A body to body massage is exceptionally erotic in nature. This type of tantric massage is the perfect tool for massage therapists for providing an ideal sexual massage. The high level of enjoyment and relaxation a customer may feel from the touch of the masseuse in addition to the sensual skin to skin contact makes it exciting! Body to body massage are perfect for unwinding the nerve endings and loosening your muscles.

Planning for your b2b massage is half the fun, choosing your masseuse and then waiting with anticipation. Not only is this type of erotic massage invigorating it also can offer the opportunity to have a healthy sex life outside of the confines of the massage experience. Massage excitement is good for you, as that’ll be enhancing endorphin and testosterone or oestrogen secretion, which benefits the body/ Yes, really! A body to body massage has science backing it to say it’s actually good for you.

How To Book Your B2B Massage

You can book your body to body massage today or up to 48 hours in advance. You can also book the same day and for an outcall (mobile massage) a masseuse can usually be with you in 60 minutes or less! WE do have incall locations if you want to come and see us. You do need to book in advance as we are not a massage parlour. All our masseuse who offer incall (visiting massages) do so from their luxury apartments to ensure your discretion and to of course offer you the VIP treatment.

What is a body to body massage in London?

Today, we are going to speak about the essentials of a body to body massage and attempt to explain what it involves why it is so beneficial for you. A complete body to body incall massage in London mostly includes a massage therapist rubbing your body either with not only his/her hands, but importantly with their whole body, The masseuse and you, the client will be naked, this is to make sure there is no barrier between the skin and then the masseuse is at liberty to massage any part of your body with any part of their body, with no inhibitions or doubts.

The whole procedure includes the oldest massage methods that are still in usage, combined with brand-new and enhanced strategies of clever skin contact. It is the ultimate in an intimate massage experience.Save the page if you want to, I can feel you wanting to book already.

How B2B Massage Is Done

Ok this a quick overview of the b2b massage for those who have not experienced a Diamond Tantric Massage before.

Phase 1

– Both the massage therapist and you should shower prior to the massage session commencing, this is not only about clean skin but also it helps relax the mind and the body and get your muscles into a more receptive state.
– If the masseuse and you wish, you can even ask them to join you in the shower so that you can have a first-hand experience of his/her touch prior to the session can start.┬áThis tantric soapy massage can make even more of the tantric body to body massage ritual should you wish. This heightens the experience and deepens the sensuality of the tantric massage.
– The masseuse will make use of an unscented massage oil and will normally bring their own set of oils, however they will likewise appreciate your option. You can discover a good massage oil at a regional health and wellness store or natural medication shop. The masseuse will probably warm the massage oil prior to using it. That’s because heat is good for your muscles. Warming can be done in the hands simply and can again make the ritual of the body to body massage ever more intimate.

Phase 2

– The therapist will start the session by rubbing her oil-covered hands on you. The hand motion will permit the muscles in your back and shoulders to relax and begin to ease the tension and stress. From the shoulders, his/her hand will work on your neck, which is frequently the holding point for a great deal of tension and unfavourable energy.
– The masseuse will use their fingers to knead your arms and legs to get rid of knots and tension there. When your whole body has begun to release it’s tension this is where the now gently warmed massage oil is languidly applied to the masseuses body, in addition to your chest or your back.
– Once the oil has been applied, the therapist will rub her body onto your chest or back, in a movement similar to making love. The only thing you will feel is the unrivalled and sensuous enjoyment and relaxation of the therapist’s body carrying on and rubbing, pressing and gliding against your own. Erotic? You bet!

Body To Body Massage London

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Advantages of A Body to Body Massage London

A sexual body to body massage in London is a fantastic method to unwind, connect and experience true satisfaction with another human being. Seriously, why spend time alone alleviating sexual tension when you can have a beautiful masseuse do it for you? Through Tantra, we delight in coming together to honour and commemorate the body as a temple of pleasure. This b2b experience will encourage you to enjoy and engage with sensual energy in brand-new way.

It’s also a great start to either discovering how to hold or completely immerse yourself in an orgasmic climax.

7 Benefits of a sensual Body to Body Massage.

  1. Massage awakens the senses and triggers whole-body recovery.
  2. It lets you to gain real sexual satisfaction in new and imaginative ways.
  3. Erotic massage uses eye contact, linked breathing and touch to boost intimacy.
  4. B2B Massage produces mindful connection in between the provider and the receiver. (You and the masseuse).
  5. Tantric Massage uses breath, noise and motion to awaken the full-body orgasm.
  6. This type of massage eliminates the impression of separation and permits Oneness to emerge. (Think whole body orgasms).
  7. Without doubt it’s a wonderful way experience (multi) orgasmic sex.

How To Prepare For A Body To Body Massage

Prepare a warm, peaceful, comfy location where you will not be interrupted for the next 1 – 2 hours. The more time you can invest in a body to body massage the more intimate and effective the experience will be. This has to do with immersing yourself in the moment and not being interested in needless time pressures.

Ensure all phones are switched off. Light some candle lights and place on some relaxing, calming music. Tantric massage has to do with engaging all the senses. Your masseuse will plan and do all this for you.

The Heart Salutation
Start with the Heart Salutation. It is an ancient tantric practice for acknowledging the Divine in each other as you participate in spiritual time. Sit across from your partner and look deep into their eyes. Preserve eye contact throughout the remainder of the procedure. Extend your arms to the earth, palms together.

Inhale and, keeping them together, bring your hands to your heart. Exhale, as you bow forward and acknowledge the Divine in each other. Inhale, as you sit back up. Breathe out as you enable your hands to return to the beginning position, pointed to the earth.

The Bubble
The Bubble calls you into present awareness and produces a safe area where to provide and receive a sexual massage. Make a bubble around you and your partner with your arms so that it surrounds both of you. Get rid of things from the bubble that will not serve this procedure (the past, interruptions, anger, concern, and so on). Do this with a gesture, as if physically eliminating a things, while specifying out-loud exactly what you are eliminating.

Next, bring things into your bubble that will boost your connection (Love, determination, Presence, trust and so on) Once once again, use gestures and spoken words. Here are 2 examples:
” I release the past.”
” I welcome erotica.”

***I’ll make a note here that not everyone is comfortable with the Tantra ritual, if this is not for you, your masseuse will jump straight to the physical massage.

Being Part Of An Intimate Massage

Share Your Desires, Fears and Boundaries
When the bubble is developed, share your desires, worries and boundaries that should or can be raised in the process of preparing for the body to body massage. This makes you connected and when either person speaks the other individual listens, without judgment or commentary.

Regardless of whether you have done the ritual or not, rules and boundaries should be discussed. Some masseuses are more open to being touched than others so it’s important to work together in way that suits you both.

Here is an example:
” My desire is to remain linked to sexual energy.”
” My worry is that I might want to touch you during orgasm.”
” My boundary is to cease this practice by at 11 pm.”

Healthy Boundaries
Individuals frequently think about boundaries as walls. Healthy boundaries are really bridges that bring individuals together. Intimacy occurs when boundaries we have and set are recognised and respected. You feel safe, are open and present.

Boundaries can change for everyone, even in a moment so during an intimate massage, remember to check-in regularly to see how you are feeling. If your limit has actually altered, inform your masseuse. Please, do not expect them to read your mind. Engage with your masseuse, for her to carry out a total body to body massage she is going to be naked and vulnerable so mutual openness is vitally important. Its typical to stay passive and enable the experiences to crash over you like waves of desire.

Some masseuses prefer that you to stay completely passive and to take pleasure in the moment, others are more open up to touch. Please understand and appreciate the boundaries of each other when starting the tantric body to body massage.

Providing an Erotic Body To Body Massage

As the body to body massage recipient you masseuse will enliven your senses. Typically preparing for the massage can be as fantastic an experience as the massage itself. In some cases the masseuse will engage with you in a spirited sensual dance while removing their clothes. They might ask you to lay face-down on a, bed or blanket on the flooring. It’s essential that you set the space temperature at a comfy level as you and your masseuse will be naked throughout the massage. So get the room warm and set the thermostat to keep it there.

At the start of the intimate massage the masseuse will begin to get in touch with you and at this moment will lay her hands on your body. This is a tantric massage and she will acknowledge this is a distinct chance to honour and serve you. The masseuse will concentrate on you and frequently they will match their breathing to yours.

Next they will start to awaken your skin by gently stroking it, with the very tips of her fingers. When you are at ease with this touch, they will then cover their body and yours with non fragrant oil. Using long, languid massage strokes they will begin the tantric massage. Know that they are massaging more than the surface area of their body. You are linking to them on numerous levels.

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How To Engage In A B2B Massage

It helps during your massage to be motivated to take deep breaths, make noises and move your body. This enables the energy in the body to awaken, move and flow. It also gives the masseuse clues to what is and isn’t working for you as we all respond differently.

The masseuse will now use various parts of her body- her hair, her arms and breasts, to massage you. She will be spirited, curious and imaginative.

About half-way through the designated time, she will then (possibly faster depending upon you) ask you to roll over face up. She will then revitalise you with a body to body massage along the front of your body with warm oil (it heats up due to the skin contact), once again making good use of long strokes.

Nothing is rushed, a great body to body massage has a steady pace.

B2B Lingam and Yoni Massage

Your masseuse will massage all of your body and this includes a delicate and arousing massage of your genital areas. In SkyDancing Tantra they call the vaginal area, “Yoni,” which implies “Cosmic Matrix” and the penis, “Vajra,” which implies “Thunderbolt.” – Penis massage can likewise be called Lingam Massage.

The masseuse will start on the exterior of the genital areas with oil. Initially, she will be gentle and go slowly (unless your breathing, noises and movements indicate otherwise). She will allow you time to release any stress in the location. She will take notice of how you react when you begin to feel increased arousal. Her purpose is to ease, relax and arouse you and she will concentrate on exactly what provides you enjoyment.

She will use various strokes, pressures and techniques during this most intimate part of the massage. She will take note of how relaxed you are and if any internal massage is prepared (sacred spot/ prostrate) this is usually a time to move to that part of the tantric massage. The masseuse will determine just how much enjoyment you are feeling and if you are open to delayed or multiple orgasm or if a build and climatic release is much better for you.

Her objective to get in touch with empathy and appreciation of your needs. After the experience, rest and unwind, take some water and feel the energy of your experience impact you favourably and take that with you.

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