Make the most of your masseuses coming to you, we call it an outcall massage in London. But what is it and why should you choose it? We’ll answer that question for you. Outcall massage is when a masseuse visits your private residence or hotel to deliver the most erotic and sensual tantric massage.

Most of the typical massage services nowadays are offered in fixed locations like:

– Hotels (typically within a health spa).

– Specialist Spa’s.

– Massage Parlours.

But why do you need to go to a specific location to indulge in a relaxing erotic massage if you can avail of our mobile massage? It’s convenient, it costs less and you just get to relax while waiting for your tantric masseuse to come to you.

For almost 4,000 years, massage has been used as a type of recovery for both the mind and body, it has been acknowledged as one of the earliest approaches to natural, whole body recovery from aches, pains, and stress. In this new generation, people are exploring wellness and wish to take care of themselves as lives get busier and the work hours are longer, more difficult and more stressful.

As this era continues to evolve, it’s vital for our continued quality of life that we make the most of all the opportunities in order to lead an ongoing active & healthy way of life. You don’t need to think and accept that you need to endure pains and discomforts in this life. There is a definite shift now where many of us are moving away from none essential prescription treatments for managing discomfort, tension or stress and are choosing natural and more holistic treatments as an alternative.


Just like a basic massage, outcall massage has different types that an experienced masseuse can offer you. Remember that the rates of an outcall massage in London are typically higher than an Incall massage. The reason being that when the therapist visits you, there is a small additional cost for her travel to and from your location. Outcall massage therapists are sometimes selective with the customers they accept as it’s an extremely thorough service. When you call the booking number, the receptionist will write down some details about where you are, any accesssibility issues, your preferred time and of course what type of massage and which masseuse you’d like. If you’re not sure, please do ask reception, they are very knowledgeable and will be more than happy to help you.

How Can You Locate an Outcall Massage Therapist?

You may be wondering where you can find a massage therapist that provides outcall massages. There are numerous methods that you can use to find a tantric massage therapist offering outcall mobile massage.

– First, you can search in the telephone directory.

– Call reception to find out which tantric masseuses offer outcall to hotels and / or private residencies

It truly is that simple! If you plan on going a trip and want to have a masseuse visit you during your hotel stay, check your preferred search engine and do an online search for “outcall massage”, “mobile tantric massage” or the likes and you’ll get a couple of choices being shown to you. Alternately, you can add us to your favourites and send us a message or give us a call and we’ll be delighted to serve you. You can even use our super handy online booking form, just click here.

SUGGESTION 1 – if you want to be sure that you’ll be given a good tantric massage, then be sure to check the tantric massage agency customer reviews, not all tantric massage in London services are alike. There are huge distinctions in costs, experience and quality.

There are many types of tantric massage and which one you select is entirely dependent to you. We can provide more information on the different types of massage in our other blog posts.

It is true that there are many advantages to a massage and enjoyment is just one of them, here are some of them:

1. Minimising tension, stress, and anxiety.

2. It helps in relieving muscle pains and discomforts.

3. It is calming and will move your focus away from everyday concerns and issues.

4. It can improve your tantric energy flow and lower blood pressure.

5. Massage can enhance your complexion.

6. It can help you get a peaceful sleep as it relaxes your entire nervous system.

7. Massage is good for the mind, it can enhance your concentration and decreases psychological tension.

8. It can assist you in healing from an injury and other health problems.

9. It can enhance your body’s immune system.

Tantric massage has erotic elements so that can also help with your current and future relationships. It leads to increased libido and length of sexual performance. Regardless of age, ethnicity or personal beliefs, tantric massage surpasses all these boundaries and invites a truly intimate experience. Imagine feeling peaceful and tension free with outcall massage treatment in your own home or hotel at a time that suits you.

A Look at Outcall Massage in London: What You Can Anticipate.

You are exhausted, stressed out, suffering from pains and discomfort, or stress. You have then decided to treat yourself to a tantric massage. How do you get to the massage parlour? Will you need to take some time off work to go to a massage? Would not it be even more stress-free if the tantric therapist visited you in your house?

A massage in your hotel or home instantly removes some pressure. Think about it! You do not need to take a trip or public transportation. Nor do you need to drive and battle with the traffic or have to deal with parking concerns. Outcall Mobile massage therapists will work at any hour, they can visit you at night or during the weekends.

When you are de-stressed and relaxed about not having to go anywhere or fret about anything, you can enjoy the complete immersion in your Outcall massage. If you are handicapped or a senior, taking a trip to a massage therapist or a treatment centre presents a lot more issues and the tension of eliminating those issues to go to a massage centre can surpass the advantages of the actual massage — a mobile massage therapist visiting your house or apartment can fix all of these extra concerns:

  • Some clients are initially worried about having a masseuse visit them but this is an expert and adult service. The best thing to do if you like the concept of a outcall mobile massage (we visit you) masseuse coming to your residence or hotel is to speak to the reception, they’ll give you recommendations based on who is available and who they think you may have a connection with.
  • Should you clean up prior to a mobile therapists visiting your residence? This is not needed, as long as there is a tidy warm area for a therapist to arrange their table, with space to walk around it and a location to clean their hands. The tantric masseuse will bring whatever she requires for your tantric massage session.  All you have to supply is some area for her to work her miracles on you!
  • You get nervous or is shy. Tantric massage therapists are individuals who like individuals and have a desire to assist in their recovery. Tantric masseuses are naturally warm, thoughtful and compassionate otherwise they would fail in being a tantric masseuse.

Be assured that if you welcome a Tantric masseuse into your house for a tantric massage treatment, you’re working with a pleasant lady wanting to offer you the finest service possible at your benefit so what are you waiting for? Call and book now.

Be assured that if you welcome one into your house for a outcall tantric massage treatment you’re working with a pleasant lady wanting to offer the finest service possible at your benefit so exactly what are you waiting for, call and book now.


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