Many believe that Tantra massage is a purely erotic massage to stimulate a person’s sexual desire. While that is true, it’s much more than just that. This quick-read article will tell you a little more about Tantra massage, what and how it is done and what to expect from your experience with Diamond Tantric Massage, as we are taking the lead in offering Tantric Massage in London.

Other Names For Tantra Massage

You might hear it being commonly called Tantric Massage, Erotic Massage, Intimate Massage, Sensual Massage or Private Massage. It can also be called by the different types of tantra massage. So things like:

Tantra massage is a healing technique for achieving unity between the soul and the body. This mind-body connection isn’t some ethereal idea, it’s that feeling when you get when you’re “in the zone”, it’s where the mind is open and you are in the moment. It’s this tantric experience that creates the potential for a full body, multiple orgasms.

Master the techniques of Tantra Massage for a more sensual sex life.

Tantra massage is a relaxing healing technique originating in Medieval India that focuses on the overall health of the body. The purpose of Tantra Massage is to “wake up” the seven chakras (seven energy centres) located along the spine to release the mythological energy Kundalini (set in its base) to trigger the complete healing of the body (on a physical, emotional and spiritual level).

Your sexual energy is a powerful energy, you will know this as you experience the power of sensual release or orgasm, you can harness and channel this power in many ways. Simple things like delaying the orgasm can help you focus your mind in new ways (just one simple example).

Get The Most From Your Tantric Experience

It’s about connecting and opening the mind AND the body. Tantra massage is perceived as a very intimate ritual, usually practised between two (or more) people to achieve a superior sexual fulfilment. But in order for you to experience the full Tantra massage experience, it is very important for you to approach it with an open mind.

If you are the one giving the massage, it is important to not to expect anything in return, and if you are the recipient (the one receiving the massage), your job is to relax completely without feeling obliged to return the gesture.  This passivity is VERY tricky for some people to master because usually when we get pleasure, it is our nature to want to return it.

The Skilled Tantra Masseuse

A tantric masseuse’s job is to engage with you, to work her massage magic all over your body and find out what brings you the greatest pleasure. She’ll take verbal guidance, whether you choose to tell her what you do and don’t like but she will also take clues from your physical responses and subtleties like changes in your breathing.

There are no limitations on which part of the body can be touched, nor there are certain techniques for “tuning” a sexual wave. In fact, even sex is not a mandatory ending of Tantra Massage. A happy ending can be reached at any time, just after each massage process, it will become more heated because your consciousness is being opened.

Tantra Massage for Beginners

Whether you are new to Tantra massage or not, it’s a good idea to treat each massage session like it’s your first time. The masseuse has (or brings) whatever she needs to set the right mood and atmosphere for your tantra massage. The room should have a moderate temperature, relaxing lighting, and aromatic air (incense sticks or essential oil works perfectly) and the music should be soothing. The masseuse will have with her the best (none scented) massage oil and anything else (like Nuru gel) that she needs.

Many masseuses offer incall appointments. We are not a massage parlour, there is not one location you can come to. Instead, for privacy, the masseuses offer their professional massages from luxury apartments. This also allows coverage all over central London. They can also visit your hotel or private residence (called an Outcall). Choose whichever suits you best.

How To Choose A Tantra Masseuse

All our masseuses are highly skilled and trained but you do not have to know all the techniques, come with a desire to experience tantra and let the masseuse take you on a sensual journey with her. The most important component in her performance is her sincere desire to please you. Whether she has succeeded, you will find out for yourself!

Here the heart prevails over reason and emotions over the rules. This is the Tantric massage. Hold your breath, and here we are!

Tantric massage in the modern era exists and this is a beautiful experience to your path to a healthier body and spirit. This massage is conducted with complete harmony and understanding between the participants because no Tantric massage will ever be successful without mutual trust.

Tantra Is About Giving to Receive

A good tantric massage brings not only health but also a great pleasure. But remember the basic teaching of Tantra – you get something by giving something.

That’s why we learn to love not only to be accepted but also to learn to enjoy when we do something good for another human being. This is the only way to reach the same harmony that you can fully immerse yourself in and feel all the pleasures of a Tantric massage.

Be part of a whole
Beyond all the varied methodologies described in the literature and cognitive books, there is no framework for one type of tantric massage. It’s not about the technique but the sensuality. You act as a part of a whole, in which you are able to fantasize in the way your heart is telling you. You are allowed to have your masseuse touch all parts of your body, including the feet, ear lobes and of course, those sensitive erogenous zones!

Create comfort
To get into the essence of Tantra Massage, the first thing you need to do is to create a harmonious setting. With an incall massage, the masseuse controls all of this, if she is visiting you on an outcall, then please try to anticipate and consider everything around you. Drop the window blinds, close the door tightly so that nothing disturbs you (don’t forget the do not disturb sign and take the phone off the hook!.) Try to create cosiness, peace and quiet and your masseuse can help you dissolve into the massage.

Forget about the world outside 
Nothing should interfere with you. Turn off the phone, the buzzer, and anything else that could cause unexpected noise. Get rid of the outside world for a while and try to not think of life for a while. The world created with your own hands will be OK to put on hold for 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

For now, the world should be just for you two. Having background music is fine, it helps set the mood but let it only be in the background, it should not draw your focus away from the masseuse. As she begins the body to body massage, you’ll want to be able to feel and hear her rhythm.

Swap energy with each other
The tantra energy affirms that when lovers are in a tight embrace, there is a reciprocal exchange of their energies. Your masseuse can be the source of that exchange as her body connects and caresses with yours. Her touch and sensuality will help stimulate the circulation of energy. When creating intimacy, be receptive, and you will feel how the energy streams flow through your back, arms and legs. You can enhance the experience by imagining that the tips of your fingers radiate beams of blue light.

The massage itself is based on the interaction of two types of energy: male and female. Their exchange takes place at a lower level, removing tensions and negative influences.

Your body is an erogenous area
By immersing yourself to this type of erotic massage, you will find that your whole body is an erogenous area. Tantric massage is a cascade of new sensations. Your muscles are relaxed, but your feelings are sharpened to the limit. Making you forget about the stress and the troubles of the surrounding world, the tantric massage will fill you with energy for rest and relaxation.

Remember the basic rules of Tantric massage

1. No noise should be heard and disturb you during the massage, it’s time to lose yourself in erotic and sensual sensations. Create complete silence and harmony, then you’ll get the most from the tantric body to body massage on every level.
2. You and your masseuse should not wear any clothes. The best tantric massage is a naked tantric massage. To avoid being cold, make sure to warm the room in advance.
3. Display your preferences with moans, noises and by shifting your body, if you find any discomfort then the masseuse will stop and try another technique for you. This is about your pleasure and how to maximise it for you.
4. Try not to talk during the massage. Conversation between you and the masseuse is best left at the level of feelings, and no conversation is supposed to hinder it. Any word spoken aloud can break that glorious state you are in, remember: silence is golden. And being quiet can also help with any stress that you are experiencing.
5. Follow your partner’s actions, capture every move they make. If you notice that they are not experiencing the anticipated pleasure from the massage and something is causing them discomfort, move smoothly the other parts of their body. Keep in mind that all of your movements must be unbroken – skin on skin, body to body contact and limitless pleasure are what we are aiming for.

So….let’s get you experiencing all the above and more, click here to book your tantra massage. You can view the available masseuse on the home page, then call, email, use the booking form, or WhatsApp to arrange your sensual massage experience.

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