Prostate Massage

Did you know that you can have an orgasm that gives you an absolutely different pleasure than what you get through penis stimulation?

Yes, you read that right. In addition to the penis you have other erogenous zones that will give you truly unforgettable orgasms. It can be a little tricky to get too if you don’t know it’s there but when you do….there is no orgasm like it.

This is THE orgasm that is achieved through a massage in the so-called male G Spot. Sometimes called the sacred spot massage or the prostate massage, which is nothing more than direct stimulation of the prostate. It’s simple (when you know how). He who has lived it knows that the pleasure that is obtained through this type of massage is incomparable and if it is best carried out by means of a tantric massage. Get a tantric massage and you can be assured that the sensations are much more intense.

If you’ve not had a prostate massage before, it’s a great idea to put yourself in the hands of a skilled tantric masseuse who will guide you on this sensual journey at a pace that suits you.

Prostate massage: down the taboos up the pleasure!

The prostate massage has a large element of taboo attached to it. Sometime it is connected to homosexuality. Feeling pleasure through the anus has something to do with the sexual tendency, there is nothing further from reality.  This erogenous zone tucked up within your anus is there to delight, it needs some exploration to find it. Gay men have a more direct route to discovering its delights.

But Prostate massage and their explosive orgasms are open to any man and heterosexual couples continue to deliver this amplified orgasm to their male partners. The saddest thing is when men do not know about this miraculous orgasm potential contained within! Our aim, is to change that and let any gent who wants to experience this joy, be able to do so, safely and comfortably.

So whether you are prostate massage newbie or an experienced sacred spot aficionado then you are in the right hands with the expert team and Diamonds.

Prostate Massage Orgasm

The tantric prostate orgasm is obtained through the stimulation of the prostate through the rectal wall and, although it sounds strange to some, the sensation of pleasure that men reach is not comparable to any other type of sexual arousal. Do not be afraid to experience new emotions and experiences, you’ll be amazed and delighted in equal measure.

In fact, the orgasm you will have is quite different from that achieved by stimulating the penis. You will open a totally unknown dimension of pleasure that will give you a sea of pleasant and deep sensations.

Some of our clients have defined it as an incredible surprise and claim to have been ecstatic even before the climax was achieved with this practice.

What is the prostate?

To understand why a prostate massage produces so much pleasure, it is important to know exactly what the prostate is.

The prostate is the “male mammalian gland that is attached to the bladder neck of the urine and the urethra and that secretes a whitish and viscous liquid whose function is to stimulate the movement of the sperm.” That’s sometimes why you might here the term, “Prostate Milking” as that refers to the liquid that the prostate can secrete naturally.

There is an increasing awareness of what the prostate is, it gets spoken about in terms of male health checks but let’s also focus on the sensuality and the enjoyment element that this part of your anatomy can deliver! There has been more press more press on the prostate massage and it’s even been featured in some movies. This is all great as it gets more men aware of it and open to adding this to their sexual experience.

How is a prostate massage done?

The prostate massage is not hard to do, but it’s best that the person doing the massage has some experience. That is why the most advisable first exposure would be to have your G spot massaged by a tantric massage professional.

If the person doing the massage does not have any experience, you will not feel what you should feel. As they wont know where the prostate is, how to activate, what pressure to use and how to read your reactions.

In Diamond Tantric Massages we have masseuses with great experience. In their hands you will be taken ona tantric journey or pure pleasure that you will want to repeat again and again.

The main thing is to go slowly, step by step and pay close to attention to how you are enjoying the experience. The masseuse must know how to find in your body the sacred spot , which is the equivalent of the G spot in women.

Once the rectal area is correctly stimulated, prostate massage can be done with a vibrator, a penetration harness or directly with your finger, that is up to you. The moment the nerves around the bladder are pressed, you will get an immediate sensation of excitement.

It is at the end of the urethra that the blood pressure and body fluids are concentrated and upon receiving the massage you will feel a sense of heaviness. At this precise moment is that you can even get an orgasm without ejaculating.

If you manage to control the ejaculation, your erection will increase considerably and you will get a spectacularly intense orgasm. Don’t worry, being able to control the release takes some practice. There is no requriment to delay the orgams, this is your pleasure, enjoy it how you wan to±

And where is that G Male G Spot?

Inside your anus, in the prostate, next to the neck of the bladder. It is an area full of nerve endings and can only be accessed through the anus. it’s about two inches in the rectum toward the belly. Before going in, the masseuse will often start with a gentle external massage on your perineum (also known as your grundle or taint), which is located between the testicles and anus.

It is essential that the masseuse or massage therapist inspires you with confidence, that they help you to relax and that it teaches you to control your breathing. In this way you can relax into the massage and this will intensify the sexual feelings for you.

Like everything in sex, the important thing is creativity. Feeling good and making the other feel good is essential to enjoy a prostate orgasm. Leave out prejudices, forget limits. Free your Mind.

Do you dare to try it – if you’re not ready for your partner because you do not trust their inexperience – come and enjoy a couples massage with them, we can guide you both if that’s the end goal. Or come and release your erotic self and experience a new type and depth of orgasm with a Prostate massage masseuse. Contact us Contact us and ask us for a prostate massage ; we look forward to meeting you and rewarding yon with intense and surprising sensations.

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