What Is A Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage is one of the erotic massages. The term “nuru” comes from Japan and has the meaning of slippery or smooth. This name is derived from the slippery, but colourless and odourless Nuru gel, which is distributed in the course of the massage on the whole body. The Nuru gel is a natural product made from algae.

The Nuru massage stands out for being one of the most exciting massages that exist at the moment, hence it is increasingly popular among the visitors of Diamond Tantric Massages.

In this massage, both the therapist and you must be completely naked, the masseuse makes contact with your body from different angles to cause you to feel the most thrilling physical sensations. During the massage, she will try to maintain the closest physical connection possible with you to provoke really deep sensations.

In order to perform this massage, it is very important to use the special Nuru Gel. This is a natural gel made with algae that causes more excitement from the massage as it allows the hands (and rest of the body) to slide on the skin easily without friction.

Let your masseuse caresses, touch, and slide all over you. The massage will include varying levels of contact, weight, and pressure to touch and tantalise all of your body. 

Nuru Gel warms and relaxes – as Nuru is gelatinous, it needs to be warmed until it comes to a usable consistency but it’s still very thick. The Nuru massage is a body to body massage in which not only the hands are used but also the entire body. The Nuru massage usually starts at the back of the body. The extremely lubricious Nuru gel is spread on the skin from head to toe. The gel leaves a pleasant warm feeling.

After the distribution of the gel, the masseuse will get to work and give you a Nuru massage you won’t soon forget! During the massage, the masseuse uses her abdomen, legs and breasts in addition to her hands to massage and rub your entire body. 

Nuru massage techniques

In order to perform this type of massage correctly, it is very important that the massage therapist applies the right amount of Nuru gel all over your naked body so the both of you are glistening!  Remember, the massage will be done with you both naked, so the gel has to cover all of the skin, including the genitals.

Next, the masseuse will begin the massage, she’ll get you relaxed, most massages begin with you lying on your stomach. The feeling of her body slipping over yours will be incredibly arousing, you’ll feel her skin gliding over your legs back and buttocks.

Then she will have you turn onto your back and administer similar body contact across the front of your torso. 

If you are a man enjoying this Nuru tantric massage, it is often not possible for you to conceal the arousal caused by the intense body contact. An experienced masseuse will help you to do this unobtrusively by using her hands and breasts during the whole-body massage to discharge the tension. The massage will continue to operate after that, resulting in a feeling of arousal, stimulation, and release followed by relaxation.

This Nuru massage is gentle and the masseuse is an expert at controlling and will keep a delicate weight when leaning against you. However, she will apply more pressure to some areas of the body to stimulate certain areas and make the massage even more erotic.

It’s natural to want to hold and thrust her but try to remain passive and just lie back and let the masseuse do all the work for you. If you manage to follow the directions of the masseuse, you will get a greater connection between you, so the massage will be much more erotic. Allow yourself to become lost in the sensations, this is the ultimate relaxation.

The objective of this type of massage should always be to make the experience relaxing, yet fun and really sensual. 

After the Nuru massage, the gel must be removed from the body, so it’s a nice ending to shower for you to remove the remainder of the slippery gel from your bodies.

Some clients like to include a 30-60 minute soapy massage at the end of the Nuru massage to enjoy an even more slippery and soapy massage in the shower or tub where the masseuse will join you in the shower and perform another massage that is erotic in nature.

Should You Book A Nuru Massage?

If you desire to feel more intimate with your masseuse, experience the health benefits of Nuru massage or improve your body self-confidence, maybe you should take the step and book your own Nuru massage today, it’s an experience you will not soon forget!

What other types of erotic massage are there other than Nuru?

Great question and adult massages (for those only over 18 years old in the UK) come in all shapes and sizes, please have a look at the massages on offer. A popular alternative to the Nuru is the Soapy massage, similar approach but having some fun lathering up in the bath or the shower so no need for the super slidy Nuru gel. Remember use the booking form or simply call us to book your sensual massage now.

Watch an example of a Nuru below.

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