What do you expect when you book a tantric massage? We all begin somewhere and we know it’s a question new clients may like to ask but the lack of experience can be seen as something they don’t want to disclose.  All massage providers who offer tantric massage should be able to give you an idea what to expect.

Booking with Diamond, you’ll get through to experienced receptionists who are happy to guide you and answer your questions. One of the things that makes us different is that our massage therapists only use the most successful tantric massage techniques.

Our receptionists are also English. We’ve been told that that makes a difference in being able to communicate what you’d like. We do hope that’s the case. Your needs are always our priority.

Tantric Massage IS Tantra

The tantric massages we offer – there are a few to choose from. You can select them from our massage menu, have all be designed and changed to get the best possible connection between masseuse and client. These massages may carry the same names as what you might see on other, similar websites but that’s where the similarity ends. You might say a Ford is a car and an Aston Martin is a car and you’d be right but that’s about the only similarity.

Look at the basics and they are the same.

  • 4 wheels – YES
  • engine – YES
  • breaks – YES
  • steering wheel – YES
  • seats – YES
  • doors – YES
  • windscreen – YES
  • mirrors – YES

You get the idea. So a simple, straight forward description of both vehicles being “cars” is correct but as with all things, the differences appear when you get into the detail. I’m sure we don’t need to the labour that point further or ask you which vehicle you’d prefer.

Diamond tantric massages have all been developed from an authentic knowledge of tantra, eroticism and sexuality, in order to provide an experience that goes beyond the physical. We’re your Ferrari, we’re not your Mini.

What that means is, it’s not just a hurried experience designed to get you to a climatic end in record breaking speed. You might not want all the “woo-woo” spiritual stuff because actually the happy ending is what you WANT.

But, don’t be fooled, the journey that you take to get there, can and does make all the difference in the quality of the massage.


Why A Tantric Massage VS. Something Else?

If you take a look at our blog post comparing tantric massages to escort services it’ll give you a good outline as to why. But, it’s worth noting that not all tantric massages are not created equal either.

More and more people are daring to try new massage alternatives and discover all the benefits they can bring, both physically and psychologically. And it is these massages, when done correctly with the spirit of tantra, offer liberation “of body and soul” that allows to disconnect of the worries. To purge the stress and to stimulate the senses in a different way is wonderful.

Erotic massage offers a great variety of different tantric massage techniques that are worth trying when you decide to take the step and try an adult massage for yourself. In this article we will review in more detail what they are.  First we recommend you set aside your prejudices, so that you can assess what we are going to tell you.

Some people see tantric massage as little more than a loophole in the law to offer and advertise prostitution. Well, firstly, in the UK that’s not illegal and secondly, you need to look deeper to get past those shallow views.

Tantra – A Spiritual perspective

Tantric massage does have a spiritual element to it,  it’s not just a seductive or mystical cover. As we said above, because these tantric massage techniques have been developed from an authentic knowledge of tantra, eroticism and sexuality, it can create an experience that goes beyond the physical.

This intimate massage is about engaging the mind and the body and it’s a search to explore the sexual plane in its fullness and it allows sessions to reach the most psychological and “spiritual” aspects of sexuality. You can interpret this concept in any way you wish as it needs to best suits your beliefs. We human beings have a “spiritual dimension”, regardless of whether we think we hold spiritual beliefs or not.

Whether you believe in the concept of a soul or recognise the scientific exploration of the subconscious it doesn’t really matter. This extra dimension will allow you to realise that tantra is beyond only the physical and certain tantra massage techniques have therapeutic applications capable of dealing successfully with various problems. Both directly and indirectly, literally or unconsciously, with our sexual side.


Tantra Without sexual intercourse

Keep in mind that sex is not offered in these situations and that people who work at Diamonds do not automatically offer that kind of service. Given the way of seeing sex and the physical intimacy that these tantric practices promote, it’s not surprising that the lines can often seem blurred.

As the masseuses are practicing intimacy for well-being so they do not condemn sexual services. It’s simply not part of the core services we provide.

To begin with, let your sexual expectations go if you can. The worry about performing when having a massage is often still there, lurking like an unwelcome visitor. You’ll be delighted to know that our masseuses are literally amazing.

They are not only selected for their stunning looks but also their warmth of personality. Who wants to be massaged by a beautiful ice queen (and we know it happens.) Do you want to leave the massage feeling like the masseuse has done you a favour? That is NOT tantra.

Have the masseuse visit you, or you can visit the masseuse and when you arrive, you’ll be helped to relax. This is your time, no pressure and no rush. By choosing to receive a massage, you are doing the best thing for your well being.

It is ideal for relieving stress and pain caused by contractures and tension. Your massage therapist will provide an environment of calm and eroticism that allows you to relax completely.

Within tantric massage techniques we can identify elements of the classic tantric massage, which is carried out with the body of the teacher on the body of you, the recipient, stimulating the “kundalini” (sexual energy) by means of different techniques for men and women.

It can even be an advanced massage, which is done with the feet of the masseuse.

Interactive Tantric Massage Techniques

Then there are the interactive tantric massages – we call them mutual tantric massages. Similar to the classic tantric, except for the component of the practice of mutual caresses and shared consciousness, this can include suggestive positions of the Karma Sutra being employed during the engagement. Positions, not sexual intercourse as above – and at the end, specific stimulating massages are performed.

A classic tantric massage, you will remain passive. In a mutual massage, you can touch and engage with the masseuse. She is the experienced one so of course, be respectful of any boundaries. Mutual massage is not wanton groping. You are sharing the experience in a consensual and respectful way.

The best tantric massage techniques are initiated with stimulating massages across the whole body but ultimately designed to awaken the kundalini energy. A relaxing massage turning into a deeply arousing intimate massage that is shared.

The masseuse will then continue with a relaxing phase of rhythmic movements between her body and your own and will let you end your participation so she can finish again with the focused stimulants on your lingam – or additional areas that will lead you to a happy ending.

Body to body Massage

A masseuse is typically topless or naked when working with you, it helps the energy flow correctly. A body to body massage is designed to originate a state of relaxation and complete eroticism. It has the classic variety, in which first half manoeuvres are performed.

The body of the masseuse is typically on top of yours, she creates a skin to skin rubbing, causing relaxation and stimulation. This is body to body decontraction at it’s finest. You will definitely relax and forget about any aches and pains.

Then the tantric massage techniques will allow this to pass to conscious caresses and techniques of Kama Sutra, which culminate with a stimulating massage that enhances the senses of the recipient. This mix of body to body moving into a caressing massage can be a stimulating journey and it can lead to a very alert sense of being. The masseuse is talented and she will hold your joy for as long as possible to increase the erotic sensations for you.

Lingam Massage

There is another type of the most popular individual massages available. It combines tantra techniques with the benefits of focused energy on your sexual organ. The classic massage allows us to work with the energy points of the receiver (you), which goes through a phase of transformation that takes place in the Lingam. Sometimes it is a delight and natural preference to have the prostate massaged. For those not yet familiar with this, there is a G spot within the prostate that can create a tsunami of an orgasmic experience.

Whether Lingam only or with prostate this can begin as a gentle relaxing and neuro-sedative massage that quickly generates an erotic energy of sublime level. Reaching the climatic stimulation that many find desirable at the end of the session.

Tantric Massage Techniques For couples

Couples have specific massages available to enable them to reach a new level of intimacy and relaxation together. It begins with the classic tantric and then moves to a body to body massage should the couple be comfortable with this.

The massage therapist will begin with techniques designed to develop the physical and mental connection. They will then move to the second half of the session, during which acupressure is sensually applied to the erogenous zones.

This type of couples massage is non-invasive and can promote and help with the intimacy of the couple. When the as a couple, your connection is strong enough, you can take the step to advanced massage. These begin with a combined manual and body therapy phase and dedicate the final half to the practice of erotic massage focused on providing a shared sensuality experience for you both.

A couples massage can be performed by one or two masseuses. With one masseuse there is the voyeuristic element of being able to watch your partner being aroused. With two masseuses you can both immerse yourself fully in the massage experience being at one, together.

Tantric Massage Techniques For Women

Tantra is about all sensuality and sexuality and women may want and benefit from a body to body massage. We welcome women and promote this Yoni massage as one to try. Releasing sexual energy is important and it can be very enjoyable.

The only difference is that rather than the culmination of the massage focusing on the Lingam, for the female, the focus shifts to the Yoni. The Yoni has outer and inner elements, so the massage can be both internal and external. This is dictated by what you are most comfortable with.

Also for a complete massage that maximises erotic elements and a release of sexual energy, there may be breast work. We have both female and a male massage therapists available.

Many women like to explore the massage with another woman as a females touch is different to that of a male. As this is a massage, the sexuality equation is not relevant. Having a woman massage your Yoni is not a lesbian massage.

Sexuality is irrelevant, this is about energy flow. Gender and identity is not of importance within Tantra, all energy is male and female but those combined energies exist within us regardless of how we identify.

This fluidity is positive and tantra is against stereotypes, be and enjoy you sexual energy.


Other Tantric Massage Techniques

As you can see from the above, while the massages appear similar, they are far from being the same. Lingam is focused on the lingam, prostate is an internal massage element, classic tantric massage uses hands, some of the body and breath control. The body to body can include or exclude mutual massage and is focused on the rubbing sensation to release the Kundalini energy. Feet can play an important part (see our foot fetish massage) or maybe, you want the ultimate indulgence and have two masseuses attend your body and take you on a journey of tantric bliss? That’s why the princely 4 hand massage is available to you.


In Conclusion

Many clients show worry about reaching an end before the session has fully begun. It can and does happen but it is rare. The masseuses are in tune with sexual energy and will do body work and even breath work with you to ensure you gain the most from the experience.

If an ending is reached, that is fine, we don’t charge by numbers. Lay back and re-enter the experience, becoming multi-orgasmic is possible and should be something that tantra helps us all work towards.

Tantric massages are not all created equal. You need the right massage therapist to engage with you, you need the right energy to flow. An erotic massage is to be savoured and the best tantric massage is the one you enjoy. Choose your masseuse and massage wisely and allow yourself time to let your energy build and the release will be worth the wait. Click on the book now button, you can also call us or WhatsApp us from within your mobile devices. We look forward to exploring tantra with you soon.

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