Why should you get a tantric massage? If it’s a question you’ve been considering for a while, then we have the perfect answer for you.

Have you ever experienced a sexual ecstasy? Moments of intimacy and deep connection with a partner? Tantric massage helps you experience intensity through different kinds of sensation. A tantric massage can unleash the real power of orgasm for men, women and couples. It’s safe to play safely and there are few things more stimulating than having someone worship your sexuality and sensuality in a professional erotic massage.

Why Choose A Tantric Massage?

Pleasure is one of the main drivers in our lives. Few things can match the pure bliss of a mind blowing sexual connection and reaching the heights of physical release with a delayed orgasm. It can raise our passions and also eliminate fears and quash self-doubt.

We can do find ourselves doing anything to have a passionate rendezvous with someone. But there is a frustration with blind dates, or mindlessly swiping right in the hope of finding that match that unleashes our passion. We crave to touch and be touched, to be caressed and yet, most of us put all possible excuses to sometimes NOT experience it.

Intimacy scares us, fear and self doubt can hold us back. Tantric massage can change this feeling of fear. It teaches us how to recover and through it, we can discover the pleasure of the erotic, new sensations, and new responses in our bodies.

History of Tantric Massage

Tantra comes from ancient Hindu tradition. It seeks the integral healing of the human being through all its manifestations: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. One of the ways to activate this healing is intimate massage and Tantric practice can put us on a safe and sensual  path to transformation.

Tantric massage can improve the relationships with have with current or future partners and it can help us avoid monotony between couples. That is, the goal of tantra is not merely recreational but to create a deep bond between two people through a sensual massage.

You can experience tantric massage as one part of couple. Safely exploring and enjoying your sexuality or, you can partake of a couples massage and experience tantric massage together!

Tantric massage emerged as a revelation to organised religion that claimed that it prevented people from achieving enlightenment. But Tantra challenged those beliefs and argued that tantric massage was another door to divinity.

Orgasm is a very important aspect of sexual philosophy. It invites men to delay their ejaculation through breathing techniques, concentration and genital muscle exercises. Yes chaps, tantric massage can make you a better lover as you uncover how to make the most of your orgasm. Not only great for you but you can also share that with your lovers.

These techniques will help prolong the pleasure of both parties (him and her, her and her, him and him) through a more tender, deep, sensual, intimate and satisfying sensual relationship.


After having a busy day, we would all like to have a moment of relaxation to get rid of stress, worry, and fatigue. Imagine getting a massage that is loaded with eroticism that it designed with the sole aim of helping you reach complete relaxation

……that is what Tantric massage is all about.

While tantric massage is well known among men, it is becoming increasingly popular with a pass time for couples to enjoy and also for women. A women centric tantric massage (Yoni Massage) can let you release, explore and enjoy your sensuality as well.

Why not treat yourself to the ultimate loving gift, you may find a new way of experience meditation and achieve deeper levels of personal well-being.

Why A Tantric Massage Works So Well

From the tip of your feet to the very top of your head, in a tantric massage, your senses are awakened by the masseuse or masseur. Close your eyes, breathe, relax. Track into the sensation of feeling his or her hands run and touch ALL of your body. No area is left unattended as you relax naked and at ease.

Enjoying an intimate massage of this type is quite an experience because the massage is not completely sexual but it is loaded with eroticism. Eroticism that will help you feel pleasure in a different way.

There is no need to perform, you can just be, let the massage take you on a journey…..lose yourself.

Among men, it is very common for someone to decide partake in a tantric massage, especially when on vacation or working away in destinations such as London. Ladies, don’t be left out, it’s great way to add some sizzle to a trip.

Tantric Massage – Skilfull Techniques

There are several techniques that a masseuse or masseur uses for you to achieve mental pleasure through this massage. Our brains, are after all, our largest sex organ. A tantric massage is not just being stimulated in your genital area. This is not some backstreet “run and tug”.

A tantric massage therapist will be able to use a many different types of massage. Pressure of touch, using their body against, on and around your body. All for maximum pleasure and stimulation. You may discover new erogenous zones you did not know you had.

Before deciding that you want to book tantric massage for the first time, you should know that it does include touches of sexual stimulation. But it is not focused ONLY on reaching the climax.

Want to add some other elements to your tantric experience? Try a sensual, slippy and slidey Nuru Massage using the thick and sticky water based Nuru gel. It’s a sensation like no other and is wildly popular.

If you want to experience the ultimate male orgasm, often a foray into the world of the prostate massage can release depths of sensations you may have only dreamt of!

If you want to activate other senses, then why not have a fetish massage, where being tied up could activate deeper desires, how about a uniform, or maybe a soapy (aqua) massage…..the choices are yours.

So, if you want to experience the benefits of tantric massage, we must ensure that your decision is more than good.

Leave the prejudices or preconceptions aside and discover that the tantric massage is more than just a “happy ending”.


The healing power of any massages is surprising. And in tantra, a philosophy now more than 4,000 years old, is no exception. 

Tantric massage brings together healthy and restful sexuality, love, control, and meditation. Tantric massage allows you to step out of yourself and can be a perfect, erotic way of practising mindfulness.

As explained from a study of tantra massage done in Barcelona, if we see it as therapy for our health, we can experience many benefits for our nervous system as well. It can be an exceptional way to release stress, increase bloody supply and improve circulation, improve our lymphatic systems and give us greater clarity of thought. I can also help bring about a truly restful sleep. 

Although often the wrong idea about tantra is being given to the public, tantric massages are actually based on healthy sexual techniques. This type of erotic massage can help with problems such as premature ejaculation in men or the anorgasmia of women.

If your sexual pleasure flatlines and orgasm can be hard to achieve, let tantric massage unlock the door for you.

Finally, bearing in mind that tantra is based on the balance between mind and body, psychological benefits are also encountered and enjoyed. The sensations that are experienced awaken sensitivity and help you learn to enjoy the process and forget about the goal.

As a regular practice, tantric massage can help us relax and be more at peace with ourselves, it can help us forget or alleviate our problems.

Experience the benefit of a relaxing tantric massage – they are many and the above are just some of the myriad of reasons why you should get a tantric massage. Click here to BOOK NOW, click here to view todays Masseuses….we look forward to welcoming you.


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