A private massage is an experience that removes all your stress from daily living; the atmosphere is specially prepared for you with the appropriate elements that are needed for the massage to be unforgettable.

It’s called private because as well as being relaxing you are going to experience some intense sexual stimulation. A private massage treats touches and encourages you to enjoy your entire body. Genitals and erogenous zones are included.

Your overall health will be improved if you let the touches of the masseuse penetrate throughout your whole body sharing a unique healing experience with her. Private massage will give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy a moment of pleasure with yourself and someone else.

Advantages of a Private or Personal Massage

The advantage of private massage in London is that you will be given extra attention during the massage; you can openly tell your masseuse any personal or sexual issues that you may have…..or desires you’d like to experience.

Fancy some role play….we have some costumes to dress up in. Never had a prostate massage and want to know what the fuss is? Then we can take you on that intimate journey safely and enjoyably!

Even better, you get to experience this as you can just kick back and relax even in the comfort of your own home or hotel room with a private sensual massage so that nobody that you know will ever find out about your intimate journeys.

You can even enjoy this time with a partner, family member, friend, or girlfriend. Enjoy the private massage with someone else if you prefer and get lost together in this new experience that will help you explore a new dimension of sexuality. A private massage has many different kinds on offer, just choose what suits your needs and fantasies; each has its own unique atmosphere to give you peace of mind and the best pleasure possible.

Why A Private Massage?

A private massage is done calmly to promote the steady rise of your sensuality, each movement is made seductive and full of intention. A masseuse who understands all of these elements is special. They are the girls that work with Diamond!

It may be complicated to take into account the different aspects of the private massage but the masseuse’s attitude will help you learn and convert your sexual energy into a state of fluidity that you will be able to fully enjoy.


Private massage is one of the massages that’s slowly becoming more popular in London. However, it’s surrounded by many doubts, questions, and even fears due to lack of knowledge as to what REALLY happens.

So let’s squash the rumours and guesswork and tell you what really happens and what you can expect…..

Private massage is described as the process of personal growth through pleasure. It’s based on the belief that if you’re sexually happy and relaxed, you will become healthier. It is a massage that seeks pleasure which can lead to a happy ending for you (or more than one!)

Although private massage does not involve sexual intercourse, it does involve the touching of your genitals and erogenous zones to make the massage the most intimate and pleasing.

A private massage is just that, it’s between you and your masseuse (or masseur for the ladies.) Everyone has different things that turn them on and off. Being naked helps you and your masseuse connect. It also means, that you get to enjoy the visual pleasure of spending time with our beautiful private massage therapists. That certainly ads the sexy “WOW” factor.


Private massage is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. During the private massage, your mind and body are relaxed and your energy increases. Other benefits include the improvement of your body’s lymphatic system and blood circulation, removal of toxins in the body, and the alleviation of muscle pains. It helps stimulate the glandular system which stabilises your hormones.

Private massage can eliminate tensions and contractures, but it also stimulates and develop your body’s senses. Ultimately, it will make you discover your capacity to receive (and give) pleasure. Orgasmic delights await you….some and find out what the fuss is about.

The idea of a Private massage comes from a Hindu philosophy which includes intimate touching of the erogenous zones to achieve spiritual balance and pleasure. All obtained through the art of different touches and caresses.


Massage works with the largest and the most sensitive organ of the body, the skin. Massage relaxes and eases tension whereas Private Massage in all its forms, has the purpose of giving you pleasure through caresses, frictions, and pressure all over your body. Sensual excitement is not only welcomed it’s actively encourage to bring out your energy as you have never experienced before.

It is an art that aims to help you relieve physical and emotional stress. This type of massage is practiced since the ancient times by different cultures. To this day, multiple techniques and tools are used to provide private massage experiences catered to your needs and wants for you to rediscover pleasure through your body’s senses.


In a private massage, it’s important that all your senses are stimulated. That being said, the masseuse might lead you to hold back your ejaculation multiple times to make the massage even more exciting and for your desire to reach a higher dimension.

Private massage is pleasure in itself so if you want to make it a unique experience, tell us what you want, how you want it and let the masseuse take you on a journey…

It is actually the journey that can bring the most pleasure, not just the happy ending!

The preparation for the private massage is important to let the flow of the energy be continuous. The masseuse will usually take a few minutes to prepare the placeshe will light candles, play music, and select the oil to be used.

Private massage is for mutual pleasure, don’t think of it as a masseuse’s job. They are there to serve and engage you on multiple levels. Please be respectful. Grabbing and groping is not usually welcome. A private tantric massage is one where ideally you should remain passive.

Relax and give in to your senses as you feel the masseuse treat your skin like a delicate silk. Connect as uses her touch to transmit signals to every part of your body to bring about pleasure that you’ve never experienced before.


You will be asked to lie face down on the bed. With a massage oil, the masseuse rubs both her hands to prepare it to touch your skin. She will guide you to different breathing techniques and might even ask you to synchronise your breathing with hers. During the private massage, take the time to listen to your body and feel the skin of the masseuse glide against yours.

If you wanted to, you can even request the masseuse to use feathers or any other stimulants that can help you enjoy the massage even more. There are different things that can give you an elevated sensation when passed by slowly along and across your sensitive skin.

During the private massage, you are disconnected from the outside world and is connected at the present time where you’re going through an erotic experience. The masseuse will go in progression to different parts of your body for you to feel her sensual touches and become ever more aroused.


We want you to fully enjoy the private massage with all the techniques being used. Our masseuses  will teach you how to celebrate a moment that’s based a conquest of your inner desires. We offer different types of private massage in London with the best quality and where the masseuse displays professionalism and the knowledge of the application of a good massage.

Before the private massage, the masseuse will create a place that’s exclusively for your comfort. A warm and prepared environment for your ease will be set up so you will experience a whole new level of comfort. If the masseuse is visiting you, she will bring everything she needs with her. You don’t need to worry or focus on anything other than having the most amazing time!

All the techniques that are uses are taught to our masseuses with care and are recognised as practices aimed at relaxation and enjoyment so that any stress you are feeling will simply evaporate.


If you want to enjoy a tantalising experience through the pores of your skin, then Diamond Tantric Massages offer you the best private massage service. With, you can make all your erotic massage desires come true; you will be taken to a state where you’ll forget about everything else and just focus on your own pleasure.

Private massage will make you feel relaxed by using all your senses to travel a route of slow sexual arousement which you will always want to go back to. We aim to help your desire dominate your whole body. Explosive sensual arousal that will result on a maximum state of relaxation.

Private massage is a massage therapy that combines pleasure, physical, and mental relaxation. At Diamond Tantric Massages, we are aware of the importance and value of relaxation during the massage so we promote its practice, we know how people always seek for things that help them feel relaxed. The professionalism of our masseuses and their eroticism are essential ingredients to provide maximum pleasure during the private massage. Your body is our focus and we use tantra techniques to intensify your sensations.This is an unforgettable experience that will help you discover new sensations of great pleasure. Our private massage will transport you to the world of pleasure with the use of the masseuse’s hands and body. Let yourself be pleasured by some of our ladies that will massage you in ways that will change your life entirely.

With our private massage, you will be able to unblock all the negative energy that’s affecting your daily life. It will help you achieve a full balance between the body and the mind, eliminating any issues that take control of your thoughts. A part of you will begin to flourish and your self-control will be intensified. Your personal well-being is promoted through the experience of maximum desire and enjoyment. Begin to disconnect from the stress of everyday life through this relaxing sensory experience.


Our masseuses like to do the private massage with a little bit of conversation in the massage location because they understand that every person has his/her own preferences and they want to understand it to better execute the massage. This is how every massage is always tailored to you and is always different in many ways.

This makes Diamond Tantric Massage the ideal choice for a private massage in London if you’re looking for the best quality. With our private massages, all your senses are engaged and used to create a better massage experience. Furthermore, the place will be prepared for your comfort and for the better execution of the massage. Everything is made discrete so that even though it’s your first time, you don’t need to be anxious or worry about anything at all.

Our private massage techniques will transport you through an unparalleled and relaxing dimension where you can enjoy an incomparable feeling of happiness and pleasure. Our professional masseuses have the dedication and passion to help you leave all your problems behind and take you to an ecstasy of different sensory experience.


With a private massage, you will experience a deep state of calmness. The masseuse will sharpen all your five senses to make you experience pleasure in a totally different way. Different techniques from different cultures are combined to awaken your deepest sensations.

The goal is to unveil your most recondite pleasurable sensations. The professionalism offered by private massage guarantees pleasure thanks to the most exceptional techniques that are used for you to enjoy physically and emotionally, without taboos or complexes.

Private massage allows you to rediscover your body and deepen your sexuality. There are different types of experiences where you can choose the number of masseuse, the technique used and the duration of the session. Responsible professional will guide you to find the massage techniques that best suits your needs.

Diamond Tantric massage is an expert in private massages in London. In our service list, you can find different private massages which are offered to anyone who wants to go through a new sensual experience. We are experts in private massages and erotic rituals to help you improve your sexuality.This is an opportunity for you to learn how to caress, touch, and excite someone with the use of different touches. Thanks to the experience of our masseuses, the massage will feel natural and pleasant; an experience you will never forget.

We offer you qualified masseuses who will apply these erotic tantric techniques for you to experience authentic pleasure through different sensations. We take care of all the needs for your massage to ensure comfort; we offer materials and tools such as towels, sheets, and oils. Hygiene is also a very important element in the massage that we take seriously.

We offer the best private massage in London. Our masseuses will give you what you deserve according to their extensive experience in the massage industry. A harmonious, pleasant and hygienic environment with the most sensual specialists in London to please all of your senses.

Come experience the physical and emotional pleasure of private & personal massage!

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