Everyone has the right to experience pleasure and physical intimacy. Erotic relaxation is a basic need regardless of the age, sexual preference, beliefs or race of a person. So, if you are an adult wanting to experience something unique and sensual, Diamond Tantric Massage is the place to come.

A body to body massage is a wellness massage that we offer and it’s in high demand as it is arousing and relaxing and allows you some quality time to immerse yourself in unrivalled physical delights.


To prepare for the massage, just be ready at the time you and location you have selected for your massage. Our expert team will take care of everything else for you. This is a VIP massage, let us do all the work.

We recommend you take a refreshing shower before the massage. This way, you can be more comfortable and refreshed, it also helps to begin your muscles natural relaxation.

During the massage, you can simply lie on a bed while enjoying an intense and erotic feeling created by the massage oil and masseuse’s skin rubbing smoothly and sensually against different parts of your body.

One of our gorgeous ladies (or men) will massage which creates a delicious level of erotic intensity and suspense. Allowing your energy to build and rise. This connectivity and intimacy allows you to develop and sensuous bond in a short space of time.

As the massage develops, it’s like time stands still. You are going to enjoy an erotic body to body massage London given with no expectation of a physical return on your part. Lie back, relax and let the arousal journey begin. You will experience a slow yet very intensified release – remember to breathe – let our massage experts guide you to new sensory experiences. No rush, no pressure…..just pleasure.


Body-To-Body massage is easy and quick to explain: you and your masseuse will be fully naked, you will both be covered in massage oil and the masseuse will touch bodies together. This is an intimate massage where more than just hands are used!

The oil used for the massage can be applied in both warm or at room temperature. The massage oil is not the only thing to become heated! Few things are more physically exciting than experiencing the feel of the oil and your masseuses’ body, slip-sliding across your own. Leaving no part of your skin untouched.

The rubbing and varied pressure of the masseuse’s dips and curves just heighten the sensation beyond belief!

Close your eyes and imagine as the masseuse slowly drips the oil on back, then gently begins to spread the oil out, along your back and bottom. Down your legs and calves, over your feet, up around your neck and shoulders.

She’ll use varying pressure and touch, this is a massage, so she is skilled in working out those knots and easing away any soreness and tension. She’ll work with you using various types of massage styles, her aim here is to really begin to get you to that level of relaxation.

She’ll take verbal and physical cues from you then, at the right time, she’ll ask you to turn over, so you can also have the front of your body massages. Oil dripping down your chest, over your nipples and throat. Smoothing the oil over your chest and torso…. down your thighs, shins, feet, along your arms and ……. She may dance around your lingam area. All designed to build desire and expectation. Do not worry, she’ll get to the more adventurous parts of the massage.

She’ll engage with you, she may ask you to breathe deeper and look deep into her eyes, then she will begin the body to body massage. Sliding her toned and slender physique over your own.

Gone are the hands and elbows, now the masseuse will use her entire body for you as a tool for your pleasure. Remember, the distinctive feature of your body-to-body massage is that you will feel very close to your masseuse and the massage will get hotter in the truest sense of the word.

A body to body massage is not arranged in a specific sequence or manner but is based on a particular way of massaging and coming into contact with each other through the strong sensitivity of physical touches.

The masseuse will be in control, but she is very accomplished and will be looking for feedback and cues to help make this is a personalised erotic adventure for you. This can be through deep breathing and a stabilised union of sensual feelings developed through body to body contact by the masseuse.

The masseuse uses her body and will vary the massage pressure. Her body movements are performed and will use a continuous flow of erotic gestures, glides, slight pressures, and body rubs which are accompanied by relaxing music in the background. She will aim to include all your senses.

The rhythm and the pressure of the body to body contact can vary depending on the body area being massaged to enhance relaxation and arousal.


To offer you an excellent body to body massage, our expert erotic masseuses have gone through professional training. They can also give you some advice about massages that will be of real help. The following are what you should always keep in mind before your body to body massage appointment in London:

  1. Do not eat too much

Although it may seem silly, if you eat a light menu, your massage will be more successful.

  1. The temperature should be ideal

You cannot be comfortable in a room where it is very cold or hot. That is why you should make sure to regulate the room temperature before the massage. The ideal temperature at which the room should be is about 25 degrees.

  1. Comfort first

Comfort is something that you must also take into account if you want your massage to be a success. In this case, it’s recommended to have pillows/cushions nearby, soft blankets, warm towels and everything you can think of. In fact, you can create a super comfortable place where you can move and try several different positions during your body to body massage.

  1. Oils, super useful

Body oils are most useful when giving an intimate massage, it also helps create a more erotic environment. Although they come in different scents, all the Diamond massage therapists will use none scented oils.

  1. Imagine and dream

Although it may not seem like it, the best technique to perform and enjoy a good erotic massage is to let your imagination fly. Close your eyes, connect with your masseuse and use all your senses. You will experience a unique sensation that you will want to experience over and over again.


London is a vibrant city for tourism and business. The place won’t disappoint you, and it is a great place for vacation. It also has a lot of options for recreation when you are not working, but the best of all is sexual massage which, with Diamonds, is the most popular in London.

Why you say? Simple. Having a beautiful naked woman rubbing her body all over yours is something that everyone should experience. What’s even better about it is that the massages can be booked, and it can be done at the hotel where you are staying.

Yes! You can get an erotic massage at the hotel in London where you are staying. You don’t need to leave your room.

The hotels in London also offer a gym or a closed pool for their clients. These are all great options if you want to mix leisure with pleasure. You can go for a swim in the pool after an intense meeting and then head in your room to wait for your tantric masseuse to arrive and take you on a sensual journey.

With a sexy body to body massage, you will be wrapped in sensuality, touched and caressed intimately. You can forget about everything related to work, life, and everything you have in mind and indulge yourself at the moment. Aside from the massage being sexy and fun, it helps with your mental health and physical release which will do wonders for your overall health!

As you can see, the leisure options that you have in the city in London are great. Whether you want to enjoy the view or want to enjoy a good body to body massage, you will find all these at your fingertips. Take advantage and book for an appointment with one of our tantric masseuses in London who are experts in Lingam massage, body to body massage, and much more!

Do not let businesses take all your time on your trip to this city. London is something that offers so much more. We sure do hope you choose to enjoy it…. intimately.

Our erotic massage agency in London offers the best services to our clients, so don’t hesitate to tell us your fantasies and how you would like to experience them. Our masseuses know well what are the areas in your body that needed to be massaged and you will see that, when you have finished, you will feel more alive and full of energy. No stress and no problems; Your mood will change, and you will feel sensations that you have never felt before.

Many times, people think that they cannot work and have fun at the same time, but this is not true. The truth is that people have a lot of options to work and enjoy themselves at the same time especially if they are travelling in cities as large and fascinating as London.




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