So what is a naturist massage? The purpose of naturism is to promote wholesomeness and stability of the human body and mind. The massage skills used in naturist massage are the same used in the other types of massage, but in this type of massage the client is completely naked. As it is a tantric massage, it is important that the masseuse is also naked. You don’t have to live in isolation in a rural area, there is a growing naturist massage London scene. Whether it’s offered as naturist massage, naked massage, nude massage or tantric massage, you can get a nude massage simply either as a visiting (outcall) service or you can visit a naturist masseuse (in-call).

Quite a few people choose a naturist style of massage since they feel far more comfortable being naked when their massage therapist is also clothes-free. It can allow them to build a bond and relax with their masseuse. A naturist massage is not always an erotic massage. Diamond Tantric massages offers both the traditional naturist massage and the erotic naturist massage. Just remember to mention which you require when booking.

Naturist Massage – Is It Tantric?

The short answer is it can be – but that us up to you. Among the basic misunderstandings is that a joint naturist massage will result in sex, and it’s fair to state that if you and your partner delighted in a naked massage, then sex would be the most likely result. However when using or visiting a real masseur or masseuse, you will discover that the relationship in between you will be strictly professional if you desire just a massage.

As far as nudist massage goes, some naturists are worried, there will be services transcend far beyond a basic massage. That again can be the case so take a look at the advert or read the blog (like this one) to get a better idea. Take a look at the site or the advert of the massage company, and you will discover that individuals providing the authentic nudist massage will be doing just massages. And if that is what you require, even though Diamond is a tantric massage site, we do have many nudists who just prefer a naked massaged. Both you and the masseuse, it is just something more natural and comfortable for you. We understand and respect that and of course offer that “non tantric” service.

Naturist Massage London Benefits

The benefits of this are:
* This is a much more environmentally friendly massage as we do not have as much laundry washing to do
* For people who like naturism, massage is a perfect relaxation activity and the opportunity to enjoy a therapy in a fully naturist environment is ideal
* Lack of clothing allows better skin on skin connectivity and an overall better massage
* A naturist (sometimes called a nudist) prefers to be naked and thus finds this natural state one where they can more fully relax


naked massage London

What Are The Different Types Of Naturist Massages?

In sensual Naturist massage the “standard” massage techniques are utilised in addition to other specifically erotic moves and touches. Nude massages can choose a hands on massage or select maybe a gel based Nuru massage or a body to body massage for even more body to body naked connections which can heighten the tantric element of the massage experience.

For just a naturist massage devoid of any erotic elements there are still on offer many different types of massage. Varying from a fast shoulder, back and legs muscle rub, to a far more in depth massage such as a Lomilomi or Lomi massage.

The word Lomilomi originates from Hawaii and implies “masseur, masseuse” and it is a kind of recovery massage. Usually, a Lomi massage can use up to 2 hours, yes it really is that thorough. If you have a LomoLomi have downtime planned after the massage is finished as it’s been known to leave the recipient nearly in a state of hypnotic trance! Whoever gets a Lomi massage will sleep extremely well that night!

Naturist Massage UK Details

There is a thriving naturist scene in London, there are a handful of spas where naturism is welcomed, a cafe and some naked yoga as well! Naturist massage is on the increase and you can get just massage that is done in the nude, or naked massage with tantric (erotic) elements. Let us know which you prefer at the time of your booking please.

The massage skills used in naturist massage are the same used in the other types of massage, but in this type of massage the client is completely naked. While intimate, naturist massage need not necessarily be sexual. It is not uncommon for sexual arousal to occur and a naturist masseuse is able to assist by using tantra techniques to allow you explore that erotic energy in a very positive way! (If you wish). Equally if you simply require a relaxing Swedish. LomiLomi or sports massage where you are both nude, that is also completely fine and is absolutely something that we can and do accomodate for you.

As a naked massage can be a form of tantric massage therapy as all areas of the body are massaged, nothing is avoided including erogenous zones and genitals. That’s why a tantric naturist massage is often called an intimate massage or a sensual massage.

Feel free to check out our team of experienced tantric masseuses skilled in Naturist Massage London. We offer Naturist Massage West London, Nude Massage East London, Naked  Massages in North and South London as needed.


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