There are many different types of massages, including the most taboo, sexual massages. But on this post let’s look at the top 6 sensual massages.Sometimes called interchangeably erotic or tantric massages, these sensual massages are all designed for strictly adult enjoyment.

What Is A Sensual Massage?

Simply put a sensual massage is typically done with the masseuse / masseur and the client both being naked. It is a massage and while traditional massages are designed to be relaxing, a sensual massage takes things in a different direction. They do relieve tension and stress from the body. There is a focus on your overall well-being.

Are Sensual Massages Happy Ending Massages?

It is already a well-known fact that the ultimate goal is not just the orgasm or desire for ejaculation but also the focus on the pleasant sensations during this experience. If you are in a relationship, these massages can bring you closer to pleasure and show you how to explore and enjoy intimate time.

Will you experience orgasm, probably. The masseuses are extremely skilled and while they can hold you on the edge of heaven, many clients prefer to end the massage with a physical release.

These intimate massages can ease certain sexual problems caused by medical problems. The massage coupled with breathing techniques can show you how to control your erection (men), elongate your performance and for women, help you learn how to relax the muscles for sexual penetration.

For better overall health, this is the ultimate release, it can prevent pent up frustration and release daily anxieties as well as relaxing or relieving headaches.

Now onto the top 6 sensual massages. And a quick look over of them for you.

Duo Massage AKA 4 hands Massage

This sensual massage consists of not one, but two people giving your body the maximum tantric attention. A 4 hands massage of course does not stop with the hands. Tantric massage is all about body to body. Feel two sexy, oiled bodies wrapping your in a sexy sandwich!

Few things match having two skilled masseuses focusing all their efforts on bring you maximum erotic pleasure. Close your eyes, lie back and let heaven come to greet you as you try and work out where one pair of hands end and the other begins. Try it,  every part of the body will experience overwhelming sensations. This is the ultimate erotic indulgent treat for the man who really cannot get enough and has a lot of staying power.

Nuru (Slippery) Massage

The Nuru massage is usually offered as an Incall (you visit us) massage as it typically requires a specialist mattress or cover. Nuru gel is great for your skin and is made from seaweed, it has all sorts of natural health giving and moisturising properties but that’s not why clients love it.

As with all erotic massages this is done fully nude, client and masseuse and then rather than massage oil, Nuru gel is used. Nuru gel is super thick and sticky and will glue your bodies together in delightful squishy fun. The masseuse will have maximum glide to ensure every cover of her body is caressing yours.

Lingam or Massage of Male Genitalia

Lingam is Sanskrit and means “Wand of light,” which refers to male genitalia. This massage stimulates the penis, but not only your pensi: this massage includes the testicles, the perineum and the outside prostate. The purpose of this genital, lingam massage is to enjoy the beneficial effects of becoming absolutely rock hard but it’s not a rush rub and tug. The focus is not  on ejaculation.  No, this is about holding your orgasm, extending your staying power and with the right time, you can experience a full body orgasm. It’s time to learn a little patience and enjoy some Lingam attention!

Prostate Massage (AKA Sacred Spot)

This massage stimulates the prostate gland, the prostate being known as the emotional, sexual and sacred area of ​​the man. When a person stimulates the prostate, the physical and psychological pressure is released. Prostate massage begins slowly through an external massage of the prostate and perineum, which later comes to the gentle stretching and massage of the anus. Usually, prostate massage is often accompanied by a Lingam massage for extra pleasure. This is the male G spot so get ready for a mind blowing orgasm like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Soapy (Aqua) massage

Soapy AKA aqua massage is a popular alternative to a Nuru massage. It’s not as sticky but it offers the right environment for excellent full body to body contact and sexy, naked glides. Plus there is something naturally sexy about being naked with a gorgeous woman in the shower or tub. Apart from the fact that the soap cleans you, it additionally relaxes you and offers you a good state of well-being. Soapy massage remains popular for all these reasons and more.

Yoni Massage (Vagina / Womens Massage)

Ladies get to have some fun too and better yet, they can explore what it feels like to be touched intimately by another woman! Women know women’s bodies and this level of intimacy can really help with deeper, longer and more full body orgasms. We do have a male masseuse available should you wish. You really do need to invest in yourself with a Yoni Massage. Just ask and we’ll help where we can. Yoni massage can be penetrative and clitoral or just external depending on your personal preference but come along and enjoy the time of your life with us.

Are You Ready To Try?

So there are our top 6 sensual massages but if you fancy something else, then why not check out or full massage menu? And we are here daily 10am – midnight. Call us or message us to get your sensual tantric massage arranged. Our friendly team are waiting to help.

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