Do you want to surprise your loved one with a unique yet romantic evening with a Tantric Massage? The idea of merging relaxation and sensuality might be perfect for you. After all, there’s nothing better than being in tune with your erotic side and have a moment that you and your partner will never forget and will want to do again and again.

The perfect romantic moment starts with a massage and ends in bed. If you’re not sure yet how to properly do it with your partner, then this article is perfect for you. Tantric Massage can be a great addition to your sexual encounters and when done properly, it will surely increase your passion and arousal.

We will give you some tips on how to give the perfect Tantric Massage to your partner so it becomes an unforgettable experience. Familiarize and master these tips and you can surprise your partner with an exciting and relaxing massage session, something that will take you both to seventh heaven.


Prepare the environment

Creating a pleasant atmosphere is important. Before starting any kind of Tantric Massage, you must create a relaxing atmosphere and surround you and your partner with an intimate and sensual environment. Turn off the lights in the room, light up some candles, fill the room with petals, put on some music in the background, etc. It’s about setting up the best environment possible in order to maximize pleasure during the massage. You can also fill the space with perfume and aromas, but not too much that it interferes with the experience.

Don’t forget that the objective of the Tantric Massage is to relax, raise the libido, and rekindle the erotic potential of each and every part of the body. Therefore, having the proper environment is very important, there must be nothing around that can distract you or your partner. If possible, turn off your phones, use essential oils or incense to help you create a relaxing atmosphere. Also, take off your watch and accessories and if possible cut your nails short to avoid any cuts when massaging your partner. All of these things will help in the effectiveness of the Tantric Massage.

Use massage oils

You need to use the correct products for the Tantra Massage to be successful. Buy some massage oils with aromas such as rose, mint, vanilla, honey, or make homemade mixtures using specific ingredients. Some of these can be edible and can even be effective aphrodisiacs but you need to confirm first with the place where you bought the product from.

Seduction before starting the massage is important before the massage. You can pour some honey on your partner’s body or you can spread some cream or chocolate on the breasts, neck, and buttocks. Feel these elements with your hands, tongue, and mouth, you and your partner will surely love it.

When it comes to massage oils, choose those that are somewhat fluid and greasy so that your hands will glide properly through the skin. It’s important to note though that you must avoid using products that are chemical-based because they can harm the skin. As you can see, when it comes to smell, feel, and taste, the possibilities are endless.

Utilize the erogenous zones

The first thing you must keep in mind when performing a Tantric Massage is that your hands must always remain in direct contact with your partner’s body. If you take a few seconds or minutes not touching them, their loose muscles might go back to where they were before and you’d have to start from the top again.  Ask your partner what they like the most so you’ll know how to satisfy them and to improve each other’s massage experience.

To do a sensuous Tantric Massage, you and your partner must caress each other in different areas. You can also combine movements on the erogenous zones with caresses on other areas but you must avoid going to the genitals too quickly.

Start by touching your partner’s less erogenous zones such as the hands, feet, and feet slowly without pausing. Normally, if you or your partner is not yet too aroused yet, you can start with a gentle neck massage with kisses which can start to warm up the massage experience. It can also relax you and release the accumulated body tensions. Continue from the back, one of the erogenous zones preferred by many men, you can do it by rubbing your breasts on them.

Smoothness is essential to achieve optimal results. Spread your fingertips up and down or in circles and unleash a world of pleasure that you’ve never experienced before.

The head is another area that men find very arousing. Massage this area but don’t let your partner fall asleep. They should relax but the important thing is to raise the libido between the two of you.

For some people, the feet are a very erogenous part and are ideal to increase arousal during the Tantric Massage. Massage these as you’d like and you can even suck them if your partner likes it.

Lather some massage oil to your partner’s body and use your tongue in some areas to heighten the experience. You can also massage some areas while giving soft kisses on the others. Just make sure to practice control, do not immediately give in to the desires in order to further increase the passion. You know, waiting is good and can be very beneficial. Arouse your partner little by little and remember that a good Tantric Massage is not done in a rush. The more time you spend warming up the atmosphere, the more impressive the results will be.

Finally, keep in mind that your Tantric Massage is one that’s unique so let your imagination run wild; combine caresses with kisses, change the pressure according to your partner’s reaction, etc. All of these things will surely keep your partner wanting more.

Don’t just use your hands

When we talk about Tantric Massages, we’re not only referring to a type of massage that’s performed with the hands. Tantric Massages can involve kisses, caresses, and can use other body parts aside from the hands for pleasure.

If you want, you can also use feathers, soft textures, and even ice cubes in order to intensify the pleasure. In the most intense sexual encounters, it takes a little imagination to be original. For example, take a pen to massage the areas your partner likes the most, use ice cubes on the back and leave it until melted, etc. You can also use wax from candles and even use different kinds of sex toys to further improve the Tantric Massage experience.


You are now ready to give your partner the Tantric Massage of their dreams. Remember, do not break contact with their body and start with the less exciting areas and then move to the sensitive parts. Rushing is not good when doing this type of massage and you must not underestimate the importance of having the correct environment.

Having a great time with your partner in all areas is the goal here. Be imaginative and try all kinds of erotic and sexy stuff. Use the techniques that we’ve taught you and you will surely have an unforgettable experience.

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