Tantric massage is commonly called sensual or erotic massage. Tantric massage is among the massage techniques that are related to massages with intentional sexy contact.

Because of that, it is considered one of the most effective techniques used when performing an erotic massage. An erotic massage, as the title suggests is a type of massage that concentrates on sexual satisfaction using tantric methods. Because “tantric massage” indicates that the massage can go far beyond just sexual enjoyment.

Nude Tantric Massage is about using sensual touching on your largest erotic organ….no…not that one, we are talking about your skin!  When you connect and really FEEL with the skin on a sensual level it can greatly enhance sexual stimulation. The masseuse and the tantric massage they use works to stimulate the thousands upon thousands of nerve endings in your skin.

Your masseuse will use several massage practices including Swedish massage, sports massage and aromatherapy. Your Tantric massage expert will also be setting the mood using soothing music and muted lighting to greatly enhance the ambiance.

Erotic massage London can be conducted in your private residence, hotel (outcall) where the masseuse comes and visits you, or you can visit the masseuse at their luxury apartments (known as Incall.)


Is An Erotic Massage A Happy Ending Massage?

Erotic Massage is highly sexual and Happy Endings are often something that is asked about. This is usually because there is some confusion about the differences between Eastern Tantric Massage and how tantric Massage is done by westerners. There is no specific type known as Eastern Tantra or Western Tantra, tantra transcends locations. The differences between western and eastern culture are however noticeable and that impacts how we might experience a tantric massage.

Westerners tend to be a lot more into the physicality of the body, Easterners are a lot more conscious and aware of the spirituality aspect, whether they practice or not, therefore the approach to tantric massage needs to be different, especially at the beginning. This is not something to worry about, at the end of the day you get what you need most from your erotic massage London experience.

That being said, it is the Eastern culture that created the world of “Happy Ending Massages” and for some clients, this trend is actually very disappointing. Sometimes massages of this nature are given without the clients’ specific request, and they can be given as an automated form of relief with little or no emotional involvement from the masseuse. A truly erotic massage is not something that is automated, done at speed and robotically. The nature of a  truly erotic massage in London is to tease, tantalise and engage all your senses to make sure you have an amazing time.

Does tantric massage usually result in a Happy Ending? That for many of the clients is the aim, so the tantric masseuse will guide you on your journey during the massage to achieve the desired results.  Every client is different, every masseuse is different and to some degree, every tantric massage is different as well. (But the short answer is YES!!)

What happens during an erotic tantric Massage in London?

An erotic tantric massage in London is a full body massage and is about relief and relaxation, it is suited to everyone, that included men, women and couples regardless of age, ethnicity or sexual orientation. At the heart of tantra where the masseuse is connected to you emotionally and takes pleasure in your pleasure is where the erotic massage in London will take you. That means we help you relax and take your time. An erotic massage is not a race, it should not be rushed. It’s about allowing you time to absolutely relax and immerse yourself in the entire sexy tantric massage experience.

Sensual massage is focused on physicality and pleasure – nothing else aside from Tantra massage is longer and deeper and where your therapist will get more involved in order to know what you need and improve the session on a different level. But we need to be consistent to do what we can and understand your need (happy ending or otherwise).

Tantric massage is a massage session, complete with massage table (or we can use a bed) massage oil and with a seriously high sensual element. You and half of the time the therapist is going to get stimulated, sexual excitement needs to be anticipated. Relief is often expected and achieved, sometimes on multiple occasions!

Tantric Masseuses – How They Can Help

Our masseuses are just that, masseuses and not therapists. They understand and can give you the most erotic massage in London that is available today and that erotic massage may help you in areas like your libido, longevity and even erectile dysfunction but this is a massage that is built and designed around relaxation and pleasure.

As we’ve said before, a tantric massage will have your body touched all over. That will include your penis (Lingam) or your vagina (yoni) as well as testicles and breasts.

As the massage is starting, the masseuse will massage and give attention to every single part of your body. Typically a tantric massage starts with you lying face down on your tummy.

The Lingam and Yoni are not zoomed into, the masseuse typically leaves them at the beginning so as to allow you ample relaxation time so you can be entirely tranquil and at your ease. Part of an erotic massage IS the massage and the masseuse is there to de-stress you, she will work on your body and aim to leave you with no muscle knots, contractions or muscle tension. You feel the stress slipping away as the luxurious massage begins.


Erotic Massage Of The Yoni & Lingam

Once the masseuse feels that you are completely relaxed, special focus is then directed to the genitals Lingam or Yoni (depending on your sex) This can be done with the masseuse’s talented hands or other parts of her body (depending on the type of tantric massage you have chosen.)

Yoni and lingam massage are both moderate and loving without placing any pressure on you for either reaction or performance.

If you are having an erotic couples massage, it is recommended to try not to get lost on the moment and think or actively move but sometimes that ends up being a part of the ritual!

Your tantric massage is a time to really revel in the sensations that you might typically associate with foreplay.

As expert Tantric massage therapists, we need to understand you, and that means we need to show flexibility and adapt the massage to what will benefit you the most. Sometimes a client is going to really get into the massage and that happy ending could be quick and explosive! If that’s the case there is nothing to worry about, multiple orgasms are available to men as they are to women and working in erotic massage, the ladies know how to entice and invigorate you.


Erotic Massage & Additional Services

A common misunderstanding regarding erotic massage is that it incorporates sexual intercourse. It can be done between couples but that’s not on the menu when selecting a professional massage service.

Erotic sensual massage does not usually include penetrative sex. However, it does have a lot of sensuality as the title would suggest. This massage is carried out when both the masseuse and the recipient are fully naked. It also requires a total stimulation of all the erogenous zones in your body. The process ends in either one orgasm or in multiple orgasms. The objective of the nudity is to aid the masseuse in transferring sensuality to the your body.

You should understand the difference between a Tantric therapist, erotic masseuse and an Escort. It’s a good idea to speak about your needs or fantasies with your tantric masseuse.

Be respectful of what she finds acceptable and don’t blur any lines. If you want sex then an escort service is probably the best option. If you want erotica, then come and see a tantric masseuse. We’ve been told by many clients, they have had the BEST climaxes using tantra. But we don’t want to disappoint you with a service that may not be possible.

Erotic Massage Boundaries

Many of our erotic masseuses are open-minded, so you can ask if you can get lost in the moment. We normally expect you to fully immerse yourself in the London erotic massage experience but sometimes, the moment urges you to reach out and show your affection and appreciation. Talk to your masseuse before the massage if you need any clarification as to what they are or are not comfortable with.

If you are capable of having a sexual climax without ejaculating that’s terrific, otherwise you can learn this technique (if you desire), but in the meantime, as massage therapists, our expert erotic masseuses allow the client relief with their bodies in an engaged and sensual way. Otherwise to not encourage this would be producing a restricting energy and that’s not the purpose of a tantric massage!

In Conclusion

As a tantric professional or massage therapist, you’re learning never stops: sensual, erotic, athletic, holistic, tantric massage or even a physical therapist, we need to be exploring and studying new approaches and different methods in order to keep bringing the very best of us to our sessions. Look at our range of erotic massages and choose one that suits you.

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