Sexy Massage in London – Means SEX right?

Tantric Massage can be misleading, it is a loose term that can mean almost anything in different places. Tantric massage is sometimes called Sex Massage but in general, it does not involve sexual intercourse. It does involve sexual stimulation but these are still in general terms. If you are looking for something specific (or afraid of something specific) you should get a clear idea of what you want. A sex massage, sexy massage, sensual massage, and erotic massage are all terms used interchangeably that refers to a tantric massage.

Many tantric massage sites like Diamond has a list of tantric massages available, sexy massage is a popular search term, along with sexy massage in London, Tantric Massage London, Erotic Massage London, Nuru Massage London, the list goes on. As you have observed, the wording is erotic and sensual. It’s not actually a massage that leads to sex, but it may lead to arousal and orgasm because the masseuse will caress your erogenous zones and that does include your genitals.

Sex Massage – but I want to orgasm!

Tantric massage in its truest form is about a sacred approach to sex and sexuality but that does not mean it’s not fun and highly arousing. Genuine tantric principles of consciousness, presence, mindfulness, breath, and touch are employed by a trained tantric masseuse. She can channel and work with your sexual energy. Our tantric massages all include a level of heightened sexual touch as it is most often a part of tantric healing.

Any experienced tantric masseuse is used to hearing requests for happy endings or for extra services involving sexual intercourse. From the beginning of your massage, you are free to work and talk with your masseuse about what you want and expect from the massage. Be prepared to talk openly but sex is not part of the program, for genuine tantric massage we know it’s important to be crystal clear about the intentions and boundaries.

When we visit you on an outcall massage, the masseuse comes ready with everything she needs to create a tantric massage space in your hotel or private residence. If you choose to visit a tantric masseuse, then her luxury apartment will be a tantric space, clean and welcoming.

Clear rule and boundaries are a vital part of a tantric massage. Every tantric masseuse should give you the opportunity to set your expectations for the massage, and she can work within any limits that you set. If you don’t like a smell, a taste or a touch, or you have an injury then tell your masseuse and make sure she is aware. Your comfort is of paramount importance to us after all.

Perhaps you’d prefer your masseuse not to use any type of oil. Our masseuses only do so as the body to body contact is smoother with it but it’s always unscented. You see, we are discreet about the smallest of details.

  • Touching. Let the masseuse know if you’ve any pain or injuries so she can modify the massage for you. Also if there are any sensitive areas that you do not like being touched. Feel free to set this out at the beginning so your tantric masseuse can pay close attention to the things she needs to avoid during the massage. Feel free to talk to her while the massage is ongoing in order to guide her.
  • Touch intensity.  Hard or soft, we all have a preference, some don’t like being touched lightly and tickled, others don’t like massage strokes being too firm. Whatever your preference, tell your masseuse. After all, she is there to please you.
  • Nude Massage. Tantric massages are usually naked massages and tantric massages use sensual touch to channel energy and that can promote healing for you. With Diamond Tantric Massages, clothes come off for both you and the masseuse – it levels the playing field, means there are no clothing barriers to restrict energy flow which is better for erotic fun.
  • Gloves. There are different opinions about the use of gloves. Our Tantric masseuses will use gloves for prostate massages but typically not for other types as they don’t want a barrier between your skin and theirs.  Why would you not want to be able to engage the senses and feel all the contours of the body with your hands and fingers?
  • Environment. If we are visiting your hotel, then just set the room to the right temperature. The masseuse will bring music, oils and subdue the lights as needed. For an incall, their apartment is set up to create the ultimate relaxing and sensual ambience.


Sex Massage – Tantric And Erotic.

On the whole, eroticism does not imply sex. Yes, sex can be erotic, but it often simply isn’t, or not as much as our brains think it is going to be. That’s why many of our clients explore the numerous benefits of tantric massage rather than the robotic and unsatisfying experience of paying for sex.

This is because you can envelop yourself in a sensual and sexy experience knowing that sex is not on the menu but enjoying being worshipped by a beautiful woman is a simply stunning alternative, unrushed and erotic beyond measure. There are plenty of erotic things that can and do exist with no necessity of sex. For example, exotic dancers are precisely the ones who don’t moonlight as prostitutes, and their acts can often be more erotic because of that. It’s not just them taking off their clothes, its the way they do it. In fact, that level of striptease is tantric.

Similarly, a tantric massage (or any other actually erotic massage, as in not being a simple and base “run and tug”) is designed with eroticism in mind, not in resulting to sex. It can be a great conclusion to a tantric massage but it’s not incomplete if it doesn’t go there. Yes, for many clients, a relief or climax is the end result. That’s why many still jokingly call it a Happy Ending Massage. Sexual release and orgasm can and do occur without the need for penetrative sex.

If you want sex and simply sex, then you need to think about escort services. If you want an intimate and erotic time with a skilled and beautiful masseuse then a tantric massage has your name on it.

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