We all deserve some kind of special treatment at least once in a while, regardless of the person’s status. Our VIP massages are about just that, experiencing pleasure is not forbidden to anyone. One way to experience great pleasure is through a fabulous executive massage.

Massage is not really something new. In fact, it has existed for hundreds of years. The first massage therapy was aimed at improving the state of health and well-being of a person, but in recent years the approach has evolved and pleasure of an intimate type can now be achieved.

Some aspects of massage today are aimed at giving unlimited pleasure to the recipient in such a way that it helps you relax and enjoy the experience…..on a whole new, sensory level.

Where to enjoy a VIP Massage

This type of massage can be enjoyed in a luxury apartment, that’s so much less formal and more luxurious than a massage centre but it’s an area offered where there are facilities and professional masseuses on hand to treat you like a king or queen!

Also, you can enjoy a mobile VIP massage in London within your hotel room, no need to leave, we come to you so you can enjoy it in privacy and comfort at a time that suits you.

Some of these massages include body-to-body massage, sensual massage, fetish massage, massage with erotic toys, yoni massage, lingam massage, prostate massage, and much more.

So you can enjoy a standard type of massage like a Swedish or Lomi Lomi massage or have an erotic element added like a Lingam or Yoni massage. Just check out our detailed massage menu to find all the massages available to you.

Importance of Massage

A very important thing about massage is that it can help reduce your stress level in a way that it helps improve general health which in turn greatly helps to prevent and eliminate the negative effects of stress.

Massage therapy, if done regularly, is also able to reduce pain, prevent injuries, and maintain good overall health.

Massage can help our body relax, lower blood pressure to a normal level, and can also reduce stress and depression. In some cases, massage therapy has been identified as something that can provide symptomatic relief for serious conditions such as arthritis, joint pain and headache as well.

It also rejuvenates, realigns, and restores the natural balance of the body and, therefore, helps a person enjoy a better quality of life.

All types of massages are related to our nervous system and that is why it affects the internal organs through relaxation, being very beneficial for the mood and improving mental health.

In fact, a massage therapy can be used for stimulation or relaxation and can be used in cases of rehabilitation after an injury, surgery, or ill health. This is because it can improve blood flow and increase a person’s mood by increasing serotonin and dopamine, in addition to the fact that it increases endorphins, which are known for their properties to eliminate pain.

It also makes us feel good!

Why A VIP Massage is Important

As mentioned above, anyone who wants it has the right to enjoy the pleasures of massage and a VIP massage London is professional and discrete, offered by massage experts.

Our special VIP massage is important as we appreciate the need for discretion and privacy no matter what you walk of life or profile might be. Our massage therapists regularly work with business executives, celebrities and diplomats.

We know that as a  VIP you do not want to be exposed to the public. For example, a political or business leader that wants to have an erotic massage is unlikely to be at ease in a massage parlour or spa. The last thing you want is to become a source of speculation and hit the headlines in the news media.

For this reason, a VIP massage will do the job of protecting you from being a target, offering you the maximum discretion when receiving the service, so you can enjoy it without any concern.

What Is A VIP Massage

It is important to understand exactly what it means to be a VIP. Our Massage is a premium service and it’s done for your convenience and on your terms.

VIPs we know and respect as very important people who have a lot of influence in society. Keep in mind that as VIPs, the team appreciate that you may move in circles such as businesses, sports, entertainment, politics, etc.

While there is no law in the UK that prohibits VIPs from enjoying this type of activity, it is important to offer you all available means to keep you away from indiscreet eyes that could lead  to unwanted situations.

The VIP Massage package by Diamond Tantric Massages ensures that our VIPs receive consideration and special treatment in order to guarantee your privacy and receiving this type of massage is a pleasant and satisfying experience and not a problem for you.

How to Choose a VIP Massage

The reality is that not all massage agencies can offer VIP massage packages as this means that the centre needs to meet certain criteria that not all meet. For example, due to its vulnerabilities, security is one of the main concerns when we talk about VIP massages.

All VIP massages are performed in a safe place or in private locations. While you may have your own security, our masseuses can accommodate that extra manpower if visiting the masseuse or better yet, we can simply work in your hotel room or suite.

Another important aspect to keep in mind about VIP massages is confidentiality. For example, a VIP massage is not expected to decorate the front pages of newspapers and be spread to the world.

VIP Massage & Privacy

We always keep in mind that a massage is a personal relaxation, and a pleasant experience, and should be maintained as such, even when it comes to a VIP client. Your VIP massage maintains your privacy and your confidentiality will be respected.

We don’t save emails or telephone numbers once the massage appointment has been completed….ever. If you wanted to become a regular visitor and sign up for exclusive offers we only do that, send offers. We don’t sell, rent or share your personal information with anyone and we only use the (private) email you specify for that purpose and its entirely optional.

The masseuses that provide this type of massage are well-trained professionals who at all times respect their work ethic. VIP massages are exactly the same massages that any other person can receive, the only difference in a VIP massage is that it involves your utmost discretion.

Preparation For a VIP Massage

Like other massages, it will be of great importance that a VIP massage has adequate preparation to ensure that the course of the massage occurs goes as planned and the desired result is achieved.

Preparing for a VIP massage simply means putting the required things in order and being prepared a discreet session. Like other types of massage, we prepare everything necessary to carry out a VIP massage.

Safe Environment

Being a VIP massage and not an ordinary massage, the environment should be well protected in and around the facilities. Under no circumstances should safety be compromised, as it could cause unwanted problems.

Safety is not be a problem for the first class massage agencies in London such as Diamond Tantric Massages. Our luxury apartments are private, not promoted publically and are in respected areas and thus offer VIP security both inside and outside.

Preparation of the Room

The VIP massage (normal or tantric) is catered to in the same locations or at your hotel as you prefer.  The masseuse will prepare the hotel room or her apartment where the massage session will be held to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

The preparation of the room will involve ensuring that the room temperature is set to an ambient level for the massage session. Another aspect to keep in mind is that the room has to be well ventilated, there will be no unpleasant or strong odours as this could ruin the session. Also the massage oils used are all non scented.

The placement of candles around the room to get a soft and relaxing lighting is often used, in addition to adding soft music in the background especially if it is an erotic massage.

If you’re enjoying an incall massage where you visit the masseuses luxury apartment then you should not worry about the preparation of the massage room, as they have everything prepared and awaiting you. They will also offer showering facilities for you as well.

When visiting your hotel, likewise the masseuse will bring with her everything she needs to set the scene and ensure you have a wonderful massage experience. Our masseuses are highly adaptable and can massage you on a bed or a massage table, just let the friendly reception team know which you prefer.

Whether in your hotel or with the masseuse in her apartment, you’ll have access to towels, showers and refreshments.

Massage Oil

The choice of the appropriate massage oil is essential to carry out a good massage. A good massage oil will ensure that the masseuse’s hands and body can easily slide over the body of the recipient. It will also nourish and moisturize your skin.

Massage Techniques

All masseuses are both trained and experienced. Even adult massages have elements of relaxing massages included so you enjoy a total body experience.

Book Your VIP Massage

Our masseuses can give you an unrivalled level of stress relief and relaxation. We invite you to enjoy the pleasures of life in London. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the pleasures that await you in our masseuses capable hands.

How to book a VIP Massage is simple,

  1. Choose your masseuse or let us select one for you
  2. Select your massage – VIP massage or an exotic massage, the choice is yours
  3. Your place or ours? Just select incall (visit us) outcall (mobile massage and we come to you.)

Then let us know the time you’d like and we will schedule the appointment for you. This can be over email, using our automated booking system online, using WhatsApp or text or calling our expert reception team.

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