So what are the differences between an escort & tantric massage? It’s a question we get asked often and it does help people understand what the differences are between an Escort and a Tantric Massage. To the uninformed, they might look extremely similar on the surface. Similar prices, similar photos so not truly much to distinguish them, right?

… wrong. 

Put it like this, if you’ve used an escort service in the past, you probably felt fed up with the bad quality and rushed timing around the intimate areas.

we know a lot of clients are fed up with the automation approach to intimacy and the feeling that there must be a better alternative. Trust me, if you’ve reserved escorts in London before and have found the experience lacking, then maybe now is the perfect time to look at a tantric massage as an option.

There are 5 main distinctions that make a tantric massage session far more appealing. Let’s quickly run through them so you can see for yourself why a tantric massage is so much better.



What’s The Differences between Escorts & Tantric Massage 


Tantra Offers A New Erotic Experience

Diamond Tantric Massages are positive a lot of you who might have visited escorts know and feel that there have been many occasions when using an escort service, a boring sexual session with an escort has actually happened where you experience more of an “un-happy ending” as an outcome of the encounter. 

Tantric massage sessions place equal significance to both the physical and psychological elements of sexuality. Isn’t it time all of us began paying more attention to satisfying our desires in both body and mind? Tantric massages are created to boost that mind and body connection in deeply pleasing ways.

Deep Feelings Tend to Create Increased Sensations

Tantric massage integrates some amazing massage strategies that will overwhelm you, this is a huge difference between escorts & tantric massage. Massages are of course erotic but tantric massage creates a more dynamic sensation. 

Massages like body to body massages, erotic Nuru Massages and the extremely sensual Lingam massage around the genital areas are genuinely incredible. Tantra revitalizes the body by making it possible for sexual energy (kundalini) to be spread around the whole body. This energy is channeled, built, and slowly released to create a really powerful orgasmic release for you.

The energy flow of body and mind and will release the tension of the body and more especially, the mind. A tantric massage therapist will make you feel unique and she will adore your body in a manner which will make you end up being a sexual being once again, not make you feel terrible about yourself as lots of escorts do.

Tantric Approach & Relationship

We know that some escorts overlook their customers and treat them without any regard or respect. The whole “doing you a favour” approach can leave you feeling less than enthusiastic about the encounter.

With tantric massage, there cannot be a any tantra session without a favourable connection and sensation between both you and your masseuse. At Diamond Tantric Massage for instance, all women are frequently recruited for lots of things, with among the most essential being their mindset and service towards customers. 

Skills and experience are important but the masseuse also needs to care and understand tantra and the psychological connection she has with you. So the warmth of her personality is absolutely vital.

Surroundings & Atmosphere

You can begin to see why tantric massage sessions are far better than escort services, it’s more like going to a top health spa and getting a massage from a specialist therapist but then having this coupled with an erotic experience that is genuinely mind-blowing. Imagine a candle lit room, the gentle trace of fragrant oils in the air, and the sound of ambient, peaceful tunes. Tantric massage treatments aim to revitalize each of your senses using light, touch, sound and smell to rouse you to a superb experience.

Escorts are seldom interested in their surroundings, providing clients with worn rooms and grubby sheets and pillowcases in aged, unmaintained property blocks. Diamond Tantric Massage makes sure that all masseuses offering in-call services reside in high-end residences which are well-decorated and present a real sense of atmosphere to every client each time. A quality residence is a minimum requirement so the tantric masseuse can make you feel as relaxed and as at ease as is possible.


Other Difference Between Escorts & Tantric Massage

Quality and time

This has to do with a higher level of interaction, spending the length of time with you that you have requested. Whether a 1-hour Lingam massage, 2-hour Nuru massage or 3-hour girlfriend experience massage, the duration is yours alone to decide. However long your booking is, you can expect your skilled and wonderful tantric masseuse to make the most of that time with you. A tantric massage is about extending the pleasure and never rushing it. A tantric experience is about pleasing you and maximising your tantric experience in the time you have with your masseuse. Why have an escort rushing you to your climax so she can run out the door? Sensuality is by its very nature languid and relaxed.

Remember we also make the majority of our tantric massage London visits as Outcall massage, we come to your hotel or residence so you don’t even need to get dressed after your shower!


To Summarise

For clients planning to try tantric massage after negative escort experiences, we can assure you that you shall have the experience of your life and you’ll lose the bad memories of standardised escort bookings while you drift away in the bliss of a Diamond Tantric Massage. Don’t just take our word for it, try us and you’ll realise that we’re something special and we are here to serve you.

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