London Tantric massage styles and skills are here to help us enjoy not only enhanced sensuality but better overall health. When we hear the word tantric, we quickly associate it with sex. But within tantra, not everything is related to sexuality but also to health. Today, we will take a look at some of the health benefits of tantric massage. Yes boys and girls, the best tantric massage is also good for you!


According to experts (like us), tantric massage has relaxing and healing virtues. It is used to awaken sexual desire through subtle caresses. This type of massage is one of the rituals taught in tantras. Its strongly erotic character makes it difficult to find it in a normal spa or massage parlour. A London tantric sensual massage may be different to others you’ve experienced – that’s what we have been told by some international clients anyway. The lovely thing to hear is that the way we do it, the focus, the customer service and how we adapt to each clients needs makes it a better experience.

A London tantric massage, like massage the world over,  is done totally naked and with good quality unscented massage oil. It consists of light massage movements, soft and slow rubbing motions that covers ALL the points of the body. It is recommended that before performing the massage, the person receiving it takes a warm bath or shower. That will help you feel more relaxed and receptive to the masseuses touches.

London Tantric Massage – Getting Started

That massage typically starts with the feet, and works up the body all the way to the neck and head. Usually you’ll lie on your tummy first and then when your back has been attended to, the masseuse will ask you to turn over. This does depend on the type of tantric massage. There are many types but for this example – we will be referring to the classic tantric massage.

The sexual / erogenous zones are not excluded from massage. Personal contact and a massage expert touch will really heighten your senses. Sexual arousal is normal and welcomed. It seeks to awaken the cellular memory of our body and for you to feel an immense pleasure through the sensitivity of the skin and contact with the other physical and the energy of the other person.

Lets not skip too far ahead right now, not only is the intimacy of the massage important but also the environment where the London Tantric massage happens.

  • The first step before doing a massage is the preparation of the environment. The room should be comfortable room and decorated so that there is peace and relaxation in every corner.  This can be done with scented candles, music for meditation, and silk sheets or some kind of soft material. It’s all about your relaxation and comfort.
  • If you visit a masseuse at their INCALL location, this is already taken care of. If they visit you as an Outcall massage as your residence or hotel, they are very adept at setting the mood and will bring everything with them that they may need.
  • As soon as you are at your ease then the two of you will undress so that the sensitivity of the skin is activated. NOTE: if you would like your masseur or masseuse to disrobe in a particular way, let them know. Erotic can begin on meeting and can further delight you visually ahead of the massage.
  • Whatever time you have allowed for your massage is YOUR time. 60 minutes is a full hour not 45 minutes. You do not have to be in a hurry, the massage is best done with awareness and slowly. Let the sensations build and envelop you. The basis of tantra is to be able to hold sexual desire so that it avoids that desire to dominates us and enjoy the massage even more.



I know, that’s a bold claim right? To be honest, the experience of a good tantric massage can be transformational, but that stems from you and how you want to experience it. The goal of this erotic and sensual massage is not only to stimulate sexual desire, but it is also an excellent technique to ward off anxiety and to find out more about your own body. You experience a change in your whole being and be awakened to enlightening results that transform their lives in different ways.

What are blockages?

Most people experience some type of blockages. They can be formed from everyday habits, a painful experience or an event that has manifested or worsened over the years. This can also be simply due to deep-seated psychosomatic problems. A sexual block can manifest itself as an inability to reach orgasm and pain with sexual intercourse.

A London Tantric sensual massage can help with physical and psychological blockages. It helps us experience desire and arousal in new ways and allows us to release.

Energy Roots

Diamond Tantric Massage offers massage techniques that are not a normal form of massage. It’s unique because it comes from traditional Tantraa spiritual system defined by the science of energy.

When you skilfully incorporate energy into a tantric massage, the healing potential increases and multiplies. This is important because many of the issues that we face are due to blockages and impressions embedded on an unconscious level.

Will you be aware of the energy? Sexual desire and climax is energy but so are things like feeling more at ease, relaxing and releasing your worries is only for an hour, the mental benefits are far reaching. If nothing else, you’ll have a greater sense of clarity after your massage.

Our sexual energy

What ancient tantrikas discovered was that even though there are different types of energy, there is something common with them, and that is sexual energy. Most people consider their sexual energy as useful in one thing only, sex. But this is a single-minded way of thinking and it reduces the powerful sexual force to mere instincts.

When sexual energy is limited in our lower energy centres only, which is where most people focus, it’s full potential is not being reached. But when this energy is carried to higher energy centres of the body, it is refined. Controlling orgasm and not feeling the need to perform sexually, relaxing and enjoying the experience can activate this higher form of sexual energy.


A London Tantric massage has became famous to people in modern times as a remarkable, valuable and effective way of instilling lasting change. Here are seven ways in which Diamond Tantric Massages can improve your life:

  1. Healing and health

Tantric massage teaches your body to use your sexual energy as a healing energy. This stimulates the cleansing process by using a powerful source of energy that releases healing through chakra (energy) points. As a result, different types of chronic health problems can be replaced with renewed vitality. In short, a tantric massage can help you feel better!

  1. Eliminate blockages

Blockages as mentioned above can manifest in many ways, by allowing your energy to flow all through your body, that can help you to naturally eliminate blockages.

  1. Remedies of sexual dysfunctions

Tantric massage techniques purifies the body, frees obstructions, and awakens sexual energy. As a result of this, sexual dysfunctions can usually be cured and sexual lives can be drastically transformed.

  1. Recognising total orgasmic potential

Unlike what most people believe, a sexual climax is not supposed to be reached quickly, it should be a prolonged state of bliss that lasts several minutes. However, when a person’s sexual energy is strictly concentrated in the genital area, the result is an explosive, external orgasm that is short.

Our technique of Tantric Massage Therapy at Diamond Tantric Massage spreads the sexual energy throughout the whole body, making it possible for a person to experience multi-orgasmic states of the whole body in which you can travel into a lasting erotic pleasure and enter the tantric area of your sexuality.

  1. Discover yourself

This wonderful and inspiring practice removes a lot of mental and emotional worries that are causing confusion. With the mind less stressful, people can get a greater perspective of who they are and can now achieve the person they want to become with clarity.

  1. Fulfilment

Putting all the potential benefits above together means Tantric Massage can give a new impetus to life, liberation from the memories of the past, and welcome possibilities for the future, which cultivates joy and satisfaction.


Our London tantric massage offers a great solution to both men, women and couples. It offers the ability to heal deeply, eliminate obstructions and release inherent power. You can experience a remarkable transformation, a level of bliss, an openness of the soul, a deep inner flowering and a remodelling of your physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual life.

This sensual massage not only leads to a great state of excitement but offers many additional benefits to our body. As you have seen, regardless of why you make the decision to take a tantric sensual massage, this type of massage is something of great importance and should not be neglected and should be practised regularly.

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