When you listen to the words “Nuru massage”, what pictures come to mind? The overwhelmingly most popular inquiry we get is: “Exactly what is a Nuru Massage?”
Below’s a simple overview of exactly what Nuru is, what advantages it could have as well as whether you ought to schedule on your own tantric massage. If you are wondering what this type of sensual massage is, we’ll answer that for you and also give you a steer on if you should book a Nuru massage or avoid it entirely.

Details About What Is A Nuru Massage

A Nuru massage is an adult or erotic massage. The technique requires one or more Nuru masseuses to rub their body against the client’s body after both parties are nude and covered with an odourless and tasteless massage lotion. Nuru practitioners use this scent free and tasteless massage lotion which is derived from seaweed leaves, sometimes referred to as “Nuru gel” in English. During the massage, participants will try to get the widest possible physical contact, the masseuses often using their entire body on the person to be treated. Nuru massages are legal, they are an erotic massage and often, Nuru massages are finished with a sexual climax or release as part of the service. While Nuru massages might have started in Japan, they are also now offered all over the western world.

What Are The Benefits Of A Nuru Massage?

These gel soaked massages are intimate by nature and can, therefore, improve emotional connections. Japanese culture views the Nuru massage as a spiritual journey. One London-based agency offering Nuru to clients reported that 83 percent of those who tried a Nuru massage experienced a significant boost in their well-being afterward. Depending on what body techniques your masseuse uses (and how experienced he or she is at massage), Nuru could even help release toxins from the body.

Nuru Massage Benefits

Should You Book A Nuru Massage?

If you desire to feel more intimate with your masseuse, experience the health benefits of Nuru massage or improve your body self-confidence, maybe you should take the step and book your own Nuru massage today, it’s an experience you will not soon forget!

What other types of erotic massage are there other than Nuru?

Great question and adult massages (for those only over 18 years old in the UK) come in all shapes and sizes, please have a look at the massages on offer. A popular alternative to the Nuru is the Soapy massage, similar approach but having some fun lathering up in the bath or the shower so no need for the super slidy Nuru gel. Remember use the booking form or simply call us to book your sensual massage now.

Watch an example of a Nuru below.

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