Massage is one of the most intense forms of communication for both mankind and the animal kingdom. Most animal species engage in a ritual of seduction that involves the sweet rubbing of the bodies. Yes, the animal kingdom has their version of Tantra massage! We offer amazing and delicious Tantra Massage London services. This article explains what Tantra Massage London is and what to expect to get the most from your experience.

In general, Tantric Massage aims to lead to a sensory experience of listening to the Self and, therefore, of expansion, spiritual elevation, and energetic reactivation. When the individual allows himself total access to himself, to his true feeling outside, and free from social patterns and conditioning, a gateway opens up for access to deeper dimensions of the Self, so as to take full awareness and consciousness of who we are in our totality.

In concrete terms, what actually characterizes the practice is the spiritual aspect, which is expressed through a correct attention brought to the level of the “Heart” and to the awareness of the “Sacredness” of the body that houses the Soul.

Tantra Massage London And Touch

The term “tantric massage” does not therefore identify a specific sequence, or precise manual skills, but only a way of massaging, a particular type of sensitivity in the touch. Basically, what characterizes the tantric massage is not the “what”, but the “how” of the massage.

The Tantric Massage represents a sensory experience of ‘tantric nature’: in fact, everything can be ‘tantra’. Experiences become ‘tantric’ when you pay attention and listen to the deep self. This also happens by smelling a flower, observing a sunset, cooking, eating… in short, totally immersing yourself in an experience. The sequence of this massage is the supreme art of touching, also sailing on the waves of pleasure. You can feel an intense heat on your skin and feel the depth of your most intimate spirituality.

The skin marks the visible limit of our body and the point of contact with the world. It can be observed that through breathing, it becomes more alive, more quivering, softer. With the practice of massage, you will discover that the skin does not limit the body . Your sensations will amplify in a succession of waves that will give the sensation of moving away a lot, touching the world and returning to the body. It is a deeply intense and pleasant sensation. The skin represents about sixteen percent of our body weight. It is our most sensitive organ, the one that “nourishes” us the most.

A tantra massage caresses the whole body, paying attention to the most sensitive areas and energy points, to intensify and expand the sensations of pleasure and induce total abandonment.

A simple caress activates our entire sensory system. The tantrikas practice this massage all their life, because for them the art of tantric touch is a yoga in all respects, as it is the gateway to sensoriality and stimulates the being to constant creativity.

The Tantrikas (Tantric Masseuses) speak of the pre-eminence of the sense of touch, for them the human being recovers his unity when he is deeply touched, that is when the contact is not a sexual strategy, when nothing is “wanted;

What is Tantra Massage for?

Doing or receiving a tantric massage allows you to reach the right balance between mind and body, and to transfer this condition also in the act of love, for example with your partner, through the energetic release. So the emotions are intensified, and we can learn to control and prolong pleasure and moments of ecstasy’.

Obviously, all this is hindered by our mental schemes, by our character, by our inner wounds, by our moral conditioning, and tantra can represent the overcoming of these in time. With the massage, we do not want to go into psychology, but simply to help with the ability and awareness of the present to have a more direct and marked perception of the sensations of our body and to make us experience the present better, “the here and now.” Guided by the intuitiveness and sensitivity of Tantrika.

Any rigidity in the physical body and mental attitude hinders the flow of energy: with the passage of time, this block causes the acceleration of the aging process, the onset of physical and emotional diseases of various kinds, ranging from depression to a sense of guilt at the general loss of love for life.

In our society, everything has taken on a formal character, from the handshake to the most intimate aspects. It is safe to bet that many love contacts take place in a standardized way, with repeated and obvious gestures, in the absence of any creativity and with little mutual satisfaction. In the civilization of machines, man appears mechanized not only in his body, but even in his thoughts and feelings. Between these two extremes, the handshake and the loving conjunction, there is today, from the point of view of contact, a great void. If the feeling of loneliness is so widespread, the causes are to be found at least in part in this simple reality. Contact through massage, when applied correctly, is an Ariadne’s thread that allows you to get out of the darkest labyrinth. Sweet and harmonious stimuli instill confidence. It is well known that physical contact nourishes self-esteem and the ability to trust and abandon oneself.

Among the immediate effects of the tantric massage can be positive results on the psycho-affective-bodily sphere, the release of tensions and stress, energy recharge, and transformations and changes can occur in our way of perceiving ourselves and the reality that surrounds us included. a reactivation of sexual energies. Very often, whoever receives a tantric massage perceives clearly the reactivation or strengthening of body vitality and creativity.

Massages are one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and maintain a good nervous balance in the continuous rediscovery of our body. The healing aspect is certainly a peculiarity of the tantric massage.

It also aims to encourage, where needed, the release of energy so that it flows freely in the body through the “meridians”, positively conditioning all aspects of life. In general, even where emotional blocks were absent, it allows body energy improvement. The Tantric Massage can release blocked energy and help resolve the inner conflicts that affect the interpersonal relationship, allowing you to live a happy, healthy and rewarding couple experience. It can therefore also have beneficial effects on the couple level, obviously if the couple knows how to transcend the aspects of jealousy and possession.

The Tantric Massage, as we have already said, can be considered a path of personal growth like all other yogic practices, as it constitutes a powerful sensory experience exercising, listening to the Self, and freeing oneself from conditionings. In practice, incredible beneficial effects have often occurred on specific female and male problems connected with the psycho-corporeal sphere.

The skin is the fine line of demarcation between the inner and outer world, and the hands, being receptive and transmitting means, often penetrate into the deep world of our being, to instill well-being and calm, dissolve knots and tensions, charge it with energy, and when they are sensitive and trained, capable of sensing and feeling the other, they can also help the body’s self-healing process.

The results, always important, are however individual and different from person to person, and from time to time, as always happens in any path of inner growth.

The effects of the tantric massage are not immediately predictable, because its goal is primarily to expand the latent and unexpressed energies of the recipient. So, a priority, it is impossible to imagine what type of energy will be expressed, whether to like joy, emotion, etc.

What does Tantra Massage London consist of?

The Tantric Massage is therefore, in fact, a Tantric experience. It takes place naked, both for the one who receives the ritual and for the one who gives; being naked leads to a more acute sensitivity in receiving the massage, combined with a greater sense of freedom. During the experience, the energies of the body are stimulated to flow better, increasing the pleasure. All this helps improve the perception of one’s senses, to get to know each other better both from within oneself and in relation to the outside. It is practised with intense manual skills and, above all, with a particular inner attitude, a specific characteristic of particularly evolved beings.

It thus becomes a great opportunity for meditation and expansion of the Self; continuous listening. From a technical point of view, the Tantric Massage is expressed through an intense succession of manual skills designed to stimulate a meditative state through a more intense perception of physicality and sensory abilities, without also avoiding genital stimulation. In this case, genital stimulation is not aimed at providing mere pleasure, but at treating the genitals as if they were (and are) any other part of the body, without usually morally avoiding them, leaving this body part so important, and centre of primary sexual energy, not integrated with the rest of the body. Also, because tantra massage focuses on widespread bodily pleasure, not just genital pleasure. However, the Tantric Massage is not a method to imply an erotic relationship that is not so. The human body is a totality, and everything is sacred, worthy and worthy of attention. There are no areas off limits to the Spirit. Unfortunately, in our society, and particularly in Italy, bad information and education are still widespread. Tantric Massage is not sex, much less an opportunity to express low instincts: for this reason, if anything, specific services exist in other areas.

The profound meaning of the massage is therefore the global body integration, which allows us to finally feel united and recomposed in the heart as well as in the perceived corporality.

Tantric Massage cannot be done in series, it will change and transform from person to person, as everyone has a different body and energy.  Furthermore, even carried out on the same person, the massage will never be the same, because the energy will change with it from time to time.

What sensations and effects does a tantra massage give?

The sensations and effects are completely subjective. Being a liberation of one’s energy and deep recognition of oneself and one’s individuality, it is clear that perceptions and effects are varied. However, it can be said that as constant effects, there is a profound sense of liberation, peace, harmony and rebalancing.

Tactile stimulations, which affect the psychosomatic aspects of the massage, alternating powerful techniques, delicate touches, sacred rituals, sensual and meditative manual skills, activation of the chakras and other subtle energies.

It should be noted that this is due to the fact that Tantric Massage is not a standard technique learned on a book or videotape, or worse, in an online video course, but rather an expression of attention conveyed by the Tantric Masseuse. In fact, the massage technique often hides traps that trap the holistic operator in patterns, which do not fit well with the tantric massage.

A London Tantra massage can only be seriously carried out by those who ‘are in the Way of Tantra’: someone who has realized the essence of tantra in their life. Since tantra is experiential, it cannot be explained, but only experienced and perceived. personally. It cannot be studied, if anything, it can partly be a direct transmission. One could say a kind of ‘initiation’ which can only take place with a skilled tantric masseuse.

The spiritual aspect of the tantric massage can be expressed through intimate and silent listening, inner purity, the action that comes from the Heart, the awareness of the “Sacrality of the body” perceived as the temple of the Soul.

The Tantric Touch is a tool that develops the awareness that it is the true and only goal of Tantra. The tantra ritual massage is simultaneously experiential and meditative, designed to awaken the consciousness of the body by helping reconnect with our unconscious where the traces of our most rooted conditioning reside.

How to practice the Tantra Massage

Currently, a great fashion has exploded on tantric massage, where countless massage centres have thrown themselves commercially, often without much experience on the wave of the notoriety of this type of experiential way.

Some of them actually transmit a true Tantric essence, many others less, if not even hiding a simple paid sex, among other things, much more expensive. We can help identify the rules to identify which are the most professional providers and closest to the tantric path.

Connection with the Heart or IV chakra

We have said the Tantric massage has a powerful connection with the heart and affection, and this must be transmitted from the Tantrika (Tantric Masseuse) to the person receiving the massage. In many agencies, one seems satisfied, but often perceives a total disconnection from the heart of the person who carries out the massage. Everything was technically perfect, but cold, and the affectivity and connection of the heart was totally absent or severely deficient. Tantra is the Way of the Heart, and if this is missing, it cannot be called tantric massage, but better we could call it sensual massage, provided it has not even expired in paid sex.

Respect for the timing of the energy curve and respect for the person

Often there is no final sharing between massaged and Tantric masseuse on the lived experience, as it would be desirable to help the client understand what kind of sensations he experienced and what reading we can give.  Since the next customer is already outside the door, one must quickly return from this emotional journey, without major contacts or without a harmonic exit from the energy curve, having to dress quickly. At the end of the massage, you are literally thrown out because the next customer is already waiting. In practice, it is a real assembly line. This is why it is so important to honour and respect the masseuse in terms of attending the booking on time, to allow this quality time to be naturally included in the Tantra Massage London experience.

Absence of a technical repetition of the massage

Furthermore, by its constitution, the tantric massage does not have its technical repetitiveness, because it should change from time to time, as it is an intuitive and emotional massage linked to the emotional state of the moment and to the continuous feedback between tanntric masseuse and the person receiving the massage. Surely every tantric massage has a minimum of technical structure, but its characteristic is intuitive. Instead, in these agencies or less skilled tantric masseuses, everything is repeated with a thorough chronological systematicity.

Lack of an obsessive pursuit of orgasm

For many, there is also a strong and spasmodic quest to provide the client with an orgasm. The tantric massage either ends with an orgasm or is deemed unsuccessful. This is absolutely out of the tantric way.  Tantra teaches precisely how to get out of the spasmodic search for orgasm, and is not obsessively sought after at any cost. Tantra is also the enlargement of our sensory perceptions that pass through the whole body, not just the genitals. Instead, some providers approach it with often extreme manipulation of the genitals.  The tantric massage is more an emotional journey, which certainly does not marginalize the senses and pleasure, but also comes out of the orgasm trap at all costs.  This obsessively pursuing the orgasmic drive often cleanses the tantric massage of its peculiar aspects, also linked to a personal healing through the attainment of deep states of oneself, and also accustoms those who receive it to a dysfunctional and disharmonious perception of the tantric way. All this translates into an apparently satisfying experience, but ultimately leaves us a certain bitterness in the mouth.

The true tantric experience in its most original essence should translate into an emotional, affective, sensorial and sensual journey that is always a little different, and where deep parts of oneself are touched, where the Tantrika is very close both physically and with the heart to those who are massaged, without an obsessive search for orgasm (as we are used to in the West) and without a particular haste, which has always been an enemy of Tantra, but rather with concluding rituals of the massage and sharing on the lived experience.

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