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The yonmassage is a tantric practice that focuses on the woman. As a woman it is her mystery that is at the center of the tantric universe.

The Kaulavali-Tantra tells us that we must bow to the woman. Be young or old, be it beautiful or ugly, good or bad. Never to be cursed or harmed. A woman is a magnificent creature who should be honoured.

Yoni – Honouring Your Womanhood

Remember that it was women that were the first religion of man in human history. The first prehistoric paintings and sculptures already evoke the principle of the mother-goddess, the primordial force. Even today, men are driven towards women for their knowledge. The sacred aged divinity illuminates man, even if they do not consciously recognise it.

The woman is also a priestess and magician. She understands the complexity of the human soul, and her unconscious is connected to the psychic forces that condition our behaviour. The mystery of life is embodied in women.

Tantric Yoni Massage

The word Yoni comes from Sanskrit and literally means “Sacred Space” or “Sacred Temple”, and is used to refer to the vagina. In Tantra , the Yoni is contemplated from a perspective of love and respect.

One of the massages that make up the range of varieties of tantric massages but is not spoken about as frequently is the massage of the yoni that focuses on the female sexual organ and aims, rather than JUST reaching orgasm, to provide pleasure and relaxation.

The tantric massage offers endless possibilities to enrich the our erotic selves and experience a deeper level of sensuality. It is a compilation of body massages that contribute to awaken better the emotions and the senses of us.

What Is A Yoni Massage?

Let’s start by knowing what it is. This massage allows you to relax your whole body and mind in order to really experience an orgasm. For women, full sensual arousal is achieved by a sensory massage that is tailored to your preferences.

It is not a rushed experience, it is one where you are taken on a journey. Beginning with relaxation first and letting your body find it’s natural rhythm and then gently, exploring the various erogenous zones of your body.

In tantric therapy, yoni massage is a ritual of female divinity and erotic connectivity between a man and a woman or, more commonly, two women. 

It can sometimes be called a Lesbian massage (when done by a woman) but this is not always the case. A woman knows their own body and translating that into erotic pleasure is easier for a woman to experience with another woman.

Many of our Yoni clients do have their Yoni massage with another woman for this reason. It is about sensuality rather than sexuality. A yoni massage given by a woman to another woman tends to feel less threatening or invasive and a woman knows another woman body intimately so she has a head start over her male counterparts in intuitively knowing what pleases another woman.

Saying that, for some women, their sexuality is an integral part of their pleasure so having a man massage their Yoni is preferable and that is why the Diamond Team has a male masseur for you available.

Yoni Male Masseur

We do have a male masseur who offers a massage service to ladies looking for a Yoni massage from a man. He is very popular and it is advisable to book his services in advance as sometimes he is not available on the same day.

Yoni Sensual Massage

It is important to be in the hands of professionals who know the technique and know both the physical and spiritual mechanisms that will bring you to a glorious erotic experience during your adult massage.

This massage will help you enjoy and truly join is one of the most powerful experiences that exist.  From this massage you can experience incredible enjoyment and serenity. It is about restoring contact, reconnecting lost unity. It is a moment of indescribable reunion and fullness.  All this comes from the exploration, acceptance and release from your powerful sexual energy.

Yoni Massage and Unity

The sacred union is one of the pillars of tantra. An erotic massage does not simply seek carnal pleasure, but aspires to create a sacred conjunction of two beings. It is the spiritual vision of tantric sex , its deepest and most sacred dimension. If we find the way to reach this potentiality we will discover essences in us that remained asleep.

Essences of purity, power and spirituality. Tantra teaches us that the possibilities of being are not limited by the body. The body is not our enemy, but quite the opposite. But we must learn to use it to reach other dimensions of strength and knowledge of ourselves.

The sacred union is to reconnect two parts separated by nature. Two parts that we know as male and female, male or female. We believe they are different realities and we are wrong.

They are really just one thing broken. Through the sacred union of tantra these two halves meet again. Through sacred sensuality they recognise themselves, they unite. It is that moment in which again the being is full and unique.

This unity can be achieved by a man and woman or by two women. Having a Yoni massage done by a woman is not a lesbian massage. A lesbian massage is one where one of the recipients identifies as gay.

This is not always the case. If your sexual orientation is Lesbian that is fine but most women who seek a Yoni massage are often heterosexual.

Getting Started With A Yoni Massage London 

In Tantrism the woman is incarnation of Shakti, so she must explore the depths of her being and discover her ultimate foundations. The woman is the goddess, the incarnation of an ultimate energy, living and present. For man, the mystery of a woman is her fantastic, irrational and unpredictable nature.

A yoni massage It is a type of erotic massage that connects us with the woman, with her essence. It helps you communicate correctly in the field of pleasure. Actually, it is an inner search for connection.

It is very likely that during the course of a session of tantric massage, the woman will get one or several orgasms ; this should not be an impediment to continue with the massage as long as the respiratory rhythm is restored.

An important fact is that the Yoni massage does not have the ultimate goal of female orgasm, although this can be a magnificent side effect. Having no goal other than relaxation and enjoying the moment, the pleasure of being together and loving each other is enough to achieve a state of well-being.

Enjoying a Yoni Massage

First, you need to book a tantric experience. It is recommended a relaxing bath and an intimate and pleasant atmosphere; If possible, accompanied with soft music, candles, incense and cushions. Remember that there is no rush of any kind and you can take as much time as you think necessary.

Nonverbal communication is of great importance, as an excess of words can diminish the concentration and, therefore, the relaxation . In the event that you, as the Yoni recipient experiences an orgasm, it can be followed with the massage to try to “ride the wave” , which in Tantra is a multi-orgasmic sensation.

Take your time, the Yoni massage will be over when you are at a point of completion, there is no rush, it is important to take time to enjoy the sensation of relaxation and intimacy.

Yoni Massage Benefits? 

It helps that your period is much less painful if you suffer from strong cramps, it also helps that your delivery is much simpler because your pelvic floor is much more relaxed.

You will also have more energy in your body due to the connection between mind and body. The orgasms are intensified 50% after trying this type of massage, which will help improve your privacy and your sex life.

Where Can I get a Yoni Massage

Tantric massage in London is available at both London hotels and private residences we do not have a massage parlour as it lacks elegance and privacy. You can visit a female massage therapist in their own apartment – just ask for an incall appointment and we can arrange that for you.

We cover all of central London and a Yoni massage will be a full body massage so you are fully relaxed on your sensual journey. BOOK YOU YONI MASSAGE NOW

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