Prostate Massage

(Sacred Spot Massage)

Prostate Massage AKA Sacred Spot Massage

Prostate Massage London

For any man there was a way to reach orgasm different from the usual one, through the anus, by massaging the prostate. Prostate massage – also called “Sacred Spot” massage is the best a man can get in terms of orgasmic experience.


It’s attached to the neck of the bladder & secretes a whitish, viscous liquid whose function is to stimulate the movement of the sperm.

So guys, it’s an organ linked to the moment of ejaculation, since part of the semen is composed of the liquid that it secretes. It’s chestnut shaped and is next to the rectum. 

The stimulation of the prostate alone can lead to an orgasm and ejaculation. The fact is that it is a different way of reaching orgasm because it is a very erogenous zone that many women (and guys) don’t know about. Come on, if a woman asks you how you can get your partner to have an orgasm without touching the penis – most would look at you blankly..

Yes, you can just stimulate the prostate but doing that and focusing on the lingam (penis) with a massage bends minds in its live of intensity. Its easy to do and its actually recommended to try your first prostate massage with an expert rather than letting your significant other wag their digits around.

If you’re experience with prostate massages then I am already preaching to the converted and you KNOW how amazing it is.

What Happens During A Prostate Massage

Prostate stimulation / massage, sometimes called prostate milking is increasingly popular. So much so that you even buy sex toys designed to massage that hard to reach area if you’d like to add some prostate play into your masturbation.  Therefore we think it’s much more fun though to have someone else do it for you!

Ok, so you want a prostate experience then let us assure you, our sacred spot masseuses are all very experienced. They will take things slow and make sure you are relaxed with the tantric massage and also aroused before even thinking about prostate. Thus they will be gentle and take things slow.

They’ll be working their magic and stimulating different areas before entering your anus: the penis, the testicles, the perineum … always with the intention of achieving greater relaxation and excitement. If the caresses and the pressure in the perineum are pleasant, this can be passed as a caress around the anus, and the entrance, still without entering your bottom.


There is no rush. Your masseuse will take your lead, she’ll listen and watch attentively to what you are enjoying. She’ll work on your back, she touch and stroke your thighs, gently squeeze and mould your testicles, stroking and rubbing your Lingam (penis), and then maybe return again to the anus, even putting a little finger inside while they continue stimulating other areas.

It is your reaction what will say whether to continue or stay for the moment there. The best position to do it is with you lying on your back with your legs flexed, as it provides better access initially but the masseuses are flexible and talented and can work around most angles for you. Your only job is to relax and have fun.

The prostate is quite close to the entrance of the anus, so your masseuse does not have to insert much of her finger. She’ll use a latest glove and some lube to help the process and keep you comfortable. When the masseuse feels the prostate, your will know.

Its a sensitive area so her touch will be gentle. A little discomfort the first time is not unusual but you’ll soon move past that into erotic delight.  With this massage any man can usually reach orgasm and in some cases the are more intense than in genital orgasms. If in addition to the prostate massage other areas are stimulated, (which the Diamond masseuse typically do for you) such as the perineum, testicles or penis, you will get a moment of pleasure unless anything else you’ve had before!

So what are you waking for, take the step and release your best climaxes with a prostate massage now.



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