Tantric Massage Couples London – Yes, you need it!

If you are thinking of a tantric massage for you as a couple when you are in London, then this article is just for you. It will offer you both a unique state of relaxation, communication and knowledge without barriers for you as a couple. Designed to create and intensify physical and spiritual closeness between partners …

All these are just some of the benefits of the tantric massage for couples when practiced with skill. Enjoying a tantric massage as a couple is a unique and sensual experience. If you’ve not yet tried a tantric massage together, you’re in for an erotic treat!

Why Tantra Couples Massage Helps Relationships

We are sensual and erotic creatures, being with one other human being to the exclusion of all others is required socially in some societies. This can lead to a flatline of our libidos unless we invest some time in keeping our relationship fresh and exciting sexually. There are many things that like a good recipe, make a good and fulfilling relationship.

Things like;


Some recent studies show that if you take part in activities designed to develop you as individuals, you will have a much higher sexual appetite. These activities give you the opportunity to have new experiences, to look at things from a different perspective and to acquire new skills.

So yes, being together is wonderful but having some separate experiences and interests makes us more interesting and keeps the sensual drive higher.

Level of attraction

In two separate studies, hundreds of couples who have been together for some time have answered questions about their relationship for 3 weeks. They described the ways in which partners helped them experiment, how happy they were on the day or whether they had sex (and how good it was). The researchers noted that those who were more interested in sex were the ones who learned new things because of their partners.

In another study, couples who participated in personal development activities with their partner had more sex and felt more desire to do so than people who did not participate in such activities. Tantra massage is very much about your personal and sensual development.

The importance of novelty

These results also went on to show that it is very important for your sex life to develop and experience new things. And it is not necessarily necessary for you to do these things. It may be that the mere fact of seeing your partner doing it will stimulate your desire to make love, on the subconscious level. And it is absolutely understandable: you want the person you love to learn, change and become their best version. And if you can do it together, you will see that this will be noticed in the bedroom as well.

So if you want to improve your sex life, you could start proposing couple activities such as visiting a museum, playing a new sport or traveling more. These activities bring a new energy to the relationship and could rekindle the flame of passion.

Also, it is important for you to be equally provocative: this is more than playing role play games or investing in some new sexy underwear. This is about getting intimate with each other while experiencing pleasure being delivered by an accomplished stranger. This is adding the ultimate spice to your relationship!

What Is Tantric Massage? (For couples and generally)

Here at Diamonds, we often get asked some repeat questions. The most common is what to expect. So let’s cover some of the amazing things to look out for and expect when you both come to enjoy a couples massage in the realm of tantra.

Tantric massage is an oriental technique, today considered a unique way of relaxing, knowing and exploring intimacy, communication and total union with the partner. And although tantra is directly associated with sexual practices, the art of massage with the same name goes beyond sexuality. It aims to find that total balance achieved only by trust without limits in the partner.

It’s super sexy and is designed, with intention to be highly arousing and erotic.

Tantric massage and how to define it

At first glance, such a massage is something mysterious, enigmatic. There are specialists who argue that such a massage technique is rather a state of mind, which brings self-awareness. Specifically, its definition translates through connection and comes from Old India. A spiritual connection through which we can get to know each other better and relate to those around us.

The tantric massage is very much based on the idea of touch, through which a good energy transfer can be achieved. Like a thrill, a state of incitement, a state you feel from head to toe. It invigorates you and fills your senses. Washing over you in waves of thrilling intimacy.

Tantric massage, regaining total balance as a couple

The tantric massage practiced with mastery is perhaps the most pleasant way to strengthen the couple’s relationship from all points of view: spiritual, physical and sexual.

How do we perform tantric massage?

The tantric massage encompasses the whole body, but it is especially insistent on the intimate areas. For this reason, this form of massage contributes to the exploration of the sexuality of the partners, to  aid their discovery and to deepen knowledge of intimacy, especially with one another.

1. A relaxing atmosphere is created

In order for the relaxation of the body and mind to be a complete one, the room must be ordered, without any elements that could disturb (tv, telephone etc). Of course, background music, scented candles and diffused light are some of the beneficial elements of this whole process. A couples massage can be offered as an incall service ( you visit the masseuse) or more commonly, an outcall (the masseuse visits you in your hotel.)

2. Use a special massage oil

Massage oil is typically used as it makes the skin soft and pliable and thus easy to massage. This can be changed for Nuru Gel, or soapsuds if you want to add even more spice with an aqua (soapy) massage.

The most suitable massage oils are those of lavender, ylang-ylang, olives, coconut etc but typically the masseuse will use a none scented massage oil.

3. A gentle massage

You don’t have to press hard or make sudden movements, on the contrary, sensual massages can and should be gentle. The movements and intensity must differ, so that the partner does not get bored. Touches can be sensual and complex. It is not a massage that is done in a hurry, but on the contrary, it is slow and must be enjoyed.

Using both the bridge of the palms and the tips of your fingers, the masseuse will maintain a permanent contact of her skin with yours and your partners. It is considered that once the energy of the body is awakened and concentrated in the erogenous zones, the lived experience is one of fulfillment, of total liberation.

What Does My Partner Do While I Am Being Massaged?

There are a couple of choices, with a couples massage, you can choose one or two masseuses to join you. So with one, think of it like a threeway massage. There is a sensual edge of voyeurism so you can watch your partner enjoy an intimate massage. She can also show you some techniques for generating heightened passion by using different touches.

Being focused on the pleasure your partner is receiving in the  moment can be wonderfully sensuous and it might further elevate your tantric massage experience.

Alternatively you could choose to enjoy your couples massage with two tantric masseuses, so you and your partner are both experiencing the massage together. You can still watch your partner and you can even exchange which masseuse is massaging you at any given time. You can even get to the edge of arousal limitations and leave the masseuses and culminate in the arousal with one another.

It really is up to you, who you choose and how many masseuses are with you to make the most of your couples tantric massage adventure.

Masseur or Masseuse?

Honestly, we do have one male masseur and he can be made available but you do need to book at least 7 days in advance. The majority of our massages are performed by masseuses, female Tantrikas. This tends to be the preference as well for couples massages as the man tends to feel less ill at ease and for many women, being touched by another woman holds it’s own sensual fascination.

So, for the majority of couples, then a lady or ladies joining the couples tantric massage is preferable. Now, all you have to do, is join the party, strengthen your relationship, deepen your bond, explore your sensuality and re-ignite or explore new passion like never before.

If you need any help then just contact our helpful receptionists. They can answer any questions and arrange your couples massage in London. All you have to do is be open to the experience, let Diamonds take care of the rest.



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