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This is just a quick post as we still have the pleasure of getting enquiries for tantric massage London bookings and it’s a quick message to explain why Diamond Tantric Massages is currently closed. We will be re-opening soon and we’ll update and welcome you back with open arms as soon as we can.

We’ve had a lot of questions over the last 7 weeks as to why we are closed when agency X Y and Z are still open. We know that some agencies are remaining offering tantric massages and go to great lengths to explain their “New” hygiene rules. So we just want to explain why we have followed all government guidelines and closed our services during the pandemic. The measures of confinement and social distancing put in place in half the world population to slow down the advance of the coronavirus are taking an inevitable toll on people who are financially dependent on a sector that lies in physical contact. So please believe us when we say we do not take this situation lightly. What we are doing though is being responsible.

1. We are not hypocrites – That might sound harsh but its something we firmly believe and here is why. We cannot offer the best tantric massage in London and serve your holistic health and wellness and offer massages when we are told to adhere to social distancing rules. We are experts and have yet to find a way to provide an erotic massage while not breaking the 2 meter social distancing rule. We do not want to risk your health or your families health. If a masseuse has been working with other clients she is coming into contact with other people who may be a virus carrier. We would be incredibly irresponsible to put you and your family and friends at risk in this way.

2. Hygiene is a standard – The new towels and ability to bathe before and after a massage is not new. This is a standard or should be. Most tantric massage services in London are not offering “new” hygiene and if they are, we’d recommend you avoid them as this is some basic care for clients and masseuses. Clean towels should be used after every massage, shower facilities should be on offer, none of this is new.

3. Masseuses health and wellbeing is important – You might not have the virus, you might already have had it and thus be immune but if a masseuse contracts it, then she is not only putting her and her families health at risk but also all her other clients as well. This on its own could cause another pandemic wave. And I think we all need to be out of quarantine and back to close to our normal lives as quickly as possible. I’m sure you would agree.

4. The intimacy of covid-19 masksTantric massage in London is intimate, that is its very nature. It is “inconceivable” to treat a patient less than half a meter away, so guaranteeing the safety of our team and clients is a priority at the moment. The virus enters through the eyes, mouth and nose. There is no contagion from skin to skin contact, so while there is a possibility of doing the massage with or without gloves. It is enough to wash your hands well to guarantee that there will be no contagion. But that also means the rooms will need to be disinfected after each client leaves and that the masseuse would need to wear a mask (and the client) at all times, we don’t think this ads anything to the intimacy of the massage. And again, the 2 meter rule is being enforced for a reason so droplets do not enter eyes, nose and mouth. Trust us, we have taken advice on this and considered the use of masks but the risk remains very high. To allow the dissenting and the masks, the time would be condensed or the service would be made more robotic having to factor in these extra steps. Not something that matches the erotic and arousing nature of a tantric massage in London.

In conclusion on Tantric Massage London Bookings

Today we have two certainties. The first is that we will have to live with this virus – hopefully not for a long time – and that it is always lurking, so imprudent behaviours can cause new outbreaks. We cannot make mistakes, nor allow ourselves lightness, carelessness, underestimation of the problem. We owe it to ourselves and to others, because if it is true that we saw the light thanks to the great respect that the Londoners had for the rules – and I thank them for this – it is undeniable that we have not yet come out of the tunnel.
The second is that research is going on and, compared to the beginning of the pandemic, there is new knowledge – there will be more as it progresses – on the front of the treatments that are proving increasingly appropriate and effective.

Tantric massage is a joy, it’s great for your health and well being, it generates relaxation and arousal, it makes you feel, better and it boosts your immune systems. We want you to come and have fun and as soon as limits are lifted to a safe level, we will be back and better than ever. Revived, safe, heathy and ready to give you the best tantric massage in London has to offer. Check back in with us, we have high hopes to be back up and running for you in early June.

We miss you xxx

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