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Nude Massage in London

A nude massage is tantric so it’s designed to be sensual but ultimately it’s about getting you into a fully relaxed state. Nude Massage is what makes an erotic, sensual massage so much more engaging than a traditional massage. It’s an extra element that we know delights our clients. You’ll get an amazing massage with elements of Swedish massage and even some Indian head massage should you wish.

This is a genuine, high quality massage but with the added tantric massage elements that are designed to enhance your libido and allow for better sexual control and the numerous other benefits that come hand in hand with an excellent naked tantric massage.

It is not uncommon to find this type of massage nowadays which allows you to gain momentum and relax completely. Among all the other massages, the most interesting and one of the the most famous nowadays is the nude massage in London.

But sometimes, this type of massage can cause concerns. What is included, is it a real massage? A nude massage can be done in London and is usually tantric so it’s designed to be sensual but ultimately it’s about getting you into a fully relaxed state. Then the masseuse or masseur will work on arousing you!

This is a massage, not an escort service and although the team are exceptional, they will work with you to achieveing powerful orgasmic releases but this is a tantric massage service.


A nude, sometimes called naked massage is offered with all our menu of tantric massages as being naked alone isn’t much fun! As the recipient, during any traditional massage your modesty is usually protected by a towel. We prefer to get rid of the towels. The best naked massage is done without either the masseuse or recipient being blocked by clothes.

Not everyone has the desire to try out a nude massage London; many are afraid of contact and don’t know how to start especially if it’s an erotic massage. For you to be comfortable, the masseuse creates the right atmosphere. She pulls the curtains closed, lights a few candles, and use essential oils for a pleasant aroma in the room.

If you’d like, she can even sprinkle flowers in the room and prepare a glass or a bottle of wine. To finish it off, the masseuse will add music that will greatly improve the atmosphere to make it ideal for the nude massage.

Take a deep breath, relax your mind, open yourself up to a sensual touch and enjoy as your masseuse takes you to a journey of naked massage pleasure.


Great question and simple to answer. Any barrier to touch is just that, a barrier. When both parties are naked, then there are no barriers and with the right oil and skill of the masseuse, you will experience body to body contact like never before.

Can you imagine feeling your masseuse’s naked thigh brushing against yours? Or her perfectly firm breasts working their magic by putting delicate pressure along your lower back?

Or maybe the strong hands and thighs of your masseur hovering above yours, yes ladies, we cater to your tantric needs too.

This nude connectivity is a large part of what makes all our tantric nude or naked massages in London into truly sensuous and erotic experiences. Sometimes called a Naturist massage, as those naturists among you know already, offers many benefits especially when you’re relieved from the burden of clothing and is given the opportunity to open up to someone who understands how to touch you all over the body.

The nude massage therapist in London will not only use their hands, but also their body in massaging you. This type of massage not only relieves stress, but also gives you more confidence. Furthermore, this kind of massage is priceless, we may be a luxury service but you will be treated like a VIP.

Diamond Tantric Massages are here to ensure you an incomparable pleasure. The aim of nude or naked massage in London is simply to please yourself, to experience orgasmic pleasure and to enjoy the naked contact with a beautiful or handsome therapist.

Nude Massage Steps

  1. Choose which massage you’d like from our extensive tantric massage list. The two most popular are the body to body massage and the Extra Lingam massage.
  2. Select if we are visiting you (outcall – the most popular option for your convenience)
  3. Choose a masseuse – check out the todays masseuses page if booking today, or all the masseuses if booking in advance. If you don’t know who to choose, our reception team will be delighted to offer some guidance.
  4. Have a shower and await the arrival of your masseuse.
  5. If visiting us, we will send you the location of your masseuses incall ahead of the booking time.


Your masseuse / masseur will kneel nude over you and slowly stroke your body with her fingertips. She will use a massage oil that gives a pleasant feeling on your skin. If you like, she can blindfold you as well where you can feel the sensations twice as much.

Check out our super popular tie and tease massage to really explode your senses!

Our therapists know that both men and women like it when they are stoked and massaged on the back, shoulders, and buttocks. Imagine them doing that slowly  with a silk scarf or a feather!

Let them gently knead your neck slowly moving down to the shoulders. After which, they will slowly and seductively rub and touch your body with theirs. Gentle pressure and strokes, all over your skin….

All you have to do is relax, breathe deeply and be attentive to their every touch, let your body respond and enjoy!

The nude massage should not serve as a prelude, but as a form of relaxation. Take your time and don’t abruptly end your pampering treatment. Otherwise, you will be ripped back to reality and the whole massaging part was in vain. Enjoy the ertotic build up and climax but also, take some time to enjoy the afterglow. No rush, no pressure…


Whether alone or as a couple, a nude massage always begins with a shower. After that, you will find yourself on the bed, in an ambient atmosphere, relaxing with sensual music selected for a moment of calm and eroticism.

At first, it’s pretty traditional: the masseuse puts her hands on your legs and back. Then, as you relax, she will build in more and more sensual elements. All the time he or she is using their body to massage you. The masseuse will use her breasts, buttocks, and belly to massage your back and torso, it’s a delirious skin on skin mix.

Depending on the rules that are at play, you can pay a supplement to change your role for a few minutes and become the nudist masseur should you wish!


If you are curious and wants to spend a sensual moment with a beautiful stranger, nude massage is perfect for you. From couples who want to add some spice and inspiration for their sexual games,  to stressed businessman who wants to relax, the varying clientele enjoying nude massages is endless.

Diamond Tantric Massage clients are safe and secure knowing they are dealing with a reputable agency who prides themselves on professionalism and client confidentiality. The masseuses are trained to avoid any drift in service delivery or expectation.

It’s also case that they don’t accept just any customers. If a client looks or behaves suspiciously, we will respectfully decline them. As a luxury massage agency this is rare but if you’re not sure if we’re the right agency for you, please do take some time to review our terms of service.


Naked massage and tantric massage will strengthen your relationship through beneficial touch. It can also ease emotional tensions that may exist in your relationship. Spending some time alone or as a couple enjoying  Tantric massage really is a call to ecstasy and to sacred sexuality.

The original tantra invites you to live a personal experience in the massage and nude massage is for people who are eager to connect, give, and find a meaning to their sexuality rather than those who just wants to optimize their sexual performance.

Moreover, Naked Tantric massage invites you to be aware of your whole well-being, to come and discover the sacred in your sensuality.

Who has never thought of relaxing and taking a moment to rest completely? We’ve all had those moments where we want to relax, moments where we would like someone to show us intense sensual pleasure…. to get there, enjoy a naked massage for it provides relaxation. Once you start, you will feel overwhelmed by a force that frees you from fatigue, stress, and even pain.


Some of us are more outgoing and others are a little more shy. That’s absolutely fine, the masseuses are not body conscious and are there to deliver unparalleled enjoyment and relaxation for you. If you are a little self conscious then the tantric massage will undoubtedly help restore some self-confidence.

If you want, when you select your tantric massage, just mention that to the masseuse and she’ll offer your a topless massage to begin with until you’re comfortable and ready for the whole nude massage experience.

As naturists already know, there are many health benefits to being naked and while you may not be living a naturists lifestyle, working with a nude masseuses can help you realises some of these health benefits.


This type of massage is done with a naked masseuses. During your nude massage, you’ll get to enjoy elements of a traditional massage. Massage techniques such as effleurage, pressure, kneading, Swedish massage, Californian or shiatsu, and, of course, the  body body massage.

In all of these, the massage therapist will use every inch or their body to connect with your so you experience a real, full-body massage. The goal is to relax by immersing yourself in a totally sensual and relaxing atmosphere for your enjoyment. Book your massage now, find out why and experience the Diamond difference.



Take a look at some of our fabulous, skilled and erotic masseuses available for your tantric massage delight in London. As well as hair colour you can select ethnicity or build. Diamond Tantric Massages make it as varied for you as we can. You can view all our tantric masseuses HERE or you can view our masseuses available TODAY - BELOW

Please note, we are not a massage parlour. The given address is our business office address. Our tantric masseuses offer mobile tantric couple massage services and Incall with advance booking, please ask reception. For your convenience, Our masseuses offer mobile tantric massage services and Incall appointments for erotic massages in London. Book an appointments at their luxury aparments as you prefer and are available all throughout central London for Incall sexy massage (you visit them) and Outcall Sexy Massage (they visit you).


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