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A Tantric Massage Therapist worships the whole of the body, that, that is seen and that not seen (mind and soul). The tantric masseuse will use her sensuous touch, loving purpose and super light contact to enhance your eroticism and sexual arousal. The aim is to let these erotic sensations flow, unhindered not just in your erogenous areas but through your whole body. The result is a full body orgasmic experience.

All massages are available as an outcall massage, check each masseuses details (or ask reception) for any masseuses offering incall massages. We have ladies all over central London for your convenience.

Why Choose An Erotic Massage?

A tantric massage normally ends, depending on the needs and progression of each person with a yoni or lingam massage which fires the kundalini to advance through the body, in this way creating moments of waking ~ resulting in that blissful whole body orgasm.
Sexual arousal is a major emotional impact of tantra massage. Receiving and giving tantra massages is intimate and wholly rewarding.
The client is then left to rest for some time in the warm and comfortable radiance of their own elation.

No two tantric massages are alike. Each tantric masseuse has here own look, feel and energy. Our masseuses all bring combined skills and life experience to each and every erotic personal massage. Take a look and book one our perfect London Tantric Massages now and think about who ignites your tantric interest!

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Selecting Your Massage

Tantric massages have evolved to meet the varying client needs and we have a growing range of tantric massages/ adult massages/ erotic massages/ sensual massages to choose from. Click on each of the massage icons below to find out more about the massage and select the perfect sensual private massage for you.

“Seriously, flooding your body with amped-up sexual intensity is heart stopping. Circulating that energy with your lover and creating a typhoon of orgasmic bliss is freakin’ transcendent!”
― Roberto Hogue


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Special Note

Diamond Tantric Massages provides a luxury visiting (outcall) tantric massage service to all London hotels and private residences. Please speak to reception about requirements for an in-house (you visiting us) massage. We do not operate a walk in service.


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