A Lingam massage is so much more than it appears to be on the surface. Let’s look at the history of this massage that focuses it’s attention on male sexuality. Lingam is a Sanskrit word that describes the male sexual organ. The word can also be loosely translated to mean ’’Wand of light’’. In sacred sexuality the lingam is viewed with honour and respect, it is seen as a giver of both pleasure and creative energy respectively. The purpose of lingam massages is not to acquire an orgasm, but this is not to say that it is not a welcome side effect of the process. The main object of the process is to massage the lingam (penile shaft), the testicles, the perineum and the prostate which is also known as the sacred spot. This sensual process allows the man to totally and completely surrender himself to pleasure beyond imagination. For the lingam massage to have its maximum effect, both the giver and receiver must be totally relaxed during the process.

Benefits of a lingam massage

This experience goes against the traditional notion of the man taking control of matters during this kind of sensual and erotic experience. This lingam massage enables the man to be on the receiving end of things and also allows him to explore this pleasurable experience from a non-traditional perspective altogether. Gone is the need to rush foreplay to get to the main event so to speak! This is all about the males pleasure. The greatest setback during this massage is for a man to fully free his mind and allow himself to receive pleasure, we’re trained from a young age that sex or masturbation is something to be done secretly and often, hurriedly as well.  The lingam massage is an extremely pleasurable thing for both the person receiving and giving it once you get to a point of being able to go with the flow.. For one to fully enjoy this massage they would need to be vulnerable, this is done by accepting to go with the sensations, emotions, and feelings and be in the moment, fully. Therefore a man needs to feel completely safe and comfortable in order to be at ease and to release himself. But once that release happens, you are giving yourself over to an almost ecstaticly pleasurable event.

The main purpose of most (if not all) tantric massages is to provide someone with sexual delight which in turn translates to better health. Although this is an erotic experience, massaging certain sensual zones brings out a an immense joy that is pleasing to your whole body. In case you’re still left wondering if this is for you, below are few reasons why you need a lingam massage.

Lingam Massages reduce stress

Most people are constantly in a  state of some stress or anxiety in daily life and it’s something no-one needs in their intimate lives but there is often a pressure to perform; these pressures come from within us and outside expectations. We are constantly bombarded with the need to pay bills, meet deadlines, and make time for family engagements amongst many other things. A tantric massage enables you to effectively let go of all this pressure. This massage will make you feel light on your feet and helps you get away from the stress and tension of adult life. It’s a fact, orgasms really are good for you!

A Lingam Massage can help with issues of premature ejaculation

Most societies around the world view the man as the doer, and as a result of this intense pressure to perform at all times, a man can find himself experiencing premature ejaculation. The build up to the expected act can be so intense it signals the end to soon and results in a short lived performance.

Premature ejaculation can lead to serious problems in your relationship especially if your partner does not understand its causes. A tantric massage operates to take the pressure to perform away from men. It is a proven fact that men perform better sexually if they are under no pressure. A lingam massage teaches the person receiving to live in the moment fully; this ensures that you last longer during your session with your partner.

A LIngam Massage Can Help More Mature Men To Orgasm

As men grow older, hormone levels in their bodies tend to reduce drastically. This makes older and more mature men feel no or limited sexual arousal and ultimately experience no or significantly fewer orgasms when they engage in sex. Tantric massages help older men get their virility back. These massages trigger and stimulate the body to produce sex hormones. This, in turn, leads to lesser episodes of erectile dysfunction and lack of achieving orgasms for men. Remember, there is zero pressure to perform, being relaxed in a passive role with no expectations or demands can create a natural and very sexy and erotic situation that you can really enjoy to the max!

Tantric Massage / Lingam Massage Improves your breathing

A tantric massage approaches pleasure from a holistic point; this basically means it’s a process that indulges all your senses and body. Tantric massages usually include many breathing techniques that have been proven to be effective for centuries. The breathing techniques help you enjoy the whole process and in addition to that, they teach you how to use breathing to control all of your natural responses, whether bodily or emotional

Tantric Healing, at an emotional level.

The primary process of this tantric massage is to enhance BOTH you physical and your emotional wellbeing. Many social scientists have discussed the importance of acquiring and enhancing your emotional intelligence. Doing this can be beneficial not only in your relationships but also how you approach and view whatever life throws at you. In the process of allowing yourself to receive pleasure, your self-esteem and self-worth are tremendously boosted. This, in the end, leads to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Tantric Massage Leads to better self-awareness

Giving up complete control of yourself to another person is one of the most effective ways of gaining the elusive state of being self-aware. A lingam massage requires the recipient to abandon all caution and insecurities. This process requires that you put all your inhibitions in the hands of your masseuse. As the masseuse gives all of your body maximum attention you will discover parts of your inner self that you were not even remotely aware of. We really do want you to lose yourself in your Lingam massage.

This erotic and sensual massage helps you to take control of your most natural human reactions or impulses. Many people who have experienced a lingam massage will confess to being able to be able to handle a wide array of issues including premature ejaculation. This is achieved by learning how to afford yourself the opportunity to enjoy the moment fully and not doing it as a means to an end.

Why do you need a tantric massage as a man?

Numerous advantages accrue to this sensual practice that has been practiced for thousands of years. In today’s world professionals have studied the teachings of Tantra for the purpose of giving you a tantalizing full body experience. The effect of this traditional massage is enhanced by incorporating breathing techniques and the stimulation of genitals. For someone looking to experience a full body, mind and soul relaxation, a tantric massage is a must do. Every inch of your body is carefully taken care of and it can be surprising for those doing it for the first time. This is because they are completely amazed by how relaxed they get while at the same time being incredibly aroused.

This is the true purpose of a lingam massage; it is a superb way of relaxing and satisfying your whole being all at once. Book yours today!

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