If you’ve already tried getting an escort service in the past, then you most likely felt unsatisfied with the poor quality and the hurried interaction during sexual acts. There are a lot of things that make a tantric massage in London more enticing than escort services. We will go through them so you can see why tantric massage in London is so much better.

So what are the differences between an escort and tantric massage service in London? It’s a question that people ask us frequently. To those that don’t know too much, they may look almost the same (comparable rates, comparable images) so not really much to differentiate them, right?

We understand that a lot of customers are fed up with the almost unemotional techniques of an escort service and some of them feel that there should be a much better option. Believe me, if you’ve booked escorts in London and have found the experience to be very unpleasant, perhaps it’s a good time to check out tantric massage as an alternative.


Tantric Massage in London Offers A New Kind of Erotic Experience

Diamond Tantric Massages understands that a great deal of you that have booked escorts before know the uninteresting feeling and the unhappy ending that you felt during a session and it was a very unsatisfactory one.

Tantric massage sessions, on the other hand, give importance to both the physical and emotional components of sexuality. Isn’t it time for people to start paying more interest in pleasing the needs of both their mind and body than just focusing on the body itself? Tantric massage helps to improve your body and mind link by using sensual tantric techniques.

Deep Feelings Tend to Create Increased Sensations

Tantric massages like body to body massage, Nuru massage and lingam massage is applied not only on the genital areas but the whole body to further improve your experience. Tantric massage renews the body by making it a better recipient of sexual energy (kundalini) to be spread around the entire body. This power is funnelled, constructed, and gradually released to develop a full-body orgasmic experience for you.

The sexual energy circulation on your mind and body will remove all the stress you feel in these areas. A tantric masseuse will make you feel special and she will caress your body in a way which will make you a sexual-filled being once more.

Tantric massage makes use of some remarkable massage techniques that will surprise you, this is a big distinction between escorts and tantric massage. Although tantric massage is also sensual in nature, it produces a more vibrant feeling.


With tantric massage, there can not be a time where a spiritual and sensual connection is not made between you and the masseuse. At Diamond Tantric Massages, all the masseuses are hired for their great deal of expertise, one of which is to bring you in a good state of mind and also give you proper information about each massage.

Abilities and experience are important and the masseuse needs to establish the right connection with you be able to understand tantra well. We understand that some escorts forget their clients’ feelings and treat them with no respect or regard. The entire “doing you a favour” method can leave you really feeling less than passionate concerning the experience.

Environment and  Atmosphere

You can start to see why tantric massage sessions are much better than escort services. Imagine candlelight lit space, the mild trace of aromatic oils airborne, and the music in the background playing calming songs. Tantric massage rejuvenates each of your body areas by using light, touch, audio and also odour to awaken you to an excellent sexual experience.

Escorts are rarely conscious about their environments, giving customers with used spaces as well as unclean sheets and pillow cases in aged, unmaintained home blocks. Diamond Tantric Massages makes sure that all the masseuses providing in-call solutions stay in premium houses which are well-decorated. A high-quality house is a minimum demand so the tantric masseuse can help you really feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

Quality and Time

This includes a greater degree of communication and investing the amount of time with you that you have asked for. Whether a 1-hour Lingam massage therapy, 2-hour Nuru massage therapy or 3-hour sweetheart massage therapy, the time is yours alone. You can anticipate a competent and remarkable tantric masseuse to use that time with you. A tantric massage has to do with expanding your satisfaction without hurrying you up. A tantric experience has to do with pleasing you and increasing your tantric experience during your time with your masseuse.


For people wanting to try out tantric massage after various negative escort service experiences, we can guarantee you that you will have the experience of your life and you’ll forget the negative memories you have from standard escort reservations before. You can drift away in happiness with our professional tantric masseuse.

We make the most out of your tantric massage session in London by giving you the option to have an Outcall massage therapy where the masseuse will go to your hotel room or private residence so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your place.

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