) because this is where the sexual energy is developed.
  • Energy is distributed throughout your body naturally during and because of the massage.
  • Your shoulders, shoulder blades, and neck are released from all accumulated stress. YES, it’s a real massage just with added sensual aspects from Tantra.
  • Your head and earlobes are massaged with the fingers. These are for many of us amazing erogenous zones!

The activation of the different stimulants in your body is one of the focus of intimate massage. A new level of energy and happiness is achieved which then adds up to an ending and experience that can be pure ecstasy.


An intimate massage is an invitation for you to realise that everything is connected with everything also known as ‘totality’. It’s where your inner awareness and personal growth are promoted without the boundaries of social or religious morals. Intimate massage is a holistic massage where your entire body is touched including the genitals.

You will be touched in a spontaneous and natural way. You will develop a new relationship with yourself and your sexuality, personality, and consciousness is improved overall. It’s also a special and new experience to let yourself fall to a sexual flow without being too focused on having sex. An open-ended erotic experience can be a source of love, peace, and health.

The location where the massage is done is ether at your hotel pr private residence or with the masseuse at a private luxury apartment. This is kept confidential so it’s like going through a secret journey of total surrender without any cares from the world.

Are you ready for an intimate massage in London that is filled to the brim with sensitivity, respect, and attention to your whole body? Every intimate massage is a unique ritual that happens between you and the masseuse. The technique differs according to your personality but the quality of the massage is always the same. It’s simply put…..the best.

With an intimate massage, you will be surprised by a new tantalising experience. Some of those who have experienced it says that they’ve never been touched so attentively before. The goal is to create a sense of well-being in your body and give you an access to a sweet orgasmic state that’s experienced fully. All your cells are made alive and you are awake and relaxed throughout the massage.

Every part of your body is spoiled and you feel pleasure slowly going through your body like waves. You’re not distracted by anything during the massage, you’ll be able to let go completely and give in to the masseuse’s touches and sensations. You feel the pleasure build up which sends tingles all over your body. Then it’s accumulated to produce an explosive orgasm that shakes your body from head to toe. The sense of pleasure is called ecstasy and feels different with each person. The feeling of happiness from intimate massage in London can be taken to your everyday life. Book your intimate massage now. Get ready…….come experience the Diamond Intimate Massage now.

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